Tango Fiesta Steam Hands-On PREview [Video + Editorial] | RGN

Jon of RGN writes, "Once players get the basics in earlier easy levels the title progresses with increased challenge and the reliable yet somewhat slow and clumsy controls allow for more and more explosions and shots fired all over the screen. This game is a great military setting that we haven't seen in this genre much and is welcomed with open arms by PC gamers on the Steam RGN community. The game also gives you a diverse set of players to control, and the option to take part in co-op for up to 4 players online or locally. In Tango Fiesta the year is 1981 and every cliche' war movie is rolled up into one guy's nightmare (alongside his 3 friends). I played as all of them, each have varying strengths and weaknesses which address certain key points of player skill and attributes in the game."

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