Amazon has a phone: Every business, including gaming, needs to pay attention

"I took my son to a local theme park yesterday, and there is an attraction inside the theme park with animatronic dinosaurs. Seeing the dinosaurs costs $10 extra on top of your park ticket, but we went into the gift shop that's near the exit to look at fun dinosaur stuff. My son remarked that we didn't have to pay to get into the store."

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AllAboutGaming2588d ago

I'm still waiting for Amazon to release a true next-gen gaming system. I'm sure many people would buy it if multiplats were $49 instead of $60. Publishers should be very afraid.

If you are saying "3rd parties would just not release of the Amazon console." you should look at what they do to distributors now. They could simply stop selling games from 3rd parties that don't cooperate until they bend to their will.

It has happened with books and it can happen with games.