Cold Hard Truth, Vita Hasn't Been Given A Chance

Cinelinx - " This means less games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and more games like Hot Line Miami. Supposedly the idea of “console like gameplay” that the Vita introduced is all wrong. With new generation of consoles people want more, and handhelds can’t keep up. Yet I have to disagree with that statement. There are plenty console games that can offer this same come-and-go experience without being toned down to arcadish cell phone style games. Here let’s list a few.

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Death1668d ago

I agree with the author. The Vita is a great piece of hardware with horrible support. Sony doesn't even release proper games on the system. Making the Vita an accessory to the PS4 and focusing on indie content dilutes the systems identity further. At this point in time Sony might as well cancel the Vita and re-release the PSP.

randomass1711668d ago

That's a little extreme, don't you think? The Vita is still selling better in Japan and actually has a few more exclusives in the east, some of which are being localized last I heard.

DualWielding1668d ago

I'm all for Japanese games but I would like some bigger Japanese games, Neptunia and Senran Kagura are o.k but the fanservice clearly alienates lots of people, it'll be better to have Japanese exclusive with better mainstream acceptance Exclusive Kingdom Hearts or Resident Evil titles like the 3DS has had

TomShoe1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

It can't really be helped. The rise of smartphones meant the writing was on the wall for handhelds, especially in the US. The 3DS is chugging along because of big names like Pokemon, and the Vita still sells well in Japan, but the smartphone juggernaut is just too much.

Death1668d ago

The Vita is selling well in some regions. At what point do developers including Sony support it properly? I love my Vita, I'm dissappointed in the games to this point. E3 didn't make me feel much better.

Prime1571668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

The vita has brought more new gameplay experiences to me than many AAA titles for other consoles. I'm talking Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercanry, tearaway, y's: memories of Celceta, LittleBigPlanet:Vita (Best LBP yet), Super Stardust, Persona golden, and more. Many of those games I've completed faster (out of desire to play) than many games for 360/ps3 in the last few years.

I think the Vita takes a lot of S*** for what all comes in the package. It's a stand alone console AND a compliment to the PS4, not one or the other like fanboys on each side try to make it out to be.

BattleAxe1668d ago

For people like me who have absolutely no interest in Japanese games, there's nothing that I want to play on the Vita except Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone: Mercenary.

Sony has alreay said that they will not be investing in big budget AAA games on Vita any longer. This is a shame, because it was Sony's very own games like Socom: Fire Team Bravo, Syphon Filter, God of War, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Little Big Planet and others that helped make the PSP so popular.

To the people who think that the Vita will go on to be successful, you're as delusional as the Nintendo fanboys who think the WiiU is going become a successful console. I wish the Vita was better supported, but it is what it is. If you live to play indie games, then I suppose it's the handheld for you, but that is not what the original intention behind dual analogue sticks was supposed to be.

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joeorc1668d ago


" At this point in time Sony might as well cancel the Vita and re-release the PSP."

And what continue to sell the system in a low market share % that to be blunt is no longer REALLY THAT VIABLE?

Call it Quitting the dedicated game handheld market, call it the Playstation Portable is a flop, what ever people want to call it, Sony is pretty much doing exactly what they need to do.Trying to etch out a small sliver of what ever is left of the dedicated Game system handheld market share after Nintendo takes the lions share is no longer Viable for Sony to keep spending into a gigantic Money Sink!

At least BY RELAUNCHING THE PLAYSTATION VITA Now as a Micro-Game Console Sony has a far better chance to salvage the PSVita as a platform than continue onto a dead end market share % other than Nintendo's Lion share holding mind share and Market share.

Call it quites or what ever, What Sony is doinging is making a play to indirectly compete like Apple, Google already do without even needing a dedicated Hanheld game system.

App store like "casual" investment returns on software sale's is far more enticing to 3rd party, thats why Sony is courting Indie developers heavy. the Playstation TV is going to be the main Indie developers "Console" to release their games on!

Sony is as you and others say

"Making the Vita an accessory"

Well than lets just call it THE PSVita is
Playstation TV is not.

sound better now? LMAO

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YoungPlex1668d ago

There are several good games on Vita however I love two specific games, Soul Sacrifice Delta and KillZone. Those two games look and play amazingly greater than standard Vita titles. When I play those two games it definitely feel like a console experience on the go. The Vita needs more ambitious titles like those two but no developer wants to take the chance on doing it. I say that if you make a great title, there should be no worries what so ever of it selling because a great game sells even on the lowest common denominator. Take a look at Nintendo Wii U with Raymon Legends, they delayed it to launch on all three consoles and it still sold more on the Wii U but also look at Nintendo first party titles they sell because they're great games. Devs really need to give the Vita a shot with awesome games.

Soldierone1668d ago

The Vita can be an example of it too. When GOOD games release, a good majority of Vita owners buy it. Look at Assassins Creed or Killzone, they saw good percentages according to the Vita userbase, they just didn't move Vita units.

Then games like Call of Duty or Resistance release, nobody buys them, and publishers blame the userbase. No, it's the simple fact those games sucked and Vita users are not stupid.

If they would just properly port games to Vita like it was made for, more people would be interested. Instead publishers treat it like the ugly step sister to the 3DS and "port" games made for that over to Vita.....

MultiConsoleGamer1668d ago

Sony's finest piece of hardware was stabbed in the back by an uncaring marketing department.

A beautiful, gorgeous piece of technology ignored by the general public. A true crime against portable gaming.

I truly believe sony's indifference towards this amazing product stems from their dire financial problems. I also have reason to believe there may be talks to quietly kill the machine behind the scenes. (The lack of new retail games is one of those reasons along with some feelings I have after working around corporate buyers for many years.)

randomass1711668d ago

I really don't think it's as dire as that. The Vita is still selling well in Japan and in the west the current Vita install base has given the Vita a high attachment rate of games. That's making Sony money. I do not see them prematurely killing Vita. The sales in Japan would have to drop pretty low for that to happen.

KonsoruMasuta1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I still don't understand Sony's choice to decrease first part support and put indies on the front. I have no problem with indies but I did not pay $200 dollars just to play indie games.

Yoshida thinks that Vita owners don't want cinematic and AAA experiences, but he couldn't be anymore wrong. I loved games like Killzone!

I also don't care for PSNow, remote play, or ports.. I want exclusive handheld games built from the ground up for the Vita. They have to take advantage of the hardware and they can't be found anywhere else. That is why I bought it, for experiences like that.

They gave up on it.

MrSwankSinatra1668d ago

Listen while it is selling well in japan the install base for the system doesn't just revolve around that territory. There is other territories such as NA & EU that it needs to sell better and putting indie games on the forefront is not going to make it sell any better. The vita needs a whole entirely different marketing campaign that what it has because sony really messed up on the messaging. An secondly it needs AAA games built for vita. It's not that hard to do just look at nintendo, they're not dumping endless amounts of cash into the 3DS and it's still being successful.

FunAndGun1668d ago

Whatever does happen in the future with the Vita, it is my favorite handheld gaming device of all time.

George Sears1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

The problem is none other than Sony themselves. Here they make an amazing device with so much potential yet they don't even try to make great games for it.

They expect to let third parties create games for it; which isn't a bad thing at all, but when Sony themselves don't give a crap of there own device, what incentive does that give to other devs to even consider making a game for it?

I do love all the great JRPGs that have been coming out so far. I already pre ordered One Piece Unlimited World RED which I could've done for my PS3 but I want to support the damn thing. Also preordered Tales of Hearts R which I can't wait to play. Disgaea is another one I can't wait to play.

All in all, I am happy with the Vita, but I do agree that the handheld hasn't been given its proper treatment.

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