Pressurecast Episode Thirty-One: Sony’s CEO Got Yelled At

This week Brian, Colin, and Steve discuss the bad news! Kaz Hirai gets a scolding, Phil Fish quits Twitter, and Nintendo loses a lawsuit!

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Agent_hitman2588d ago

The good side is Playstation business is profitable for the company by large percentage but the downside is, the TV business and other electronics products are dragging them down due to tough competition with Samsung, LG and Apple..

user14394142588d ago

Its a good job Apple do not make a games console. Because it would cost a lot of money and the accessories would cost a fortune. XoXo

r1sh122588d ago

The real issue is Kaz inherited the company when it was in a very very bad state. He can only do so much in so little time.

Howard Stringer really put Sony in a very bad place, he did not understand what to do etc.

Sony will get back on track but they need to sell off the TV business, like they did with the laptop business, its costing them too much.

Rimeskeem2588d ago

Sony needs to sell their phone and tv business. Then put the money into playstation and movies

showtimefolks2588d ago

Their Mobile Division(cell phones/tablets etc,) is actually growing and making sony some money

their biggest thing this past year was getting RID of their pc/laptop brand. The sales for which will Finalize now so its over with

Their TV business is the one that's just dragging them down, i own 2 sony LCD TV's and both are excellent products. Price was sony's TV are higher than others but so is their quality

but most people don't care about that, to them a Vizio TV is the same as sony or samsung

LordDhampire2588d ago

Yeah, the problem is people is most people don't really shop when it comes to tv's they just either are in the price market to just get the cheapest off brand like vizio or insignia(nothing bad about them), or usually just buy a samsung because previous history galaxy smartphones and such or by name which again comes back to how much coverage the galaxy smart phone gets.

Sony needs to do more advertising for TV's!
Most people don't know that sony's have the lowest response time when it comes to gaming which is really noticeable if you play on one then compare it to a Samsung, Samsung have terrible response time....I can't even bear playing on their LED's.

showtimefolks2588d ago


see the countries i lived in pakistan/india people care about name brand, sony is huge over there. When it comes time for buying a new TV no one even thinks twice between sony and another brand

in europe sony brand is also big, i feel like sony really needs to focus more where they do well. In USA too many people buying a tv are just looking for biggest screen with lowest possible price

someone once argued with me that their $599 Vizio is better than both of my sony TV's. lol

r1sh122588d ago

Dude Samsung are making better Tvs that Sony across the board - I recently purchased a 55Inch F8000 and compared it to the W series Sony and it was not as good, I checked the Av forums for the fairer and more technical reviews, and even they said Sony cant top Samsung.

And you say quality but Sony and quality have not gone together for a while (in the tv business), the Sony brand has been tarnished by not taking other competitors seriously.

in the UK Sony matched Samsung TV prices and side by side most dont look better, granted I still buy TVs based on real unbiased reviews, which is why I purchased a Sony 32inch W series, but have they lost market share like crazy.

ps360s2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

@ LordDhampire

I agreed as I have an LG, Samsung and a Sony smart tv

I use the sony one for gaming mostly

I just would like to ask Sony to make their prices more competitive

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MasterCornholio2588d ago

What? When it comes to phones that division is getting better year over year plus its profitable to them. I don't see any reason to get rid of it. I agree with you on the TV division though.

Rimeskeem2588d ago

pretend the phone part is not there because i cant edit it out for some reason

showtimefolks2588d ago

I hope these investors realize when Kaz took over, yes sony lost under Kaz but one year they did turn profit. Its not like these problems just started. Sony went from being worth 150 plus billion in 1999 to 17 billion now

This year they lost so much because of their PC division, which now they are selling.

Games division is making sony money
Insurance also making money
Movies making money
Music making money
Mobile making some but overall even
Camera division making money

TV's not making money and i know it sounds too crazy but if sony wants to Survive than maybe cut it out,

its not bad, in 2-3 years sony will be in a great spot to really expand. But if investors take out Kaz and put someone new than this process starts all over again

2588d ago