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Lazy 8 Studios released Extrasolar to the gaming world this February, which is a browser-based free-to-play adventure title that offers a unique gameplay experience not usually featured in traditional video games. Rather than requiring you to spend hours on end in front of a console or PC to play it (like most modern video games), Extrasolar offers you the ability to experience it in 5-10 minute spurts throughout the day, so it’s more of a daily interactive experience than a typical gameplay affair. This game is essentially a true-to-life RPG in which you play the star in a secretive plot to bring down XRI, which is a company that has secured the rights to explore the planet Epsilon Prime to do research and potentially find alien life. The powers at be at XRI are up to some shady dealings, so you along with the help of a mysterious hacker, who has inside information about a potential alien transmission, must work together to uncover XRI’s secrets.

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FrogSpork1605d ago

This looks like a damn strange experience. I might just have to check it out.