Ridiculous Game Difficulty as a Selling Point

Nathaniel Liles writes: "I don’t want to take these ludicrous difficulties away from people. I see the draw, and for people who get a huge rush from finally overcoming that big, impossible-seeming thing, the difficulty is very much a good thing (when the game is also a good game, not solely an exercise in frustration). For me, however, in all my 15 years of gaming, it’s a frustrating-ass phenomena."

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NextLevel2598d ago

I don't see what's wrong with it. Games like Titanfall use cannon fodder as a selling point. I like games to be difficult.

miyamoto2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Its back to the basics and roots of video games.

Megaman, Double Dragon, Top Gun & Contra.

That is Fromsoftware's idea.

A very noble idea.

Keeping the true spirit of video games alive!

Its the challenge that kept many coming back to video games.

There is beauty in difficulty that true gamers see and love.

That makes video games a very unique form of entertainment and lifestyle.

Like in films and music these kind of video games keep the quality of gaming in check from numerous "sell out" corporations out there who do not know the danger of "over commercializing" video games!!!!

iamnsuperman2598d ago

It is a novelty and a specific genre people like (I think if it was more mainstream the appeal wouldn't be there as much). I am not a fan of extremely hard games. If I had to replay a boss or a level over and over again it becomes infuriating and a bit of a grind. But that is just me. I am more fascinated by story driven games and games that have gameplay and story working complimenting each other (this doesn't mean I like extremely easy games).

NextLevel2598d ago

You have admit, it better than breezing through a game being led around by markers and beating bosses easily on the first try. Which describes way to many games.

iamnsuperman2598d ago

Depends really. As long as there is a challenge while keeping the enjoyment then I am okay with it. I don't want to keep replaying the same level because of an insane difficulty nor do I want to breeze through. There needs to be a balance

no_more_heroes2598d ago

"If I had to replay a boss or a level over and over again it becomes infuriating and a bit of a grind."

Trust me, its not just you. This is honestly the only thing left about gaming that gets me annoyed as hell: doing something over and over without any feeling of progress. Other than that, as long as I understand how to play the game, I'm enjoying myself.

Doesn't mean I don't enjoy some challenge. Just as long as it doesn't feel cheap.

Baka-akaB2598d ago

for the bosses at least , the point is precisely to learn how to counter them , their pattern , what are they weak against .

With some of the current mentality , stuff like Megaman and Metroid would suffer a lot . As some people would consider trials and errors or observing a foe , as "grinding through deaths "

explicitbaron2598d ago

Difficulty should never be a selling point. Any game can be difficult you just turn up the difficulty or add ways to screw the player. The MGS games are insanely hard on EXtreme mode but, Konami doesn't use that as a selling point.

SpiralTear2598d ago

I think if difficulty does feel essential to the gameplay itself, you can market that. Dark Souls' appeal is based around its challenge because that challenge makes the ideas like Permadeath and player planning better. It's a big part of why the game is so addictive and fun.

If a game just flaunts a hard difficulty for no reason, then yeah, I agree that it shouldn't be used to market a game, but I believe games like Dark Souls (games that base themselves around situations with heavy consequences like Permadeath) use that difficulty integrally. It's part of the game's appeal and can be marketed well.

Baka-akaB2598d ago

It's not a phenomena , it's the opposite "dumbing down everything" that is an alarming trend

MultiConsoleGamer2598d ago

We'll said.

I fear a world filled with "pay to win" titles.

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