9 Huge Failings Slowly Killing Steam

While Steam has well earned its popularity it’s hardly without some failings, as it only takes a very brief examination to pick out several critical flaws within the platform. These range from the company’s basic mindset when it comes to dealing with certain issues, to failing to truly promote latest releases.

These aren’t teething problems either, with many failures being systems initiated to help allow games on Steam or better player access, each is a critical flaw which will only become progressively more damaging as time goes by. Should Valve ignore them, they will only hamper its success and gradually allow for another service to gradually replace it.

So here’s a list of those flaws, nine critical failings which are slowly killing Steam over time.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1580d ago

Steam is an evolving platform and all these issues will be a thing of the past and be replaced by new issues that will eventually be fixed as well. Nothing is perfect so we have to outweigh the good from the bad and in Steam's case the good outweighs the bad by a very huge margin.

Volkama1580d ago

I'm not going to be clicking through the various slides of that website. What I know is I have bought about 20 games on Steam this week (go go summer sale!), taking my tally up to about 60 this year (Go go midweek and weekend sales!).

1580d ago
saber000051580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

At first I was hesitant in reading this, but some of it really does make sense. I think it's a good read and a clear warning to steam to re-visit some of these things. Will those 9 things kill steam? No... Steam is too big and they give too many deals for people to just disappear from. I see these things as minor issues that should be addressed eventually.

Volkama1580d ago

Have 6 bubbles for helpful.

Accusing Valve of reactionary behaviour seems a little far-fetched, they've been pretty close to visionary in predicting and steering the PC gaming market's progress up to this point.

elhebbo161580d ago

@ultimate you are not the one we need you are the one we deserve.

R6ex1580d ago

Steam is one major reason I'm still on PC gaming (as opposed to jumping onto next-gen consoles). Games are CHEAP! I had like 20 games for my Xbox but 200 games on Steam. Its so easy to use - digital vs disc. And I can share all my games with my family members. Such great savings ($$$) more than makes up for the price of building a gaming PC. I had even repurchased some old games that were formerly on the Xbox, so that I can access them easily at 1080p60fps. The only reasons that I'm not on Steam are like (1) EA games only available on Origin and (2) EA disabled controller support for PC games like Mass Effect & Dragon Age etc.

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Roccetarius1580d ago

Steam has progressed very little over the recent years, and it's also why enhanced steam exists in the first place.

3-4-51580d ago

Still = Success as long as I can still get $40-50 games for $5-10 & $20-30 games for $2-4, about 3-4 times a year.

Back-to-Back1580d ago

And there is one simple reason why Steam is still very successful.

1. Pricing

HonestDragon1579d ago

Overall, it's actually a well written article. Granted, I would have preferred to read a list instead of clicking through it, but I digress. Steam is a good system, but it certainly isn't without its faults like the author presents.

I'm not entirely taken with the Front Page being a problem; however, the other examples are evident that Steam needs some restructuring. I am particularly supportive of the idea that Greenlight, Developer Lies and Misrepresentation, Early Access, and Developer Censorship are huge problems. Most of this results in a smoke and mirrors fashion, while getting money away from gamers. Giving too little or too much power to certain individuals on Steam has resulted in a lot of backlash and questionable tactics on the business front.

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randomass1711580d ago

Of the issues presented, I think the biggest ones include the quality control issues with developers, early access and Greenlight. They are very flawed, but to Valve's credit they are newer, riskier fields to cover and require some element of trial and error to see how it can be done better.

herobyclicking1580d ago

Agreed. Getting your game onto Steam used to be a golden ticket, but now its all about "discoverability". Greenlight needs to be rehashed, though I have heard it may go away or turn into something else altogether.

randomass1711580d ago

Valve has been doing way too much experimentation. Early access, Greenlight and even the Steam Machines are all very messy right now. They need to buckle down and get some quality control going.

R6ex1580d ago

Yup. There're a number of games which simply don't work upon release on Steam. Quality control & testing is missing!

jdiggitty1580d ago

Max Payne 3 has had issues from the start. The game fails to load for months at a time. I'm under the impression the Dark Souls 1 has never been playable. Yet they are still selling those games and NOT responding to support tickets.

The Forest has been out for weeks and had a number of updates. Still no working save feature. Things like this should be unacceptable

SuperBlur1580d ago

No , what is unacceptable is that people like you are allowed to purchase early access games.

Early Access games , YOU ARE PAYING to test a game that may or may not release.

There is a friendly note on their store page too , i think you've been warned enough before going through all the hoops of buying this game , like adding to cart , purchasing for yourself or as a gift , paypall or credit card etc.. you had enough time to form a well thought out reason to buy or not .

jdiggitty1579d ago

I know what an early access game is and I know what I signed up for. I can't "test" the game without a working save function. They should have delayed the early access again.

And that has nothing to do with games like MP3. Steam lets devs get away with far too much.

lfc_4eva1580d ago


I just don't go near the early access games. Let some other dude beta test it for me :-)

HonestDragon1579d ago

Early access is something that I just learned about on Steam. I was looking up potential new dinosaur games to check out (because I want a new dinosaur video game to play, damn it) and I noticed a majority of them aren't finished, but have early access where you pay to play the alpha of the games. The pricing was even questionable, too.

I like this article, though. It brought up a lot of issues that should be addressed. And I agree that Greenlight, early access, and quality control with developers are a huge problem.

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thehobbyist1580d ago

Valve making massive profit with another summer sale? Time to put out the doom and gloom articles.

randomass1711580d ago

Some of the criticisms ARE valid. I use Steam myself and I feel like there are some issues that should be ironed out.

SuperBlur1580d ago

the headline is very misleading , perhaps read the thing before commenting ?

they bring up some valid concerns a lot of people have

R6ex1580d ago

Frankly, because of Valve, Origin is giving discounts, free games and trial games etc. to stay relevant. As far a PC gaming is concerned, Steam is boss!

Rob_Ko1580d ago

they really need to take out early access, it feels like robbing people in bright day. You pay full price for basicly alpha or just a demo, and don't even have insurance that game will be even finished someday.

Roccetarius1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

The quality (or the lack of it) is definitely out of control, and i'll not pay for an alpha game myself, ever.

Sadly, there are people with more income than sense nowadays. I have drastically cut down on games purchased, because there are so many lies and scams plaguing the industry.

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aliengmr1580d ago

I rather enjoyed the early access titles I have. How was I "robbed"?

Seriously, your problem with early access can be solved in one simple way -----> ignore it.

What do you care what other people buy? All you have to do is wait until its a full release. So what's the problem?

Krosis1580d ago

Yet Steam's game population and users are growing exponentially every year....silly article.

lfc_4eva1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

This is true but its becoming the pc gaming monopoly.
These are never good in any industry.

Evidence of this is the slugs attempt to cut MS out of pc gaming with the steam box.

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