Dragon Ball Xenoverse's new character revealed? We speculate his identity

GameZone's Mike Splechta: "During the reveal, all we got to see was the new character's back/side view, showing us he's wearing a scouter, and an outfit with the Capsule Corp logo. But what if this character isn't quite 'new,' and it's Bandai's way of misdirecting gamers. I have a theory that Dragon Ball Xenoverse's mystical character is none other than Gohan, albeit one from the far future. However, since his identity hasn't been confirmed, I will refer to him as Future Warrior for the time being."

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infinitewords1671d ago

Didn't future Gohan lose one of his arms though?

Xof1670d ago

Yeah. Future Gohan also didn't go Super Saiyajin until the day he died. So it's not "the" Future Gohan, but from the character design it's pretty clear that he's "a" Future Gohan.

From the scouter, I imagine he's from a timeline where Freeza never destroyed the Saiyajin planet.

Nitrowolf21670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

I assume he`s a frieza era soildier who most likely recieved timetraveling abilities like bardock, except he has control

He shouldnt need the scouter if hes gohan, or any of the z cast considering thAt they learn to read powers.

And if it is, maybe its an android power level detector making him from future trunks timelinr

Xof1669d ago

Strictly speaking, an alternate timeline Gohan is NOT Gohan. If it's a timeline where the saiyajin planet was never destroyed, he WOULD need the scouter because the skill to sense power levels was learned... by everyone... on Earth.

BitbyDeath1670d ago

Capsule Corp logo makes me think it must be trunks in there so maybe Gotenks.

brightlight1670d ago

Once again Namco Bandai doesn't give justice to Dragon Ball with those repetitive fighting games, why don't they already make an open world, rpg and action DB game? They are ruining a great licence.

Mkai281669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Apparently it seems to be Gohan, who has piccolo's cape from a Alternate universe and time line. What's more it seems he has achieved "god" status. ( due to the red hair)Oddly enough, it doesn't seem like he can read power levels, due to his scouter.

Perhaps in that universe, Bulma is his mother?