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"Our Destiny impressions after playing everything available in the First Look Alpha. Destiny looks great, but will the appeal last?"

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TheUltimateGamer1671d ago

Between the Pre-Alpha and the Alpha I've put plenty of hours in. I don't see myself getting bored with this thing any time soon. With that said, Bungie has some really tough competition coming down the pipeline near the same release date. It's going to be an amazing year for gamers! I think it'll have a solid run but not as significant as their past titles.

Alexious1671d ago

Well, actually they're by far the biggest thing in September. The real mess will happen in October...

Aurenar1671d ago

This game promises hours and hours of fun among friends and fans. I just hope that is not a meteor. I hope it is a great source of enjoyment.

Alexious1671d ago

Let's hope that it lasts more than Titanfall, that game fell out of grace pretty quickly.

kaiserfranz1671d ago

That was honestly sad. The game is fun, really, but it grew boring in just a few weeks, far sooner than I expected

Rob_Ko1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

don't worry this games are nothing alike.

Titanfall is just barebones multiplayer only game, they didn't even implement single player campaign ffs.

kaiserfranz1671d ago

I really hope they have bigger planets... Earth was small in the Alpha, at least Russia, and I don't think they'll have any more regions there at launch

Rob_Ko1671d ago

Old Russia isn't only place we can visit on Earth

DarkLord10031671d ago

Good lord - how many doom articles are going to be released today?

Alexious1671d ago

Doom article? Did you even read it? This is nothing of a "doom article".

Festano1671d ago

This game took me from the beginning, from what I understand it seems that they have taken the best elements of Halo and Borderlands.