Mass Effect 4: 10 Crazy Fan Demands That Won’t Be In The Game

There are many things ME4 must do to rebuild following part three, but sadly these innovations won't see the light of day.

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XiSasukeUchiha2591d ago

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Off topic: Where's your Hinata? Naruto!

-Foxtrot2592d ago

"Mass Effect 1′s Weapon System"

Hopefully...there's no need for Thermal Clips in a futuristic, Sci Fi game when originally they used cool down weapons. Why they went backwards with weapon technology was silly and was just an excuse to turn the game into something it's not.

I'd thought it would make sense if once you used your thermal clips they guns would revert back to cool down weapons but nope.

randomass1712592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I agree it was a silly idea to put reloading into the game when cool down was much more engaging IMO. Mass Effect 1 was more RPG than shooter and then ME2 went the opposite route. They wanted to make the game more like a contemporary shooter and by Mass Effect 3 it had most of the basic mechanics featured in Gears of War.

-Foxtrot2592d ago

I know, by Mass Effect 3 it was a full on over the top action game shooter. It was kind of sad in a way with how brilliant Mass Effect was...I know it had it's problems but if they continued with what Mass Effect gave us and struck to it's roots by ME3 it could of been fantastic

For me the cool down weapons added strategy to the game. It made you choose your team mates wiseley because of their skills which you didn't have because of your chosen class.

Then you had the fact you were limited on weapons. Again it made you think about what to do in battles.

If your cool down weapon was cooling off it made you think about your tactics and carefully place your team mates on the battlefield. So when your weapon is cooling off you would use their abilities and even your own.

Cool down weapons were the best for this sort of game.

By ME2 I never once bothered with my team mates and could easily just charge into battle. It was too easy.

UnHoly_One2591d ago

I am probably in the minority, but from a gameplay perspective, each Mass Effect was WAY better than it's predecessors.

Yes it was more "actiony" and it was amazing.

It's a shame they completely ruined the story in the end because the gameplay had finally reached it's full potential.

The multiplayer in 3 was the best part of the whole series. It was amazing with a team of friends.

Hellsvacancy2591d ago

Let me be a none human race

saber000052591d ago

Oh man... That 3rd game hit me soo hard in the feels.. Something I would have liked to see, is Commander Shep. be older and be in place of what Hackard was. That way he's not a main character, and I think players will still like the fact that there's some links to the past games (transfers your saves over). If your Shep died in 3, then have a different commander.

Just my two cents. :P

jollygoodchap82591d ago

The only thing I didn't like was that you had to play multiplayer/iOS to raise your galactic readiness.

Just give more side quests or something.

Drop in co-op would be kinda cool since you're always with two teammates most of the time. Obviously you're not gonna be choosing the main player's choices like this guys saying.

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