PlanetInsider: Random Acts of Global PvE

"After you experience Planetside 2 (PS2) and all it has to offer, one might grow slightly weary of the circular meta and monotonous tactics. It goes something like this: Attack a region with a group of players, run into an enemy force with a larger group of players, regroup, defend against the invading group, loop back to the beginning and repeat. This isn’t to say that PS2 is boring, because it’s not. There is so much to do and experience. PS2 is an absolute blast to play, but this process can get repetitive, which a new dynamic could help curb…"

What do you think of a non-playable 4th faction launching relentless offensives on the map and players once in a while? MMOGames's Lanzer launches a number of reasons why this should really happen in Planetside 2.

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