Wolfenstein: The New Order Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a positive review for the latest Wolfenstein game. They cited the graphics and storyline as key features but noted that times jumps and a lack of multiplay hindered the title for them.

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blakstarz1579d ago

MachineGames came totally out of left field with this game and hit a home run! They did the franchise justice like Rocksteady did for Batman. I hope they make another one!

porkChop1579d ago

The game is phenomenal on all levels. But after playing it I can't help but think how amazing of a multiplayer the game could have had. And even a 2 player co-op mode would have been sweet.

blakstarz1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I agree, I think (at least I'm hoping) if the devs browse sites like this see the positive responses they take this into consideration.

If they can capture the glory days of RTCW on the XBOX on the new consoles with a multiplayer and a co-op with a sequel...HOT DAMN!!!

Garethvk1579d ago

Aside from Half Life 2, what was the last major FPS that did not ship with multiplay but had it patched in later?

Garethvk1579d ago

They said they would be up for a multiplay only one or a new game but do not want to do both types at once or farm out the multiplay.

camel_toad1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

That's smart on their part. I generally don't like mp that's farmed out and would rather the entire team just do a great single-player game if they don't have the in-house work force needed.

HRoach6161579d ago

In my opinion the controls aren't as tight as some other FPS's. But just a little. But other then that I think it's absolutely phenomenal. It's story is very entertaining, and the set pieces are really cool. I actually enjoy all the side characters. Some reviews didn't like them or find them inferesting. (SPOILERS) (SPOILERS)I was pissed when max died. Poor lil err... big fella(END SPOILERS)(END SPOILERS)

This game came out of left field for me. Wasn't expecting to enjoy it this much. Not sure about replay value. But I'm enjoying the time I'm playing it now.

our_games_are_art1579d ago

Definitely on my list. Anyone play the ps3 version?

Malphite1579d ago

I got this game yesterday. Didn't play it yet though. It was never on my radar to be honest even though I liked the last Wolfenstein games. A friend of mine recommended me to get this game and after seeing all the positive reviews I decided to give it a shot.

blakstarz1579d ago

You won't be disappointed!