Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare first multiplayer game mode confirmed

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been turning some heads after their E3 conference, where new weapons, movement and enemies were introduced to the franchise. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to be shared regarding the multiplayer aspects of the game, but that has recently changed as Slegehammer Games revealed an multiplayer scoreboard that indicates a mode which will be making its way to Advanced Warfare.

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GabeSA1667d ago

I still feel like its a little too late, or too many bridges burned, or whatever else you could think of that makes it obvious that COD is no longer a game I am interested in buying or playing.

schmoe1667d ago

Agreed to a point, i still find the COD single player experience worthwhile..

mikeslemonade1667d ago

COD still better than BF whether people will admit or not. BF console version is downgraded too much.

16bitNutritionist1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@Mikeslemonade: Maybe on last gen but current gen is pretty much up there with PC for Battlefield, except for a bit of spit and polish. Saying that though, COD:AW looks friggin awesome in my opinion, just hope the multiplayer looks and plays as good as the single player.

Edit: And this is the first COD I've really been interested in since MW2.

SpideySpeakz1667d ago


COD < BF < Arma

Facts of life.

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SolidStoner1667d ago

COD single player? no thanks! :) after a while that HollyWood BS gets old! they could fix MP but taking in mind that they are going into future more and more.. there is nothing left to fix... it is childish crap!

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DLConspiracy1667d ago

Its easy to be dismissive because of Ghosts but this is a new game and it could fully be worthwhile. I am open to it being possible at least. However I am not jumping in with the season pass blindly. They have to earn my extra money by impressing me.

Joey_Leone1667d ago

LOL that's what you buffoons said about Ghost's when it was about to be released, you guys are like crackheads.

DLConspiracy1667d ago


Thanks I don't know you but I appreciate your insults. Have a nice day.

3-4-51667d ago

I really like Battlefield now that I'd kind of switched over to that, but this game really does look appealing and kind of fun to play.

I'd played all the COD's besides ghosts so it's not like they had lost me as a customer for a while, just one game, but this next one game could be the one that brings me back.

I don't want to dislike COD, I want to Love it like I used to.

M-M1667d ago

Does anyone know if there will be a theater mode?

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HoldenZA1667d ago

I really hope there will be! Its so important IMO to fix strats and figure out how to get better.

xX1NORM1Xx1667d ago

I hope so ghosts not having it was so stupid I am really intrested in this cod but after ghosts they lost my faith so i won't be getting the season pass and all that shit at launch (never do this anyway i was just addicted to cod for a bit) ill probs buy it launch day and sell it to cex for £35 a day or two after if I don't like it

CongoKyle1667d ago

With the changes to the in game mechanics, movement, guns etc. I think multiplayer is going to sort of be like 21st century slower quake, looking at the movements :D

Iamnemesis48801667d ago

well this game has not stopped me from wanting the next Battlefield game.

BattleReach1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Have you played the cr#ppy beta? :D

Iamnemesis48801667d ago

Come on i played Hardline bata and just saying even in bata form it is 100% better than 4. shots register feels more like Bad company the way it plays than any other BF game.

JBSleek1667d ago

So you are going to buy BF after what crappy launch BF4 had and EA basically saying yes we know we put out a broken game?


LAWSON721667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I will, just not Hardline. If a BF BC3, BF5, or 2143 happened I would probably get them day one. Despite 4s rough launch it is a fantastic MP shooter.

Mini0510_131666d ago

so basically, hardline is what BF4 should be, and that got you interested rather than disappointed. Well, you are a true BF fan

Iamnemesis48801666d ago

Yes i am got real bored of COD with Battlefield it is just more fun to play. I think COD has run its course and i moved on.

emad-E-three1667d ago

Love me some sci-fi :D
Activision managed to get my interest back for the franchise after MW3 and skipping Ghosts!

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