5 Reasons Capcom Needs To Bring Back Dino Crisis

Although Dino Crisis 3 effectively killed the franchise in 2003, it’s somewhat baffling that Capcom never bothered to forge forward with the franchise to correct its mistakes.

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thehobbyist1582d ago

This list is unnecessary. You only need one reason. Because the first two were good "Resident Evil BUT with DINOSAURS" games. And who DOESN'T want a game like that?

Rhezin1582d ago

agreed. I love anything dinosaur. There needs to be more games like that. It had the tension of the old Resident Evil's. Dino Crisis was one of the best games on ps1 IMO and I remember the old Jurassic Park arcade shooter that was in the booth with the curtains. That game was so much fun as well.

PaleMoonDeath1582d ago

It seems the Dino Crisis series is the one who should have gone in the Resident Evil 5/6 direction, it would suit the series so much more than any Resident Evil would.

Drag Resident Evil back to its roots while pushing Dino Crisis in the more action orientated direction, that would have saved one series while giving the other a purpose.