Nintendo's 5 Best Shots at Saving Wii U

Taking a look at Nintendo's up and coming releases, what are their five best shots at saving the Wii U?

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Jadeddreams1582d ago

Ever since MarioKart 8 has come out, for once in my life I'm actually interested in the Wii U. (Possibly unpopular opinion XD) but Smash Bros looks awesome too.

Pozzle1582d ago

Same here. I wasn't initially interested in the Wii U, but there are a few games that have made me very very interested in buying one.

uth111581d ago

Maybe not so unpopular. I sense more positive buzz about the Wii U now than at any point in its life.

Jadeddreams1581d ago

Good well I'm glad I'm not alone haha, definitely.

Conrad221581d ago

I believe the Wii U will keep the momentum going for the long run, I just wish there wasn't such a long drought between major 1st party releases for the console! (Kart 8 - May, Hyrule Warriors - Sept.)