How to Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game has got new trailer

GameSpace: "Do you like dragons and just adore both How to Train Your Dragon animated films? Then today, especially for the fans of this franchise, we have some good news - How to Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game, which has been recently released, has got new video."

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denawayne2590d ago

Hope the isn't as bad as the title.

barb_wire2590d ago

All that stuff you see in the trailer.. yep, that's the entire game, you on Toothless flying through rings, blasting targets on shore or other variations.

Seriously, this game is nothing like the first one at all.

TomShoe2590d ago

I don't buy movie tie-in games, and neither should you.

Aon2590d ago

I think movie is better than this game.

j0ncap1252590d ago

What's sad is a "How to Train your Dragon" video game could be amazing if it worked as an RPG which blended human, dragon, and flying combat. The movie was absolutely fantastic and could serve as a great prequel to the game itself, similar to how the TV series did. Additionally, the majority of the cast from the movie are modest and did voice work for the TV series, which allowed for it to feel as fun and authentic as the first two movies.