Exclusive War: Xbox One Has 2014, But PS4 Has 2015 and Beyond

The author explains why Xbox One exclusive software has the edge this year but starting in 2015, it'll be all PlayStation.

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lifeisgamesok1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Xbox HAS 2014 conquered and for 2015 and beyond it looks incredible too

Halo 5
Quantum Break
Fable Legends
Gears of War 4
Crackdown 3
Phantom Dust

Rare unannounced games
343 unannounced game
Lionhead unannounced game
LXP unannounced game
Platform Next unannounced game

2015 and beyond has no winner yet

NewMonday1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

well Sony has more exclusives released in 2014, and more exclusives yet to release in 2014.

and that is only counting retail games not just indies.

some exclusives will appeal more to some than others, but as far as quantity and variety Sony have the advantage.

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@Monday Show me the list and leave out the timed indies and F2P games.

No fantasy line ups or what you think is soon to come only announced AAA exclusives.

I'm curious to see.

Neonridr1667d ago

hasn't Sony only released 2 exclusives so far in 2014 for retail? (Infamous, MLB: The Show) vs 2 for the Xbox One (Kinect Sports Rivals, Titanfall).

NewMonday1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


Samurai Warriors 4
Natural Doctrine
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign

time for your spin attempt AngelicIceDiamond

Neonridr1667d ago

@NewMonday, I'll take Driveclub and there will be a small niche market for LBP3, but how well do you expect those other 3 games to sell I will ask you?

Guilty Gear also has a placeholder release date of December 31st, so no guarantee that releases this year.

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago

@Monday Why would I spin?

btw you forgot to add, UC4 remaster Bloodborne and UC4 so that's 8.

This year is Halo MCC, FH2 and SSOD, Project Spark full release

next year.

next year is. Halo 5, Fable Legends, Scale Bound, Phantom Dust and Quantum Break and Crack Down. Excluded Gears (even if we do know its coming.

So that's 10 I even excluded D4, Phantasia, and Dance Central and just focused on hardcore titles.

You said:

"well Sony has more exclusives released in 2014, and more exclusives yet to release in 2014."

unless you can fill me in on other AAA's Sony is releasing this year what you ultimately stated was wrong.

MS by a small margin MS has more even if you add in niche titles like Samurai Warriors and Guilty Gear.

No Spin just facts.

headblackman1667d ago

just because it's an exclusive, doesn't make it a a good game.

bouzebbal1667d ago

Last of Us

are all i need as exclusives!!!

The Last of Us is a big win for Sony because so many gamers who jumped ship from 360 to PS4 are willing to give it a try. no worry PS4 will have a very strong holiday, add to that a few extra games at Gamescom.

system221667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

A) more exclusives don't mean better exclusives

B) x1 has:

project spark
fable legends
quantum break
sunset overdrive
fantasia: music evolved
Halo collection
titanfall (already out)
Horizons 2

Those are or are going to be pretty strong titles to compete with, and i left out the indies - some of which are going to be amazing (ori especially)

ps4 certainly has some very impressive or beautiful titles coming out in 2015 but the xbox is bringing stuff that looks more fun/interesting/novel in my opinion and sooner.

S2Killinit1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I Love it AngelicDiamond first sets the rules then claims victory. So, tell me, what exactly is an Indie? What do you consider AAA? You mention Scalebound and Phantom Dust as AAA, neither of which is AAA in my book. The only thing we saw was CGI and even that wasn't AAA quality, not by a long shot. Then you mention a game that has not even been announced (Gears of War 4), I mean come on man how biased can you get? By the way, Im just curious where you draw the line for "indie" exactly. I mean, is Helldivers an indie? because thats coming out this year. Then, you exclude Free to Play, and Im not sure why those can't be considered games, especially when they look as good as Deep Down, also coming this year. Planet side 2? not good enough huh, or is it because its also on PC? but I guess that would take a bunch of your games out as well now wouldn't it?
"FACT" is, Sony has more exclusives, more games, whether that be "indies" included, or not, and more AAA's announced, and more studio's with unannounced projects. That, is fact, if fact is really what you are after.

But why all the game naming? Don't take my word (or for that matter PR's word) go look it up yourself. Don't regurgitate what you were told by your favorite console maker, go check out a list of all games releasing. PS4 has more in every category. we are talking about not even close.

SoapShoes1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@Angelicice oh how you are reaching and moving goal posts. Raeching by excluding f2p games which are great games and in Planetside 2s case better than p2p games. Now when you have the games presented to you, you move goal posts with AAA talk like these games somehow aren't good ... The fact is PS4 has more games to play this year than Xbox One, whether you think one or the other is better is sujective.

The Last of Us
Samurai Wariors 4
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
Natural Doctrine
Planetside 2
Kingdom Under Fire II
Tropico 5

This isn't even all of them or including indies.

georgeenoob1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


You THINK they have more games cause of all their indies and f2ps, but you forgot about [email protected] You forgot about all the Japanese X1 exclusives too, yet mention the ones for PS4.

There's no doubt X1 dominates 2014 and 2015 with AAAs, but these loyalists who claim PS4 has more games cause of the indies and obscure Japanese games need to get updated, cause now X1 dominates in ALL aspects of gaming, not just AAA.

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago

TLOU Remasterd is what I mean't.

TomShoe1667d ago


People are forgetting that ALL of Sony's first party studios are making PS4 games.

I think PS4 will be fine.

bouzebbal1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

indie games that you are having fun about like Transistor trounces most games you are gonna buy this year.
if you only play AAA as you say then you must be really bored and closed minded.

MorePowerOfGreen1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Not sure about the claims made in this article. MSFT has a history of revealing the year's lineup during and after each E3. Sony's claims are always fluffed due to them announcing games at E3 two to three years in advance(lots of cancellations and delays) Sony uses trickery to garner hype. Even the known games are bigger on Xb1.

Off topic... Are games starting to have PC-like options?

Wonder if PS4 will ever get that Bird dog dragon game back from the PS3 days a few years ago(white dog bird game).

I'd be surprised if half of PS4's supposed 2015 AAA releases make 2015

incredibleMULK1667d ago

where's my driveclub Mr. Public Relations?

Sabo1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


free to play don't count as AAA now!!? lol nice goalpost move. Deep down and Planetside 2 just to name only two of them are some of the most anticipated, most fun looking and best looking.

I love how people try to win arguments on this site.

I love that no mans sky doesn't count either because it might be coming to X1 sooner or later, but plants vs zombies was ok to use as ammo in earlier games comparisons...

The way X1 fans win the games argument is by setting strict rules apparently...

NewMonday1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


"leave out the timed indies and F2P games"

and then you mention Project Spark..

gotcha! setting up all the rules and you still fail

"Sony's claims are always fluffed due to them announcing games at E3 two to three years in advance"

like how Sony announced LBP3 @E3 and it will releas this year right? ..Right?!

GarrusVakarian1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


"Sony's claims are always fluffed due to them announcing games at E3 two to three years in advance"

Really? Care to back up that claim of them ALWAYS doing that, and so far in advance? Or is this just another one of your attempts to spew absolutely false BS on this site hoping people believe it? Or by ALWAYS, do you actually mean The Last Guardian?

"Are games starting to have PC-like options?"

Wake up, Killzone SF and Infamous have already done that.

"Wonder if PS4 will ever get that Bird dog dragon game back from the PS3 days a few years ago(white dog bird game). 2

Lmao, you sound so petty and bitter, must be because of this from earlier today-

Followed by this-

"Sony uses trickery to garner hype"

Nope. But you sure use lies to garner hate. Stay salty MPOG, and carry on making up lies and conspiracy theories because you're too bitter and delusional to face facts.


"You forgot about all the Japanese X1 exclusives too"

" but these loyalists who claim PS4 has more games cause of the indies and obscure Japanese games"

Calling people out for not mentioning X1 Japanese games, but PS4 Japanese games are obscure and not worthy of being mentioned? Lmao. I commend you and MPOG for continuing to post on this site, you both have zero credibility (even less than zero after today's DX12 exposure), routinely get called out on displays of hypocrisy, delusion, contradiction, lies and trolling, yet continue to post. Keep up the good fight fellas!

Christopher1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond: Wow, you really do have some strict limitations on what is what.

Do the games have to be bathed in recently blessed water under a blue moon as well?

***Btw indies weren't the topic of discussion back then especially on consoles. Console gamers such as us never cared for indies until over a year ago. ***

Interesting considering Indie games have been a big thing for ages and seeing them come to consoles somehow lessens them now?

I think anyone who discounts Indie games in general is attempting to change history as far as their place in the Industry. I mean, I guess VVVVVV and Machinarium of 2009 didn't win any Indie GotY awards or anything. I mean, why would they, no one cares about Indies.

***I never moved anything, nothing at all I just went by what this site originally considered a "win" Not me.***

Last I checked, more games = a win...

AngelicIceDiamond1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


There is no goal post moving at all. Hasn't the talk always been AAA exclusives?

Back in 2011 and 2012 when MS was lacking AAA's or new ips they were always strong in the Arcade downloads thanks mainly to Summer Arcade. I remember ppl saying "don't count XBL arcade because those don't matter, its AAA that mattered" Despite the fact that XBL Arcade had strong downloads and was very successful. And were worthy of counting them as part of a great line up.

But most of you probably have amnesia and forgotten I sure as hell didn't.

So in terms of goals posting I never changed it, its this site. I tried adding in arcade a while back but nope apparently it wasn't "allowed" according to this site because they weren't true exclusives retail arcade didn't count. Funny enough they started counting as soon as The Journey was announced ironically enough. So now are we resting the goal post now?

Btw indies weren't the topic of discussion back then especially on consoles. Console gamers such as us never cared for indies until over a year ago.

I never moved anything, nothing at all I just went by what this site originally considered a "win" Not me.

Point is nobody knows what to count. Some count indies some don't, some count casual others don't. Everyone sets the goal post to suit them which makes the debate completely irrelevant and super subjective.

@Monday Not really because even then MS still has more AAA's, marginally.

Sabo1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

In regards to Free to Play, I still don't understand how major free to play games don't count according to you. I have never heard anyone argue against them being AAA until you have done on this post. So I would love to hear how Planetside 2 and Deep Down don't count... or other FTP games of high budget.

SilentNegotiator1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I'd like to see a PS4 exclusives list without indies, f2p, racers, platformers, shooters, games made in the west, games made in the east, any games playable on PS4, or anything else that will stir up my insecurities in the system that I purchased instead of Ps4.


Pathetic fanboys.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1667d ago

Xbox one got more AAA exclusive ps4 got more indie exclusive i prefer more AAA exclusive

pornflakes1667d ago

Sony has only 3 good exclusives next year...

The order (no MP)
Uncharted 4
Bloodborne (what we saw right now doesnt look like a next gen title)

Xbox has:

Fable Legends
Phantom Dust
Quantum break

Most exclusives for PS4 will come in 2016... until this time gamers can enjoy more indigames and multiplatts with the inferior gamepad (8 hours battery life) + p2p multiplayer with lags i dont even mention that the PS4 is as lood as my microwave.

NewMonday1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


"Not really because even then MS still has more AAA's, marginally"

nope! I clearly listed 5 retail exclusive games and you only listed 3 that qualify according to YOUR OWN RULES!


lol! bubbs for funny, sums them up



let me try on your hat for a second, XBone has only Halo in 2015 and no other exclusive until 2018
like I said in my first comment "some exclusives will appeal more to some than others"

what is "meh" to you is AAA to someone else and vice versa

ShinMaster1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Sony definitely has 2015 and beyond. Even PS3 is getting Persona 5 (can't wait!).

And these are the games released to date:
Plus better software and hardware sales. I fail to see how Sony lost 2014.

And when it comes to PS4 only, well every single first-party AAA studio from Sony is currently working on at least one PS4 game and this scares the fanboys into denial.

GodGinrai1667d ago


No offence mate, but with the exception of DC, those games are not system sellers..

DC and guilty gear should be good..but the rest of your list is... meh.

Funantic11667d ago

Sony is releasing indies.

Why o why1667d ago

Lol, nice parry angelicicediamond...... smooth reversal.

Theres 3 ways to measure who has each year



Average score

Not sure which the author is using for 2014

fenome1667d ago

I'm not here to get into this pointless argument, play the games you wanna play.

However if people are going to include Titanfall, then there's absolutely no reason other people can't include Planetside 2 and vice versa.

ZodTheRipper1667d ago

Bloodborne will end this war next year.

Kayant1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


Looool at Gears 4 a title in concept stages being 2015

Phantom Dust

You know MS said 2015 and beyond when they announced these titles but obviously you will leave that spoiler out.

Automatic791667d ago

@ newmonday

If you adding free to play then add Happy Wars to X1

Dee_911667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

AngelicIceDiamond has a point about the indies, back when Xbox had a lot of indies and little AAA titles people on here dismissed indies for what ever reason.But now that playstation jumped aboard the indie train, they matter..
I guess if you get enough people to say it never happened, you all will start to believe it. Thats called being delusional.

As for who has the most games.. i could really give a rats ass..

Sabo1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

At around the same time frame as arcade having good indies, PlayStation was also getting amazing indies. PS3 had such good indies many people gave them game of the year awards... I don't know of any exclusive XBL arcade games that got such attention and respect as PS3's indies.

Not all PS3 fans disregarded Indies, in fact, I am really skeptical that ANY ever have with how many award winning, quality indies the PS3 has had.

Sure, and there are a barrel full of free to play games besides the bigger budget Planetside 2 and Deep Down on PS4 to add as well.

Dee_911667d ago

Well as a PS fan I can honestly say I did disregard indies, not because xbox had a lot, but because I didn't know much about them and the ones I did play were cellphone quality games.I found myself agreeing with a lot of the playstation fans back when they disregarded them as shovel ware.But now I believe indies have been getting much better over the past few years.And I am just now getting into them.I'm not sure if thats whats making PS fan consider indies as I guess.. viable video games now.But there was a point in time when a lot of people here disregarded them. I want to say let the past be the past to angelicice but that will more than likely result in the word fanboy getting tossed around because theres a war going on and its an eye for an eye...So i'm over it..

lelo1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

exclusives... exclusives... exclusives.

Spotie1667d ago

@Angelic: If this were the World Cup, nobody would ever score a goal on you. The way you move the posts is world class!

lfc_4eva1666d ago

Maybe Sony has a few more exclusives, but are you really telling me you'll be buying them all?

Didn't think so. If the last gen was anything to go buy with exclusives, PS3 owners did not support the exclusives for their system as well as 360 owners.

sonarus1666d ago

Lets not talk out of our asses. Setting parameters like indy or timed exclusive or console exclusive. At the end of the day exclusive or not it doesn't matter. Most especially to me that have already decided to purchase my console because regardless i will be playing the games that come out on that system and nothing else unless i own both. So exclusive or multiplatform it makes no difference to me

This is a list of Xbox One games currently planned for release either at retail or via download.
There are currently 219 games on this list.
Exclusive = 33
Microsoft exclusive = 14
Console exclusive or timed = 18/3
Multiplatform = 159
Playable = 45 available to purchase (9 of these are exclusive to Xbox One)

There are currently 268 games on this list (16 of which have been confirmed as free-to-play).
Exclusive = 26 (1 of these are free-to-play)
Sony Exclusive = 22
Console exclusive and/or timed = 76/3 (8 of these are free-to-play)
Multiplatform = 141 (3 of these are free-to-play)
Playable = 82 available to purchase (10 of these are exclusive to PS4)

xbox one does have more exclusives as we can see. 7 more to be exact. However Sony has by far more console exclusives

1Victor1666d ago

I Don't Get It Why Are You Arguing About AAA games Next Year When We All KnowLike It Or Not That Sony Game Machine Start Slow And Can't Be Stopped When Its At Full Speed Unlike Microsoft That Start Strong And Finish Without AAA Titles 2 Years Before They Announce Their Next System

DragonKnight1666d ago

7thLevel did a great video detailing the numbers.

Sony is in first, Nintendo second, and MS 3rd based on the numbers of total exclusives.

Dubaman1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )




I'd also like to point out that a lot of "exclusives" are available on PC too so technically they're not actually exclusive.(duh)
Also, is nobody else pissed off that Sony are developing H1Z1 for PC before the PS4? I have never known that from them before.

airsick71666d ago


So Guilty Gear is a niche title, but Phantom Dust isn't... Lol ok

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NextLevel1667d ago

"Xbox HAS 2014 conquered"

If conquered means less games, less hardware sales, less software sales, lower rated games and worse performing multiplatform titles, sure they conquered 2014.

Drekken1667d ago

I really have to disagree with this article. Sony is on fire and shows no signs of slowing down. If "owning" 2014 means selling less than half of your competitions total consoles, then yeah... it is owning. The only bright spot in One's 2014 upcoming games is Sunset overdrive. a remake of a 10yr old game just doesn't do it for me.

xx4xx1667d ago

I see what you did there.
You smart.

xx4xx1667d ago

I see what you did there.
You so smart.

Automatic791667d ago

@ Next level trolling hard aren't you. Lol

FriedGoat1666d ago

Since when did fact become trolling?

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Kayant1667d ago

"LXP unannounced game
Platform Next unannounced game"

I Would not get too excited about those two as last time we heard about them they were kinect studios. Obviously with things now that could have changed.

StealthPandemic1667d ago

That was TWO (2) YEARS AGO. Black Tusk was originally a kinect studio, they had couple kinect projects. Know look what their doing (GEARS).

Kayant1667d ago


Which is why I said things could have changed as there is no new information suggesting such they are still kinect studios in the public domain until announced as not being such anymore.

iamnsuperman1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

"2015 and beyond has no winner yet"

Nor does 2014. We are only in June and we haven't exactly played the fall line up yet. Just saying

edit: To be honest the big and exciting games this fall seem to be coming from the third parties not the platform makers

KinjoTakemura1667d ago


"just because it's an exclusive, doesn't make it a a good game."

Bubble up for you dude. Short & sweet. Nothing more needs to be said.

pyramidshead1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Japan Studio #1 - ? (PS4/Vita) (just released Knack for PS4 headed by Mark Cerny)
Japan Studio #2 - ? (PS4/Vita) (just released Puppeteer for PS3 headed by Gavin Moore)
Japan Studio #3 - rumoured JRPG (PS4)
Japan Studio #4 - Gravity Rush/Daze 2 (Vita)
Japan Studio #5 - The Last Guardian (PS4) (lol)

Marvelous AQL - Soul Sacrifice Delta (Vita; collaboration with Japan Studio)
Shift; Dimps - Freedom Wars (Vita; collaboration with Japan Studio)
Alfa System - Over My Dead Body 2 (Vita; collaboration with Japan Studio)

Polyphony Digital - GT (PS4) (just released GT6 for PS3)

Naughty Dog #1 - TLoU DLC (PS3) (just released TLoU for PS3 headed by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley)
Naughty Dog #2 - Uncharted (PS4) (headed by Amy Hennig)

Bend Studio - ? (PS4/Vita)

San Diego Studio - MLB 14: The Show (PS3/PS4/Vita)

Santa Monica Studio #2 - ? (PS4) (possibly headed by Cory Barlog) (just released GoW:A for PS3)

Ready at Dawn - The Order: 1886 (PS4; collaboration with Santa Monica Studio)

Sucker Punch Productions - Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

Evolution Studios - DriveClub (PS4)

Guerrilla Games #1 - ? (PS4) (just released Killzone SF for PS4)
Guerrilla Games #2 - New IP (PS4)
Guerilla Cambridge - ? (PS4/Vita) (just released Killzone Mercenary for Vita)

Media Molecule #1 - ? (PS4/Vita) (just released Tearaway for Vita ; very small team)
Media Molecule #2 - TBA (PS4)

London Studio #1 - ? (possibly SingStar for PS4)
London Studio #2 - ? (possibly PS Camera stuff for PS4)
London Studio #3 - rumoured AAA New IP (PS4)

Sony Online Entertainment #1 - PlanetSide 2 (PS4)
Sony Online Entertainment #2 - Everquest Next (PC/PS4?)

Supermassive Games - Until Dawn (PS4?)

Quantic Dream #1 - Beyond: Two Souls (PS4 ; info by famousmortimer) (just released Beyond for PS3 headed by David Cage)
Quantic Dream #2 - Singularity (PS4) (co-written by two new writers)

Housemarque #1 - ? (just released Resogun for PS4)
Housemarque #2 - New IP (PS4) (possibly Dead Nation 2 for PS4)

Tequila Works - Rime (PS4)

The Chinese Room - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4)

Heavy Spectrum Entertainment - Shadow of the Beast (PS4)

Capcom - Deep Down (PS4)

Honey Slug - Hohokum (PS3/PS4/Vita)

Ovosonico - Murasaki Baby (Vita)

Grasshopper Manufacture (Suda51) - Lily Bergamo (PS4 ; not 100% confirmed as exclusive)

Atlus - Persona 5 (PS3)

Namco Bandai - Tales of Zestiria (PS3)

Giant Sparrow - Edith Finch (PS4 ; not officially announced)

Sanzaru Games - ? (PS4)

Idea Factory - ? (PS4)

Zindagi Games - ? (PS4)

Insomniac Games - ? (possibly Ratchet & Clank for PS4) (just released Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus for PS3)

Clap Hanz - ?

Novarama - ?

Queasy Games - ?

Very old list but this puts into perspective how much MS is going to have to keep bringing those big guns to keep up. List is mainly because you included unannounced games. Note that devs with either PS3 games from last year and launch games are all either now working on DLC for existing games and/or now working on PS4. Also helps if you own a PS4 & Vita to appreciate this list to the fullest.

That's before all the indies PS4 is getting from third party indie devs and free2plays.

TheFanboySlayer1667d ago

way to go bud I didnt wanna put a list but you sir are crazy for typing that much lol

pyramidshead1667d ago

It's a copy and paste job, sir. :P. No way was I about to waste my time on n4g typing all that lot out!

kingdom181666d ago

Damn... That's a impressive list. Of course we won't see all anytime soon. Maybe a third of them, as they have to cycle out games so there are some new exclusives every year.

CervantesPR1667d ago

LBP3 will sell decently unless its sales are greatly affected by multiplats, little big planet 1 sold 5+ million
and little big planet 2 sold 3+ million, its safe to say little big planet 3 will sell decently or heck it might turn out to be the best selling LBP to date.

theres no garrantee or confirmation that scalebound,crackdown or phantom dust will release in 2015, all they showed was cgi trailers.

SpideySpeakz1667d ago

And we've only seen actual gameplay from 2 of those games.
There's really no telling any of those games with be good.
Plus, we have to put in the consideration that most of games will be downgraded sub 1080p below 30f because of the Bone's inferior specs, and those inferior specs can compromise gameplay most likely.

Jaqen_Hghar1667d ago

2014 is a dead heat. We've had Infamous and Titanfall cancel out and LoU remastered and Halo collection balance out. LBP3 and Sunset balance. Driveclub and Forza cancel out. the tiebreaker then goes to 3rd party or indies and PS4 has the advantage on both of those unless you REALLY need that month early COD content lol. A man doesn't forget Planetside 2 either though he's sure you don't count indies or think 720p is the same as 1080p or a more stable framerate isn't noticeable or something to try to even it out.

As for 2015 there's already the Order, Bloodborne, Uncharted, Deep Down, Uncharted, Ratchet and Grim remastered, Magicka 2, Let it Die, and many more unannounced ones (remember they just surprised us with a november LBP at E3 so they've shown they can announce and release less than a year away)

Again 3rd party games (whether through content or stability and resolution), indies, and given away games all favor PS4 as well.

Majin Uchiha1667d ago

Lol Titanfall is a much better game than Infamous, no way they cancel each other out.

Jaqen_Hghar1667d ago

A man happens to like Infamous more. A man enjoys SP more than MP and only keeps a game if it has a great SP which he can go back and enjoy. MP always fizzles out in enjoyment and it never really gets fun again.

StreelyBoy1666d ago

Ok there is no way that LoU and Hal: The Master Chief Collection is going to balance out. LoU is one game and the Master Chief Collection is four games, and also the Halo games are better.