I don't trust the Steam Summer Adventure

GameZone: "This year, Valve has given us the Summer Adventure. Every Steam user is placed onto a team -- pink, green, purple, blue, red -- and gain points for their team by crafting badges from cards they get. Every 24 hour period, the leading team is declared winner and 30 members of that team will receive three games from their Wishlist for free. It's a game within a game on a platform that sells games where you get cards from playing games. And it's genius. At least it would be if the system wasn't broken."

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Fireseed1671d ago

Yah there's no way this thing is actually being decided by the actual participants. And today is even further proof of that, the blue team (the only team to have not won any day yet) is in a COMMANDING lead... They're like 100,000 points ahead of ANY other team.

djplonker1670d ago

I just checked they now have a 600k lead on everyone else...

Volkama1670d ago

That's because the community has rigged it so each team wins 2 days:

Neonridr1671d ago

It's a clever way to make people spend more money thinking that they MIGHT be one of those lucky 30 people to get some games off their wish list.

And I am curious to know who decides what games off their list they get? Is it random? Is it the first three titles listed? Is it the cheapest three titles on your wish list? I'll put some money down it might be the last option..

christrules00411671d ago

I just went onto my wishlist and put on The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Batman Arkham Origins and then Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. Why try to win games that are on sale? Haha

ExCest1670d ago

It's the first 3. Hence the "top 3 games" on your wishlist. If it wasn't, you wouldn't see the games won on the free games tab on the FAQ and scoreboard.

Neonridr1670d ago

cool, thanks for clearing that up.

SpideySpeakz1670d ago

I actually find this contest to be irrelevant.
Most of these games are dirt cheap (Skyrim LE was $13 the other day, Borderland GOTY + Borderlands 2 for $10 lol)

1670d ago
wannabe gamer1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

has this guy not seen the reddit thread where ppl are planning which team wins everyday. people have come together and made teams on reddit and planned which team crafts items on which day to make certain team win

ExCest1670d ago

It's totally rigged. No doubt. Unless Valve wants every team to win at least once and then stop rigging the points. Or they want everybody to feel special and have each team win twice regardless (and make money off people buying cards to craft).

Jdoki1670d ago

People... Check Reddit.

There's a huge community effort going on to ensure that each team will win twice during the Summer Adventure.

That's why there's such an imbalance. People from each team are saving their cards etc and only crafting stuff on specific days.

I agree that this isn't Steam's best Sale activity - but it is not rigged.

Check Reddit and see when 'your' day is due. It's actually a hugely impressive effort by the community to ensure fairness.

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