Is Open World Enough for Zelda?

"The new Zelda game on Wii U will have an open world. Is that all the franchise needs to do to truly evolve?"

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Rainbowcookie1582d ago

I didn't think of the Wii u as a console that I want. I thought it it released to early and wasn't powerful enough to to toe-to-toe with the current gen, However I love Zelda and this one made me notice the Wii again. If Nintendo plays their cards right and get more games like this, maybe a price-cut and boom they might be in it for at least second spot.

wonderfulmonkeyman1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

They already sell refurbished units in their online store for $199.
You're not going to get it any cheaper than that without getting it for far less than it's actually worth.

On topic: It really depends on what one means by "Enough".
I think it'll be enough to freshen up the first truly new HD Zelda and introduce its audience to a far more broad and exciting Land of Hyrule.
I also think it'll be enough to make the Wii U sell really, really well, assuming they do all the right things with bundles and advertisement.

3-4-51581d ago

* Enough? Does this person thing that Open World is the ONLY addition to the game ?

randomass1711582d ago

I don't know about "enough" since the open world is pretty much all we know about this new game But it's high time Nintendo took advantage of HD hardware to made it happen.

Ocsta1582d ago

I reckon this will be the Zelda game fans have been dreaming about since the Gamecube. So I'm in to say the least.

our_games_are_art1582d ago

I'm interested to see Nintendo make the game chock full of meaningful content. from funny unique characters to oddly placed easter eggs and awesome mini games. God I love
L o Z minigames

stripe8141582d ago

well for me its more than enough..

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