Hyrule Warriors New Gameplay Video Showcases Link's Rod Weapon

A new gameplay video is now available for Hyrule Warriors, showcasing Link's Rod weapon

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MNGamer-N1582d ago

This looks so damn cool. Can't wait

BattleN1581d ago

So over the top! I think it's awesome.
Having played Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage recently, I have high expectation's for this game. Looks like there making Ganon and Link seem so badass! Will get ppl to check out the main Zelda series which is always good for all!

nicksetzer11581d ago

I LOVE how this game looks, but I played WAY too much dynasty warriors and samurai warriors in my day to be excited. I have overplayed this genre to the point of never wanting to see it again, yet every time I see this game I think, well, maybe I'll try again, just looks so damn good. It is like my form of crack haha

MSBAUSTX1581d ago

Every time new videos and info is released about this game i get more and more excited. I reserved it right after E3 announcment and i cant wait to play it

Spooney3231582d ago

And that's just the rod ! What other cool weapons are there!

Bathyj1581d ago

Did you actually get to see the rod?

fenome1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

So this cirnfirms the fact that that Link is indeed a male character right? Lmao

That looks pretty badass

MSBAUSTX1581d ago

ROFL......Yeah but why cant he be a black female..... lol. I cant wait to play this game.

GeofferyPeterson1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Hehehe, Link likes to swing his rod.
@Bathyj: You perv.

Erimgard1581d ago

In the words of Archer: PHRASING!

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