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EA Sports brings out their first game that is only released on “New-Gen” Consoles. Will this make a difference on how the game is being received and how well EA Sports UFC plays?
From the get go you can see why they made this game “New-Gen” only, the graphics are insanely good! The gameplay has also been greatly improved from previous UFC games, they used FIFA’s precision based locomotion. This means that the fighters are more grounded eliminating “The Sliding Effect”. You can see and feel every hit that lands and the effort put in by the character. Striking looks fluid and real, on the character models you can see every detail. Blood, sweat, bruising, swelling and even veins popping out all adds to the “New-Gens” being able to handle a lot more processing than their predecessors. Every object and characters in the fighting arena gets dynamically lit, creating more realistic and cohesive scenes.

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NinjaRichParty1631d ago

A 4.5? Seems a bit high. To each their own, but from what I've played the ground game is pretty iffy and submissions are also not the greatest. Stand up combat is pretty good, but outside that, things need to be improved.

Like I said, I respect this person's opinion, but in my eyes a 4.5 is a bit high for this title.