10 Reasons Sony Won E3 2014

Sony gave as much of the spotlight to its indie titles as it did to franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted, and that’s essentially why their conference was such a success.

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lifeisgamesok2596d ago

Sony had a great start to their conference I was into it the whole mood was good and Destiny looked great but it slowed tremendously and overall it was mediocre

It was too long for what they showed

NewMonday2596d ago

they showed the most games and most exclusives.

lunatic00012596d ago

They also had the most boring ass segment that took too damn long...30 minutes on a bunch of TV crap...almost fell asleep...besides that was cool...but Nintendo's was way better

NextLevel2596d ago

They also showed the least amount of CG.

Drasill2596d ago

They didn't show the most exclusives.

AngelicIceDiamond2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


Is there an echo of an echo? It was actually Nintendo who showed the most Sony doesn't have 14 exclusives. They have Timed indies like No Man's Sky which is an indie goal setting game.

I even said Powers looked like a cool show because I love super heroes but they should of saved that for another event I wanted to see more games.

Never in my years of E3 viewing where a company focuses solely on games some how "isn't enough." Especially when the media and journalist just want all three to JUST FOCUS ON GAMES ultimately is still some how shyed upon.

MysticStrummer2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

@lunatic - Your 30 minute estimate is nearly twice as long as reality. Were you using mind altering substances during the conference by any chance?

@Angelic - I thought MS did well, but I expected them to really go for the throat and they didn't. Saying the show "isn't enough" could be a reaction to what MS should have done if they wanted to change the sales numbers in a significant way. They simply had the fewest surprises out of the big 3.

NextLevel2596d ago

"They have Timed indies like No Man's Sky which is an indie goal setting game."

Hello Games isn't "currently talking" about No Man's Sky on Xbox One

No Man's Sky is a PS4 console exclusive currently.

It's more of an exclusive than Titanfall was or is, but something tells me you'd think of it as an exclusive. And Dead Rising 3, for that matter.

darthv722596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

@mystic, what you expect and what ms showed are two different things. that isnt saying you are right and they are is just two different things.

MS showed what they wanted. if it wasn't "go for the throat" enough for you then so be it. you can't fault them for sticking to their word of games games games even if they werent the game you wanted to see.

nintendo had the best because it was all about them, their games, their platform. They had the most exclusives shown.

how many times do we need to go over this. you fans of your preferred platforms should just accept that nintendo beat them both. does that mean things will change over at nintendo? Probably not, but at least they can say they turned a few heads in the process and got people talking about their games.

And when the dust settled (weeks ago) it was back to the MS vs. Sony campaign.

ghostface92596d ago

they had less games shown and less exclusives shown than xbox with 30 minutes more time for their conference so good try but no

Pogmathoin2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Sony showed a game every 17.6 seconds. Courtesy of NewMonday. They showed the most exclusives..... Between MS and Sony..... Also some timed exclusives.... Which is a nasty dirty thing to do.... If it was MS..... Ahhhh the same crap, different day syndrome.....
@ djplonker.... At least he made a comment..... What did you say? Something irrelevant?

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djplonker2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


You are such a massive troll Your opinion on anything sony / microsoft related is invalid so no one will take what you say seriously so why post at all?

AngelicIceDiamond2596d ago

I never heard of a invalid opinion.

Prime1572596d ago

Trolls usually offer an invalid opinion, as sometimes they aren't even opinion-based, but worded to invoke a reaction in other's opinions.

That's my opinion about opinions.

uth112596d ago

The fact that the conference slowed down in the middle isn't going to matter in the long run. The games are what matter

MysticStrummer2596d ago

They showed more, so it was longer.

It's not complicated.

Eejanaika2596d ago

when sony got to tv that's where things fell off for them. props to microsoft though for having 100% games and nothing else.

Eonjay2596d ago

I'm not sure how many people watch the convention, but if it is of any importance and Sony did as poorly as some have described, then it should be reflected in the sales.

2596d ago
Magicite2596d ago

Just admit that You never plan to own PS4 or at least not in any near future

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Reeze2596d ago

I disagree; I don't understand why TV presented by one company is a horrible disgrace to gaming, but when it comes from another, it's a beautiful gift from God. People can be very hypocritical.

Personally, I think Nintendo won.

sinspirit2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


Microsoft hosted a show almost entirely about TV.

Sony hosted a show longer than their competitors, and used that extra time to talk about their less gaming related features, like VitaTV, PSNow, etcetera, that are still about gaming. About 20 minutes they spent on this. Their show was about 2 hours. They still spent more time on gaming and announced more games and have more coming. Sony has almost always talked about lesser gaming related things every year at e3 and they host longer shows because of this.

It's like the half-time of a superbowl is 20 minutes, almost every year. But, another superbowl the half-time is the whole time and then maybe 20 minutes of the game. People would be angry that they only get 20 minutes of game time, clearly, but they still enjoy half-time when it's only 20 minutes long. Do you really think that Microsoft's TV stunt for almost a whole console debut, showing the TV features on TV programs as guests, and talking about a Halo TV series rather than the game is comparative to Sony spending about 20 minutes of a 2 hour conference, every year, on these things at their e3?

Also, they focused on Kinect, again. Showing off "gestures" that were staged, voice commands staged, and this wasn't the only time they staged skeptical products like Milo and when they faked the Kinect steering in Forza.

Reeze2596d ago

It is just my opinion. I simply think that the people making these "decisions" are always very biased. Do not read too far into my comment. It's only an opinion.

sinspirit2596d ago


It's not an opinion to make unfair accusations. Calling people hypocrites for completely different scenarios.

If Sony had focused an entire show on TV you know that people wouldn't be happy with that. Just stop.

gamer11382596d ago

People get the x1 reveal in May confused with the e3 2013 show. The reveal was rightly criticised for being too much about tv, but their e3 was most deffinately focused on games. Remember Titanfalls reveal anyone? Their big bombs though at their e3 were the price and the online requirement.

To get back on the topic. It is unfair to criticise MS about Tv and then give Sony a free pass, especially when Sony used e3 time to talk about tv when MS didn't really.

lunatic00012596d ago

It still fucked up last time but did good this year and sony had a good conference but dragged on...i was falling about they stop making it 2hrs long and cut the bs tv crap and make it shorter...everyone wins :)

sinspirit2596d ago


And, people keep comparing Microsoft's reveal that heavily focused on TV to Sony's e3. We aren't comparing their e3 conferences or confusing MS's e3. I specifically was talking about the XBox One console reveal that was focused almost entirely on TV and apps, and when they mentioned Halo they talked about a TV show for it.

Oh, MS screwed up, focused on TV for a whole show, and then decided to not talk about it at e3 and now people like you bring up Sony's few minutes of non-games focused projects, which does include gaming devices, like the short mention of Morpheus, the US release of VitaTV, and PSNow.

It's not that TV and non gaming apps are bad. It's that MS focused a whole show on that. Sony has always set a few minutes aside for that. Now you're trying to spin this around and say people have double standards because of this "unfair" comparison. You are literally using "unfair" as if it works for your point of view. It doesn't. Over a hour, almost an entire show based around non gaming news on a GAMING console REVEAL is completely different from a yearly event, where they always set aside a few minutes to talk about non-gaming projects every year, and it's never been a problem until sensitive people that are trying to find insults towards Sony fans made a big deal out of it.

MS "didn't really" because of obvious reasons with how their console reveal went.

I'm not here trying to bring up the past and rag on MS about their reveal. I'm here talking about the flawed and unfair judgement of a few minutes of non-gaming news compared to an entire game console reveal focused on TV and people are here trying to say Sony are hypocrites and what-not doing the same thing, when Sony's done it for years and it's not a bad thing when it's just a few minutes, it's not like consoles are strictly just games now, but clearly that is the main point of them. They act like they've never watched a Sony e3 conference before.

gamer11382596d ago


The conversation is about e3 showings. If I wanted to compare other shows I could talk about the slow, boring non reveal that was the February 2013 reveal. Sony reveal a console without revealing it and with hindsight clearly showed off a cgi trailer that was presented as game graphics in Deep Down. It doesn't make sense to compare an e3 keynote to a non e3 event. E3 is different. I don't think you can even compare tgs or gamescom to it, so comparing sonys e3 to ms x1 reveal is flawed. What we CAN do is compare their e3's which is where MY VIEW(that's right, my valid opinion, just like yours) is that 1. People wrongly remember ms last year at e3 as tv tv tv and not the great games showcased. 2. If we criticise ms for a tv focus, why should Sony be immune from that same criticism?

You can continue to compare the two if you wish, just remember we're gonna wonder why you keeping bringing up the tv stuff from the reveal to justify sonys e3 when the rest of us were watching a purely games focused ms e3 2014 or remember last years game focused e3.

sinspirit2596d ago


Clearly, you don't get it..

This conversation that Reeze started was him referencing the controversy of Microsoft's XBox One reveal compared to Sony's 2014 e3 Press Conference. He's comparing an entire conference talking about TV to 20 minutes of time that Sony sets aside every year to talk of non-gaming news. This is what this specific conversation is about.

Uh, no one cares about your review of Sony's reveal, that was oriented towards games.

We are simply on the topic of the TV controversy. You didn't know what this conversation was about and now you're trying to change it into something else.

The "TV, TV, TV" again, was their X1 reveal. Not e3. Get on topic.

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djplonker2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )


Because it was to promote their new $99 vita tv not a $500 console....

plus microsoft had already announced the drm and online only around that time so ofcourse everyone hated them!

SoapShoes2596d ago

Uhhh they didn't spend tons of time on TV. I think the segent about powers went too long but ultimately didn't take much time in regards to the whole conference. I don't get how people, you being one of them, don't get this...

uth112596d ago

because people focus on the details and lose the big picture.

MS got criticized because they presented the Xbox One as some kind of entertainment platform where games seemed like an afterthought. It was how they were positioning the thing at the time that got people angry

Not the fact that they talked about TV at all.

MysticStrummer2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

"I don't understand why TV presented by one company is a horrible disgrace to gaming, but when it comes from another, it's a beautiful gift from God."

If one company presents their new gaming console primarily as a gaming console, and another company presents their new gaming console primarily as a multimedia device that also plays games, many gamers will choose the first, especially when the "all in one" box isn't all in one in the first place and is more expensive than it's more powerful competitor because of a camera that most people didn't want last generation.

Sony's 2014 E3 press conference spent just as much time on games as MS's did.

As for the "beautiful gift from God", the only people who use phrases like that about PS4 are MS gamers who are trying waaay too hard.

Reeze2596d ago

There's a party in my replies!

Everyone, have some punch. The dance floor is that way. Make sure to grab a party hat before you leave!

>* >* >*

On topic, please don't start riots over what I said. I like Sony, I just don't think they "won" E3 this year. Everyone can have their own opinion.

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GusBricker2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

"There’s nothing inherently wrong with basing your pitch on gaming releases, especially in the follow up to a major hardware launch, but Microsoft’s one-dimensional performance left some gamers wanting"

Holy **** is this guy serious?

Brim2596d ago

i literally just posted the same thing ... that quote alone made me stop reading

DigitalRaptor2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Yes.... he's about as serious a BlackbusterCritic in this here video.

Some truth bombs for both underwhelming Sony and Microsoft conferences on his channel:

Microsoft's E3 was like a GameTrailers playlist. One trailer after another. We want to hear things about the games from the people making them telling us new things, not just see trailers and multiplatform demos one after the other.

Not to mention there were almost zero real surprises. You come to E3 for NEW announcements. You expect to hear lots of things you didn't already know.

0P-Tigrex2596d ago

Sony had more moments that were unexpected. TO me that's why they did better than MS. If MS held back their news prior to E3 i think there would be a different discussion going on.

DigitalRaptor2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Agreed, and the disagrees say it all.

Sony had far more surprises than Microsoft. We knew almost 100% of what MS showed at E3, before it even began.


Edit: No, it's cool. I'll list them...

- No Man's Sky announced for PS4 (console debut).
- Grim Fandango classic adventure remastered for PS4 and Vita.
- ABZU, new game from Matt Nava - art director of Journey coming to PS4.
- YouTube upload support coming soon to PS4.
- PlayStation Vita TV coming to the west for $99.
- Entwined coming to PS4 the same day, with PS3/Vita cross-buy versions to follow.
- inFAMOUS First Light (standalone DLC) coming August.
- Ratchet & Clank next-gen remake coming early 2015.
- Destiny PS4 alpha/beta announcements and dates.
- Exclusive white PS4 Destiny bundle.
- Partnership with Devolver Digital to bring their catalogue of games to PS4/Vita.
- Suda51's new IP, 'Let It Die'.

I'm probably missing something else.

Slevon2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Not trying to troll but besides LBP3 what was there that we didn't know about?
Edit: And grim fandango

AngelicIceDiamond2596d ago

But what do you say about Crash Bandicoot rumor, GOW rumors or sony Santa Monica rumored game, Syphon Filter rumors, Sony bend rumors, GG rumors and the infamous The Last Guardian Rumors that always fly around.

You would want at least one of these rumored games to be true but at the end of the day its just bloggers and "insiders" lying and severely misleading ppl.

Point is if you have that many rumors flying you would want at least one of them to come true.

DigitalRaptor2596d ago

@ Angelic

C'mon son.

That ntkrnl dude on NeoGaf leaked the majority of the stuff. Some of his details were confirmed pre-E3, and some after. The Master Chief Collection was leaked. Platinum Games exclusive was leaked. This wasn't just "at least one" coming true. These were several blatantly genuine leaks.

None of the rumoured Sony games you posted appeared at E3.

Prime1572596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

You're missing Bloodborne, as that's getting tons of press.

I agree about the unexpected comment. I expected what AngelicIceDiamond said, "Crash Bandicoot rumor, GOW rumors or sony Santa Monica rumored game, Syphon Filter rumors, Sony bend rumors, GG rumors and the infamous The Last Guardian Rumors that always fly around."

Then I got everything DigitalRaptor listed and I went... Wow...

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Brim2596d ago

"Unlike Microsoft, whose entire pitch was centred on games, games and more games, Sony managed to make their conference all about their ecosystem. There’s nothing inherently wrong with basing your pitch on gaming releases, especially in the follow up to a major hardware launch, but Microsoft’s one-dimensional performance left some gamers wanting."

Microsoft left GAMERS wanting more after showing nothing but GAMES ... I'm done with this article after this quote as it terrible .. that is all...

Slevon2596d ago

To some people microsoft can't do anything to win them over. People say MS needs to show more games and when they do its not good enough. I thought all of the conferences were good depending on what console you like. If you like Naughty Dog then i'm sure that uncharted trailer would be all that needed to be shown and they would have won. For me the MCC would have been enough. But overall Nintendo's short and sweet hour presentation was perfect.

Brim2596d ago

couldn't agree more even though i felt both Sony's and MS conferences were both decent at best i mostly enjoyed Nintendo's then they ended it off with Splatoon made me want to go out and get a Wii U ...but IMO ... Nintendo > Microsoft > Sony ... but as said before both Micro and Sony let me down i expected to be blown away.

Slevon2596d ago


I'm so glad you brought up splatoon! That was my biggest surprise of the show, and the game that was convincing me to buy a console the most. So fun and innocent, yet deep and complex gameplay. If my friends all had Wii U's i'd be inking shit up on launch day. But I agree with you order of conferences as well

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