Sony Magic Lab: ‘PlayStation is one of the perfect places to explore VR’

The PlayStation 4′s Project Morpheus has astounded and confounded in equal measure since it’s announcement at the Games Developer’s Conference (GDC) in March of this year. Many have suggested that bringing virtual reality (VR) to console was an inevitable step for widespread acceptance of the technology while others have been less enthusiastic about the comparatively limited processing power of the PlayStation 4 compared to a high-end PC. Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Richard Marks, Director of PlayStation Magic Lab, thinks that the PlayStation “is actually one of the perfect places to explore VR.”

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Cfinch1582d ago

Project Morpheus looks kick ass. If anybody is going to pull off an epic looking VR headset, it's got to be Sony.

italiangamer1582d ago

I agree 100 %. They have the resources and the know-how that no company in the industry has.

Eonjay1582d ago

You kinda get the feeling that Sony planed the console around a bunch of ideas and that VR was one of them.

darthv721582d ago

Sony deserves some credit for trying to make something again.

Now they need to resurrect the aura interactor vest to make "feeling" what you see even more realistic.

UltimateMaster1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

If I am to buy a VR headset. I definitely want Sony's exclusives games to be part of that experience.

chikane1582d ago

Game Changer

Ok i'll go back to my room and hide

CJDUNCAN1582d ago

I'm skeptical of VR, it failed in the past so there's no reason to think it will succeed today.

darthv721582d ago

It's understandable to be skeptical. I mean it has some redeeming qualities but is limiting in the overall scope of things.

The main one being multiple users enjoying it at the same time in the same room. It is really intended for an individual experience unlike 3D which is only limited by the number of glasses and comfortable viewing angle.

ScareFactor1582d ago

I agree, I am skeptical as well.

I don't think it will be used much if barely at all. It will be like the kinect and be like Rare where Sony will turn their studios into VR stduios.

I think it will only be useful for simulators and horror games more than normal FPS shooters, there is also the concern of motion sickness

CJDUNCAN1582d ago

Not to mention the pricetag, that kind of tech isn't going to come cheap especially when the majority of sony fans had an issue with the pricing of the new consoles themselves.

I like your idea of a horror game though using the tech.

S2Killinit1582d ago

it will be a massive success if you ask me.

THC CELL1582d ago

Gunna be amazing I also can't wait for Sony vr glasses

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