The Little Things: A Few Improvements Could Take The PS4 A Long Way

TSA writes: "I’ve had my PlayStation 4 since the day it launched in North America and while I’ve been happy with my purchase so far, there are a number of changes I feel Sony could make to their flagship console’s interface in an effort to make things more social, user friendly, and a bit less messy. Unlike a lot of requests I see from PlayStation users, most of this stuff is a tad nitpicky but they all involve areas of the interface I use on a very regular basis, and most of them are very practical ideas."

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Blackleg-sanji1668d ago

All I want is external hdd support anything else is a bonus honestly

Blackleg-sanji1668d ago

Lol why did I get so many disagrees?? Its the feature I want most wth?

Yetter1668d ago

Its the fanboys. You mention a feature that the XB1 already has and they immediately assume you are trying to trash the PS4

liquidhalos1668d ago

I think the disagrees are because people want other things more. Don't look at disagrees as an attack. Think of it literally as people having other opinions and wants. I want hdd support, streaming and quick resume. Enjoy your gaming bro

Conzul1668d ago

You got disagrees because there are much more important things than external HDD support.

Like, MP4/MP3 support and DLNA.

Personally, I wish the damn web browser on the PS4 would actually remember my logins instead of forcing me to log in nearly every damn time.

SpinalRemains1381667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Obviously those who disagree do not want that feature the most.

Do you really not understand the concept of agreement?

I love broccoli rammed up my anus.

If you press disagree then you do not like broccoli rammed up your anus. Your disagreement has nothing to do with my views on ass ramming broccoli. The button only reflects the view of the one who's pressing it.

You dig?

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KwietStorm1668d ago

Because there's more missing than external support?

LordDhampire1668d ago

Because n4g's rating system is broken

SpinalRemains1381667d ago

Its not broken at all. Ppl just don't understand how it works.

The button says "disagree", not "post is a lie".

Somehow most users are so self absorbed, that they cannot fathom anyone disagreeing with them, and they subsequently think the disagree button means they're being attacked.

Meltic1668d ago

yeah more game releases sooner. Ive not used my ps4 since infamous second son launch week.

ThanatosDMC1668d ago

Why cant i get rid of the demos i've deleted all off my Library?

fOrlOnhOpe571668d ago

Early days yet. All will come good.

CaptainObvious8781668d ago

I just want media support, MP3 support, pause downloads, and the fixing of the game recording where it constantly records the last 15 minutes of the game, like sony stated it would.

Can't tell you how many awesome moments I've lost during my gameplay.