Famitsu confirms new playable characters, Zant appearance in Hyrule Warriors

"This week’s issue of Famitsu has another update on Hyrule Warriors. We have news about a pair of new playable characters in the game as well as ones that will be making return appearances from the Zelda series."

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1671d ago
Eamon1671d ago

Am I the only one that thinks this game is a mistake?

Blackleg-sanji1671d ago

Your not but I dont see y ppl think it is I think it looks great for a spinoff and I have no doubt this will sell well

George Sears1671d ago

Nintendo brings a new Zelda game, people complain it's more of the same. Nintendo makes a spinoff, people complain it's not the same.

Eamon1671d ago

I almost never complain about a new Zelda game :P

George Sears1671d ago

Wasn't meant to be a comment directed to yours though, but in general.

Summons751671d ago

Yes, why would it possibly be a mistake? The Zelda universe is perfect for this type of game and the Dynasty Warriors Developers make excellent games in the main DW franchise, the crossovers, and the other games they made like Trinity Souls of Zill O'll. From what we've seen they have been handling like this game like a newborn baby and have been working closely with the Zelda devs to make sure everything is perfect.

Honestly, why do you think this is a mistake?

Eamon1671d ago

What JumpMan says below.

Musou games are button mashers. Zelda is a puzzle adventure game.

xJumpManx1671d ago

Nope I agree with you. Maybe its the fact Dynasty Warriors is just a button masher.

randomass1711671d ago

But they're adding common Zelda elements into it.

DVAcme1670d ago

I'd love for anyone to play DW mashing buttons and see how long it takes them to get ripped a new one. The series has progressed A LOT since the PS2 days, but people don't give it a chance since they're prejudiced about it. Dynasty Warriors 8 is an AWESOME game with ridiculous replay value and an insane character count(who ALL PLAY DIFFERENTLY). The Xtreme Legends version for PS4 is an amazing value for the money. I can't wait for Samurai Warriors 4 to come out, too.

ritsuka6661671d ago

Nintendo brings a new Zelda game, people complain it's more of the same. Nintendo makes a spinoff, people complain it's not the same''

It's just like this.

mydyingparadiselost1670d ago

I'm not a fan of the musuo genre, never have been, but if any game is going to get it right it's one involving Nintendo and Zelda. I don't have the highest expectations for the game but if they can throw in enough fan service and some unique gameplay elements to break up the monotony this could be pretty good.

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Errefus1671d ago

I think Zelda franchise brings something new to the dynasty warriors franchise and the Zelda theme fits good imop

wonderfulmonkeyman1671d ago

Hah, the bug-crazy girl, Agitha, from Twilight Princess, is playable.
Oh so random.XD

Spooney3231671d ago

This is great news indeed!

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