Stardock CEO Comments on Spencer's DX12 Won't Be Massive Change Claim, Comparison With Mantle & More

Recently, Microsoft's Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer stated via Direct X12 for Xbox One won't be massive change but it will unlock more capability for Xbox One developers. Fans and critics were surprised with this statement from Spencer and reacted sharply as Direct X12 is touted as a game changer for Xbox One in next-gen console war against Playstation 4.

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johndoe112112588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

"as Direct X12 is touted as a game changer for Xbox One in next-gen console war against Playstation 4"

Touted by who? The author should have stated who exactly is making those claims.

sam_job2588d ago

after initial announcement of DX 12 many said this thing....

georgeenoob2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

DX12 won't be a massive change, but it will nevertheless give a nice boost. Just like that June update, it wasn't a massive change, but it definitely helped developers with resolution and enriching gameplay.

Any boost in performance is always a plus.

darthv722588d ago

George...I am an xbox fan (among other platforms) and even i knew that whatever kind of improvements that DX12 offers to the development of XB1 will offer to the development of PS4 games as well.

Keep in mind that both are more similar than they are different. Even when it comes to using API's like DX12 and OpenGL, etc.

Lets not dwell on the specifics of the code but more on the skills of the coders. those are the ones that do the real work. Making something appear to have achieved more within the same scope of whence it originated.

Optimization, really good programming and good old fashioned teamwork are what makes a game great. oh and creativity. So if there is an secret sauce to be found....its on the hamburgers these guys eat to keep them energized.

MorePowerOfGreen2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I think the PS4 fanboys are twisting what Phil said in the first place.

MSFT said it won't be a massive change Doesn't need to be a massive change for parity or to do some things the other can't.

Don't see how fanboys are going nuts over this. Phil basically said DX12 won't be like releasing new hardware but will help devs make better games -or- devs won't have a hard time adjusting to DX12 vs DX11, which I think the former was the case.

Folks are relieved over some piss poor article from Dualshockers that was spun into something more than what was said.

That article felt like damage control.

Again it doesn't need to be a "massive change", a big change is good enough vs PS4. This is good news considering the anti Xbox One theme was that DX12 was not for XB1, then later on DX12 wouldn't help at all or very little.

So in reality it's "not a massive change" nor a *very little change/no change*

That Dualshockers article was designed to try and kill mindshare momentum post E3 due to all the pre E3 DX12 hype and E3 cloud compute hype(crackdown 3 etc).

Hell even the basic reasoning is spun or twisted. Since when does something not being "MASSIVE" mean nothing or close to nothing? LOL The twisted logic of that article has sparked a twisted theme by twisted minds.

Folks were thinking DX12 would double the performance etc. and Phil used that twitter comment as an opportunity to set the record straight, saying no it's not a massive change. That comment was spun some how into Phil saying it will hardly do anything or only do what PS4 fanboys assume so PS4 fanboys ran with it.

Not sure why folks are excited over somebody saying it's "not a massive change" I'll take *huge* *big* or *any*

Next gen games are not a "massive change" from last generation games yet Forza 5 hurts Forza 3, COD Advanced Warfighter hurts COD MW4, AC Unity, The Division... on and on(works with games in the same generation too, from start to end)

ziggurcat2588d ago

@ MPoG:

cut the hypocrisy.

you and all of the other faithful around here were touting DX12 as the second coming of christ. now that phil's completely put that nonsense to bed, you're suddenly humble about what DX12 is going to do for xbone, and even blaming PS fans for over-hyping DX!2 - despite the fact that people had been *telling* you all for weeks that DX12 wasn't going to have as much of an impact for xbone as it will for PC?

please... stop.

MysticStrummer2588d ago

@ziggurcat - Don't bother. Guys like Green aren't interested in reality. They'll revise history to suit them, and anyone who points that out will be called a fanboy hater who fears the XB. Green knows he's part of the problem if he has any self awareness at all, but he'll keep right on doing what he does.

GarrusVakarian2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


Don't...even...try it. You were one of the guys who was hyping up DX12 to the moon, more so than any other person on here i would argue. Now here you are, acting all humble, and even trying to spin the blame onto PS fans. Pathetic. I saw you quote AMD saying that DX12 would be like "leaping generations ahead", i saw you quote that multiple times. So don't sit there and act like this isn't a huge serving of crow to you, because it is.

"That Dualshockers article was designed to try and kill mindshare momentum "

Lmao "mindshare momentum". What is with all these buzzword-ridden conspiracy theories you come up with? Do you honestly believe anyone believes them?

Face it, you were at the forefront of the DX12 brigade on this website (and probably others too), now that Phil himself has shot down your hopes of DX12 being some huge game changer, you're acting humble and trying to push that plate of crow away from yourself.

You should just keep quiet about DX12, run back to MisterX's blog, and await the next excuse from him to spew here on his behalf.

2588d ago
pyramidshead2588d ago

That was a persona breaking comment there by georgenoob, looks like he's come around to the fact that DX12 wasn't the secret sauce he was looking for after all. Top lel.

Georgenoob and MPoG already got exposed and owned by another user which was funny. Hell i'll upload it for the lulz!

^ for anyone who's interested anyway.
Hypocrisy at it's finest.

GarrusVakarian2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


Lmao! Exposed as the frauds they are. Love it. Talk about credibility-ruining comments, especially from MPOG and georgeenoob (not that they had any anyway). Look at those in contrast with their comments above. Priceless.

Crow and humble pie has been served.

Prime1572588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


Wow. Thank you for putting that into an image. Thank John doe for typing it up.

I, especially, laughed at morepowerofgreen's comment after his rant.

Bubbles and kudos.

ThunderSpark2588d ago


Bubbles bro, bubbles. You need more lol.

StrangerX2588d ago

Well, the problem is that people or fans dont understand what DX12 really does and its not really a boost like most fans and sony fans say thats just a boost. DX12 Its more like implementation of the way the code is implemented in the hardware. What this means is that the same game can be put with the same code and same performance as the original code but because the implementation is different to the hardware, the game will run faster and more balance with less hiccups or frame drops without the need to optimize the code. Thats what it means that there is no massive change but the implementation of the games code are now coded for DX12 so the development wont be affected massively but the game wills run faster, hence giving the developer more room for wither higher res, texture or more details that were harder to get out from the hardware. Plus whatever the extra features that are specifically for DX12 HARDWARE.😉

jebabcock2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


wow... That made absolutely no sense... So you mean that PS4 fans generated all the articles about Dx12 being a game changer and this whole time you have been denouncing that along with George and truefan... Not really sure who you think you are fooling... but Lucas is right, now would probably be a pretty good time to just NOT say anything for a while if you are going to spurt out that kind of trash.

In reality there were the Sony Fans who were overzealous in indicating this wouldn't make any difference, then there were more reasonable people who said the Difference would not be that dramatic.. On the other end there were the Xbox fans who were overzealous and started pulling out crazy numbers from who knows where about dx being a massive game changer...

In the end I ultimately blame those responsible for writing and publishing such tripe articles just to generate a few lousy hits...

To be level and honest, Very impressed with Phil caming out and stating this. Not something alot of other people would do. It shows forward thinking on his part and a sense of moral dignity that microsoft has lacked for such a long time. If he continues this course, I may have to consider a little more seriously the prospect of getting an X1.

Silly Mammo2588d ago

So the question is- what will they try to spin next? We've already had kinect, firmware update, the Cloud, DX12, and kinect-less power gain.

Gamer19822588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Only fanboys were touring thDX12 being a massive game changer after a few devs saying positive things about it.. They wouldnt listen to people and instead did what any fanboy did and took developers comments out of context to try scare sony fans.

A bright side to this is I been saying all along DX12 isnt a game changer and got nothing but disagrees on here. MS back up my statement and its nice to see them stop lying to there consumers for once.. As outside the elitist fanboys (less than 1%) most gamers hate the lies and bullcrap. So well done MS for being honest.. Now they gotta be hoenst about how cloud computing is going to affect games on xbox as right now they are very clever in wording showing off PC demos and saying it can be ported to xbox not saying exactly which buts can be ported.. Very clever marketing and wording..

Evilsnuggle2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

And the award to [email protected] and [email protected]


UltraNova2587d ago


I think its safe to say that Pyramid has taken your head and used it as bowl to make soup...

Got it?

XiSasukeUchiha2587d ago

And the funniest thing is DX12 isn't a game changer,it just bring performance boost that's is all confirmed by Phil Spencer the head of Xbox by the way , and here we have articles promoting the fact that DX12 is game changer on Xbox 1 which is not. Xbots are turning into Super Saiyan Xbots, with their glimmer of hope riding on this. Sasuke Laugh for all the fanboys.

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NextLevel2588d ago

"Touted by who? The author should have stated who exactly is making those claims"

Xbox One fans looking for any glimmer of hope to stop the bleeding on the technological conversations involving the hardware. The cloud is another example of this, which Microsoft should have never said it'll make the Xbox One 10x more powerful. Think about it, the Xbox One is getting beat by the PS4 is hardware sales, hardware performance, software sales and software performance. Anything that could be positive, gets transformed into the savior.

randomass1712588d ago

I think you're exaggerating a little bit. Few people are that delusional. The only people I've seen repeat that sort of nonsense is the usual Xbox trolls, and they don't really represent Xbox fans as a whole. Whatever DX12 does for XB1 will be helpful at best and insignificant at worst and the generation will continue on as usual.

NextLevel2588d ago

"The only people I've seen repeat that sort of nonsense is the usual Xbox trolls, and they don't really represent Xbox fans as a whole"

Maybe here. Go to an pro Xbox site. And yes the fanboys don't represent the fanbase as a whole, I shouldn't even have to state that.

MasterCornholio2588d ago

Only a few are that desperate. The majority have already accepted the differences in specs between the two systems.

pyramidshead2588d ago

People saw it from a mile off though, everyone could see xbox fanboys building the pyramid that was DX12 to only have it crumble when the truth was revealed while everyone else watched on. The backtracking and revisionist n4g comment history is hard at work in the name of damage control now to save face.

People are reaching the 'acceptance' phase and I'm glad for it :)

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Kayant2588d ago

Your's truly being Brad Wardell. Claiming in his own words -

"Suddenly, that Xbox One game that struggled at 720p will be able to reach fantastic performance at 1080p. For developers, this is a game changer."

"XBox One is the biggest beneficiary; it effectively gives every Xbox One owner a new GPU that is twice as fast as the old one. "

" As a result, that GPU will be getting pushed twice as hard as it previously was which means more heat on cards that might have only barely been cool enough when they were only being commanded by a single CPU core. We expect to see many marginal video cards setup to experience over heating issues as DirectX 12 suddenly pushes these cards beyond what the IHV had anticipated."

Eonjay2588d ago

"XBox One is the biggest beneficiary"

This should have been a warning sign right there. There is no way that the XBox one has higher performance thresholds then even very modest PC GPUs.

Volkama2588d ago

It is nice that he is enthusiastic.

I don't really understand why people are claiming Phil's recent comments about Dx12 were only referring to the development process being similar. Phil directly responded to a question from a gamer on twitter, not a developer afaik?

OpenGL2587d ago

The Xbox One will probably benefit the least from DirectX 12 because the API it already uses is likely what DirectX 12 is based upon. Game consoles always come with streamlined graphics APIs, the PS3 and 360 had customized versions of OpenGL and DirectX and the PS4 does as well so it stands to reason that the Xbox One does too.

Dolf0452588d ago

Exactly! The head of Xbox games division says something and people are like WTF! Thats not what the randoms on the internet said!

I don't remember MS coming out and saying it was going to be a big deal for anything other than PC. Just goes to show you how much conjecture on a massive scale can become "fact" if there's enough people screaming the same thing...

Eonjay2588d ago

Thats why I insisted that even though Microsoft has been honest about DX12, there is a lot of confusion clouding (no pun intended) their message.

Dolf0452588d ago


True man it's the general ambiguity that has caused them so much trouble. If there wasn't so many blanks to fill in, they wouldn't have people losing the run of themselves with speculation.

But in some cases, like this where the alternative is to put out negative PR I can understand them keeping quiet

falviousuk2588d ago

trolls on N4G are maki g those claims, so once it is said in here it is gospel and all the sheep on here follow and start to quote it as though it was actual fact.

Low level websites included.

Gh05t2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

"Touted by who? The author should have stated who exactly is making those claims."

You obviously didn't read the article because the next paragraph is:

"Stardock founder and CEO Brad Wardell (the man who stated that Direct X12 will be a game changer for Xbox One as it will double Xbox One GPU speed) has shared his views on this recent bold statement of Phil Spencer on DX12."

DanielGearSolid2588d ago

I hate generalizations, but MANY Xbox fans have jumped on the dx12 game changer bandwagon.

And it's mainly because b4 Spencer, no Xbox execs stepped in to clarify dx12 will mainly benefit PCs.

I think they wanted to ride the dx12 wave

showtimefolks2588d ago

let's just move on xbox one was suppose to be better with Cloud and than Dx12 but now that Phil Spencer himself admitted that won't be the case

now xbox fans are saying who said those would make big difference lol

PS4 is more powerful than xbox one and this generation that will remain like this. Now saying xbox one can't be good(quite the opposite, i feel like xbox one will be neck and neck with ps4 moving forward)

medman2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Idiots. Idiots are making those claims. Always have been. Now Phil Spencer himself has burst their bubble built on clouds and stupidity, they are crying themselves to sleep nightly. Poor little sheep. So easily led to slaughter.

LordDhampire2588d ago

Pretty much every xbox fan, but you

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Kayant2588d ago

So basically nothing. iirc another dev has said the same things about mantle.

Why would people think it's development related(well expect if you're Mr.x believer) when Phil said "will unlock more capability for devs".

Of course development will likely be same when quite a few of these features are already on XB1 and it being a console for an update bringing "console-efficiency" to other platforms.

Illusive_Man2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

The SDK updates will do more in terms of increasing the graphical fidelity and parity with most multiplats. 10% of GPU reserved is quite a bit, and we still don't have raw numbers for what that translate into. DX12 will help more with CPU multithreading but even more so with porting and development of DX12 games. That last part is probably the biggest thing that will help the XB1.

snookiegamer2587d ago

Thing is...

Other than the tiny information available to everyone, you personally, know absolutely nothing about what DX12 will actually do for Xbox One until the games/results are seen.

Everything you type is 'Wishful Thinking' so quit reaching for the Stars...

stuna12588d ago

IMO wouldn't better performance be indicative of faster and better development!? IMO I don't see you having one without the other! This is the purpose of updated API tools, too become more cost effective and less time consuming.

BX812588d ago

I like that Phil addressed the situation. The Xb1 isn't the strongest console and that's fine. I personally game for the excellent stories and the ride. I'm not really huge on graphics as long as the game doesn't look like complete crap. Good job phil. We don't need any more hype men clouding what's real.