The Daily Five: Reasons to Buy Digital Games

"Over the next two days, we will present a special pair of Daily Fives as we hash out which is the way to go: Buy digital or stay physical. Today, we lead off with five reasons why digital purchases are the only way to go in this generation of gaming." - Travis Tucker

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DemonChicken1581d ago

Reasons are, saving you clicking through (damn do I hate these) -

Ease of Purchase
Ease of Access
They Stay with You
Lack of Clutter
Potential Discounts

Mine main one is potential discounts and lack of clutter, as i'm seriously running out of cupboard space. Discount wise meh, more or less a waiting game for me so don't think the extra $$$ justifies the ease of access such as the pre-loading.

headwing451581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Discounts also exist on retail too. Amazon had a HUGE E3 game sale, I pre-ordered all the games I planned on getting, including Uncharted 4, LittleBigPlanet 3 and Bloodborne for 58 dollars after taxes. Some games I got for 48 (Destiny)

KinjoTakemura1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Reasons not to buy digital:

Limited Hard Drive space

Not portable

Can't sell it

Can't trade it

Digital games are worthless (except to the person who bought it)

I bought four $60 games digitally and now i'm stuck with them. 240 bucks pissed away. Never again though.

Dirtnapstor1581d ago

"Limited harddrive space"... Obviously by now you should know this new-gen plays off the harddrives and not the discs. Manditory install. Makes no difference anymore...except for install times.

LamerTamer1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Plus because of the DRM eventually you will lose everything. As soon as they are taken down from their server and your HDD eventually fails or you upgrade you can't get them back.

Then you have the super long download times. Imagine if your HD goes out and you have to re-download 50 games at 30-50 GB each, ouch! At least with physical you just put the disc back in and it will install to the new HDD in a few minutes.

jnemesh1581d ago

First off, THANK YOU for posting the reasons, I too HATE articles like that, where you have to click through 5 pages to read the damn article!

I, personally, LOVE buying my games digitally. Space isn't an issue since I reformatted my 120GB drive on my PS3 (I had no IDEA that I had 2+ GB PER GAME loaded from games I haven't played in THREE YEARS!)...when my drive fills up, I simply delete the games I havent played in a while...they are still "there" if and when I feel the need to play again, and my save games are in Sony's nothing lost (other than the time it takes to download).

Plus, I never have to worry about losing a game...or losing it by lending. "Sorry friend, I can't lend it to you, I downloaded it" :)

Then there is the benefit of picking up the games SUPER cheap! I got "Ni No Kuni" for $5!

So far, I have bought 2 "AAA" games for my PS4, and I have about 10 smaller games on it...and only a fraction of the 500gb hard drive is full...I think I will be buying ALL of my games digitally this gen.

Prime1571581d ago

Thank you for posting the reasons. I really hate the click through articles. It's just a ploy to get more advertising revenue per article and I will not condone those sites. I always vote them down :\

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's annoying.

SpideySpeakz1581d ago

I prefer the physical copy for nostalgic purposes. As a kid, I just loved going to the store and picking up the game in person. It's just a lot more exciting.
It's all about the experience of feeling and smelling the case, looking at the artwork and reading the manual booklet inside.

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oODEADPOOLOo1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I still think Sony and Microsoft are pushing this digital trend way to early. For Steam it works well because PC's usually have a couple TB of space and the files are smaller and are probably better compressed. But for consoles the game files are HUGE and take up more bandwidth and putting that on a 500gb HDD? after a while that will seem like nothing. Not to mention the discounts are much more substantial on steam then they are on console, on console that best you can get is a 50% discount and that is pretty rare, on steam you can get up to 90% and 50% discounts are pretty much everyday. I think the biggest bottleneck for digital on consoles is still down to three main issues ISP's,pricing and HDD space. If the world had google fiber type internet and consoles had 4TB Hardrives standard then I could see how that would be more practical, but as it stands the future is a ways off.

LamerTamer1581d ago

The other main issue is that you can't backup your games (consoles). So if your HDD goes out and you need to re-download that will be painful, especially if you don't have an unlimited data plan.

Get rid of the DRM restrictions and it would be OK, but as it is it is still too restrictive.

MultiConsoleGamer1581d ago

I just moved about a year ago. Having to transport my enormous movie and game collection was reason enough to go digital. Since that times have sold off 90% of my CDs, DVDs, Blurays and games.

MultiConsoleGamer1581d ago

Yeah because I moved without using a single box....

Worst reply ever.

Majin-vegeta1581d ago

Number one reason why I'll never go digital??I love the smell of freshly opened new game and with digital you don't

crazychris41241581d ago

Only need 1 Reason not to go digital! I have 62 games on Steam and 10 on Origin and guess what? I cant sell any of them to get some of money back. All I can do is uninstall them while they sit in my library doing nothing.

crazychris41241581d ago

Lets stick with 62 since Steam counts some DLC as a game plus i have a couple f2p games

PsylentKiller1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Actually you can sell your games on steam. But more importantly, how much money are you expecting to get for a $60 game? 3 months-$40. 6 months $30. 1 year $20.
If you know your going to sell it in 3 months then buy the disc but if your planning to keep it for a while you have to decide of getting $20 for game is better than having a digital copy.
I'm buying mostly digital this gen because with XB1 and PS4 (PS3 as well) buying digital basically gives you two copies of the game. For the XB1, the game is tied to your Gamertag and home console. For PS4, the game is tied to the two consoles you set to your account. This works for me because I've have two XB1s. I can play non-split screen mp games with my nephew and don't have to buy two discs.

Basically, I'm thinking of it as I'm buying two copies of the same game for $30 each.

crazychris41241581d ago

Thanks I never knew you could sell steam games, ill check that out later. I also rarely pay full price for games. I think of the 60+ games ive paid full price for 5 or 6 of them

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