One Image Shows Not All Steam Summer Sale Community Choices Are Great

GG3 looks a bit further than the first look of the Steam page when it comes to the Summer Sale. That reveals that the community choices aren't always exactly as stellar as presented, which gets neatly recapped in one handy image.

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randomass1712547d ago

The author is basically complaining because one of the vote choices will get an additional 5% off. However he doesn't really address the fact that there are games other than Pac-Man Museum that you can get in that set, most of which are getting much better deals if the retro set wins the vote. Kind of a silly thing to complain about. Let people vote for what they want and get the best deal.

SpiralTear2547d ago

Strider and Double Dragon Neon are more than worth putting up with something like Pac-Man Museum.

randomass1712547d ago

Very much agreed. I personally would like to get Pac-Man museum and DD Neon at the same time.

Back-to-Back2547d ago


Another game coming to ps plus that PC only owners have to pay for.

It's great also owning a console.

Eiffel2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

@Back-to-Back. The difference is PC gamers will own it. Not rent it until they stop paying.

Robochobo2547d ago

The other choice features both Just Cause 2 and Wasteland 2. Wasteland 2 was ALREADY featured on the Daily Deal once, and Just Cause 2 is guaranteed to be put on a flash/daily deal. The only correct choice is Arcade - Retro.