Seriously, Why Is TLoU: Remastered Suddenly Cheaper?

Sony opted to drop the price of The Last Of Us: Remastered by $10. It's not a drastic drop but even so, what was the cause of this decision?

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Nitrowolf22594d ago

I Am guessing becasue they aren't going to offer any type of digital upgrade, cheaper price would hopefully lead to better adoption from previous owners

aceitman2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

It has all the dlc, season pass is 20$ and game is 60$ so 50$ for 80$ is a good price , why are people harping TLOU price. If u want it get it if u dont then dont. Like they said its mainly made for new comers to ps r and the hardcore TLOU its fans. Its 1080p ,60fps and upgraded graphics. And they fixed bugs. It is a really great game.

nicksetzer12594d ago

I am EXTREMELY excited for the ps4 release as I sold my ps3 right before it came out, glad to be playing it first with better graphics, controller and all dlc. That said if I had bought it on ps3 (as with any game I had already bought) I would certainly not be paying 60$ again for it, probably not even 50$. It is a fair concern for those who already bought it. However, for those who bought and still have possession, 50$ minus trade-in at gamestop is probably only 30$, which I would totally say is worth upgrading for, especially on such a seemingly fantastic game.

Nitrowolf22594d ago

you responded to me forom a new buying perspective, I was talking about for those who wanted some sort of discount if they own the game already. people sit and say it's meant for new buyers, but there are plenty that would love to replay this at 1080P 60fps.

ZodTheRipper2594d ago

There are quite a few people who consider this to be the best game they've ever played... so it's normal to want the 'ultimate' edition of it in your collection. Sony didn't need to lower the price, it would've sold very good anyway... but it's good for everyone that they did it so I don't even care why it happened.

user14394142594d ago

Sony discount a game and Microsoft fans still complain about it. They don't even own the console so why are they butting there noses into the prices of games on a console they do not OWN? #FanBoys SMH XoXo

Dancinsolo2594d ago

TLOU hasn't been $60 on PS3 since last year. It's a bargain base on the price lately. That things is always going on sale. The lowest new has been $20. And used even cheaper. Even with the DLC it's cheaper than the remaster. That's why they lowered it.

bouzebbal2594d ago

looking forward to this remaster to see what it feels at 1080p*60fps.
must buy!

ifistbrowni2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

The Last of Us doesn't even have a season pass anymore. To purchase all DLC individually, while buying the Weapons/Perks/Accessories in packs, all the DLC cost $95.

To buy the "meaty" DLC, like Grounded, Left Behind and Map packs, its like $40. The $20 season pass was a hell of a deal (like they should be) and I'm so happy i purchased it Day 1 when i picked up my game.

I was looking forward to TLOU Remastered. Now, i can just look forward to it being $10 cheaper.

Kribwalker2594d ago

Because sony is awesome and loves each and every person that has bought there console *rolls eyes*

UltimateMaster2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Yeah, people who already spend the extra money on the season pass and the game on the PS3 should have an upgrade for 20$.

If they don't offer it. I am going to wait until the price drops.

Maybe it is cheaper ever since they saw the changes being made in the GTA 5 remake and said to themselves that they didn't change the game enough to be worth 60$.

mp12892593d ago

didnt know about the dlc stuff, im guessing the average gamer doeant and thats were all the price concerns come from. I still think $40 is ideal though im very happy about the drop.

FanboyKilla2593d ago

Bla bla bla i cant believe its even 50. 39.99 sounds about right. 1080p 60fps my arse. Its sill a last gen game. Who cares how much a sony fan screams its a great game. So what its fuc*ing old and last gen. Sony just milking every drop out of it. I want to play it, because i havent, but i dont want to even pay the new 50 dollar price. And just because its sony their fans on here to justify every sony move. Lol you guys gone get it so far up the arse this gen it aint funny.

Jonny5isalive2593d ago

I will be getting my ps4 in a little bit and will be buying this again, probably when I find it on sale. I need to play the DLC and the new harder mode.

The multiplayer is really cool too, I think ND makes some awesome 3rd person multiplayer games.

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showtimefolks2594d ago

ok so now we aren't happy that sony isn't charging full price, seriously just stop this crap. When publishers listen to us and give us what we want we still B**** and moan about it

UltraNova2594d ago

People are people dude...

Full game @1080p/60fps upgraded textures all the dlc and now priced lower at 50.

Even so, last I checked nobody is forcing us to buy it so whats the fuss about?

Personally, I have a back catalog of 9 titles strong to last me until December (ps3,PC and ps4)so I'll be getting it in early 2015 when the price will be even lower. Not to mention I'm planing on getting a Wii U this holiday...

Knushwood Butt2594d ago

lol, yeah.

Bubs up for Well Said, in place of my wish for, 'Thanks for saving me the time to type that!', bub up option.

NewAgeisHere2594d ago

You can never make people happy...they could've added a golden d#ldo and people would still complain.

jessupj2594d ago

Maybe you should read the article. I'm amazed you got 14 agrees

mrpsychoticstalker2594d ago

Master chief is the one responsible for that drop. I mean 4 games $60 you can't beat that! A less than a year old game. For $60 is theft.

So I guess we Sony fans can thank master chief.

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Magicite2594d ago

I think all ports/remakes/remasters should cost cheaper than original. If original did well and made a nice profit, then port/remake/remaster should give a boost, but nothing more since it costs so much cheaper to make.
Besides I think its a great idea to re-release best game of last gen in summer games drought.

lelo2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

"Seriously, Why Is TLoU: Remastered Suddenly Cheaper?"

Because it was too expensive, and even with the price drop, it's still too expensive. This game is a year old.

Sony should be offering this game for free with PS+.

ravinash2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

People will be buying this at this price, so why should they give it away.
couple of months it'll drop in price....half year after that, it'll probably end up on PSN+.

If you don't want to pay for it, then don't.

Moe-Gunz2594d ago

Keep in mind it comes with all the DLC.

alb18992593d ago

Because 3 halo remastered plus halo 5 beta cost the same, so yes, it was too expensive......even now.

gman_moose2594d ago

I was thinking the same when GTAV was announced. Just paid $60 for this, and I wouldn't mind having the option to upgrade it to PS4 version rather than pay $60 again. Hopefully they will offer this with TLOU but since I've never purchased this, I will buy it regardless.

3-4-52593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Because it's basically THE SAME GAME.

JsonHenry2593d ago

Maybe because they didn't do much but up the resolution and apply existing textures? I mean its not like this was actually changed drastically. Why would they charge a lot for doing so little?

MoveTheGlow2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Meh. I think Sony met with Naughty Dog over their budget for the game (hint: you don't need as much staff on a remaster project unless you're rebuilding the whole thing), took a look at the market, took a look at how many PS4 accounts are from users with TLOU on PS3, and realized they'd make more revenue at $50 on a remastered great game. It's $10 less. That's not a bad thing.

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Axios22594d ago

My guess is because TMCC is essentially 4 remastered games for $60.

r2oB2594d ago

Actually, if I recall correcrly, TMCC consists of one remastered game (Halo 2); one re-release (Halo: CE, released on Xbox, re-released on Xbox 360, and re-released again on Xbox One... three platforms, is that a first?); and two HD remakes (Halo 3&4 are nothing more than resolution bumps).

Ghost_Nappa2594d ago

and 60fps,all maps ever including dlc, forge for halo 2, matfhmakint suport for campaign, halo 5 beta, and halo digital series

2594d ago
vickers5002594d ago

I believe each game is said to be 1080p 60fps, correct me if I'm wrong on that.

"(Halo 3&4 are nothing more than resolution bumps)"

That's pretty much the definition of a remastered game. Halo CE Anniversary was a remake when it came to the 360, now it's coming to the Xbox One, it's classified as a remastered game, because all they are doing is taking Halo CE Anniversary and bumping up the resolution.

I assume they are doing the same thing with Halo 3 and 4, just bumping the resolution, and well, including every single map from every game (minus some pc maps), making each version the "ultimate" version of the halo games.

So, one remake (halo 2), and 3 remasters (halo ce: a, halo 3, halo 4). Still an amazing deal.

It would be nice if either Sony partnered with retailers, or retailers just had their own deal, to where you could trade in your ps3 copy of The Last of Us and get half off the remastered version.

Personally, I don't think this is worth a penny over 20 bucks to me, as I've played it on ps3, and the 20 bucks would be solely for the single player DLC that I've yet to play. I can wait for a $20 dollar price point though, it shouldn't take that long. Killzone Shadowfall is already 20 bucks several places, and TLoU Remastered doesn't have the kind of appeal that Killzone had, the appeal being Killzone was a console launch title, one of the very few games to play at the time. It will also probably help drop the price quicker that this is a remaster, not a new game.

r2oB2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I apologize, I thought Halo games were already 60 fps which is why I didn't mention it. I haven't completed a Halo game other than ODST, so TMCC is a good value for me. People seem to be misinterpreting my comment trying to convey the value of TMCC when all my reply was, was a correction to its technical fidelity not it's apparent value.

@ vickers

Saying the last of us doesn't have much appeal in general terms is a bit presumptuous. Consider the fact that TLoU sold approx. 6 million copies to an install base of around 80 million or so. That leaves a lot of people that have not played the game. Also there are gamers that did not have a PS3 and now have a PS4 that get to play the game.

Axecution2593d ago

"three platforms, is that a first?"

Nah. A ton of HD collections are on PS2, PS3 and Vita, technically. lol

vickers5002593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

"Saying the last of us doesn't have much appeal in general"

Read my comment again, I didn't say that. I just said it didn't have as much appeal as Killzone Shadowfall, and I only say that solely because Killzone Shadowfall was a launch title that was one of very few, pretty much granting it way more sales than it would garner later in the consoles lifespan. I didn't like KZ:S, I much prefer the last of us, I'm just saying that it wont have quite the appeal that killzone did, because killzone was lucky enough to launch with the console, pretty much guaranteeing anyone with a ps4 would buy it, if not immediately, then soon after, given the lack of titles to play at launch, whereas the last of us will launch later on, with quite a few other cheaper games to compete with.

I'm sure if both had launched at the same time, people would have chosen TLoU over KZ, but it didn't, so it wont have quite as much appeal. Unless the critical appeal of it can reach the masses (which doesn't seem to happen very often, marketing is usually always the most important factor when determining how well a game will sell).

And those 6 million copies were from an already deeply established console userbase. I'd be willing to bet most of those 6 million TLoU owners don't have a ps4, and even fewer who plan to rebuy the game, so there are really no safe bets or guarantees when it comes to how well the remaster will sell. It could do well with the new 360 to ps4 converts, or it could do poorly. We'll have to see, but in my personal opinion, I don't see it doing too well unless it drops the price significantly, which is where fans of the game such as myself (who don't have 50 bucks to spend on a slightly better version of a game I've already played) will come in and rebuy it.

$20 is my personal price point for it because I don't believe multiplayer maps hold any more value in this day and age, to me anyways, and 20 dollars is just right for upgraded visuals and the actual good SP DLC that I haven't played yet.

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SoulWarrior2594d ago

Nobody is argueing that TMCC is a good dea, it is

But personally I would take of the most acclaimed games of last generation than several FPS games, since we have more than enough of those

DLConspiracy2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I don't really think this was about which was a better genre or game. The simple fact is that these are remade/remastered games. His point was you get all 4 games plus DLC for $60. Compared to one game with DLC for the same price. Xbox and PS do compete each other in that way especially since these are 1st party exclusives. So it could be that they dropped it down in price to appease both.

LAWSON722594d ago

Halo games are among the highest acclaimed shooters of last gen and the gen before it.

Drasill2593d ago

Halo is more critically acclaimed than TLOU. Halo: CE has a 97 on Metacritic whereas TLOU is tied with Halo 2 at 95.

NextLevel2594d ago

Because it should be. It's a remaster. I think it should be $39.99, it would help it sell aswell. The PS3 remasters were $39.99, like the Shadow Of The Colossus Collection and that was 2 games.

zeuanimals2594d ago

The Last of Us on PS3 still goes for $30+ and the Season Pass costs $20 making it the same price as the current price for the Remaster.

The Shadow of the Colossus collection is a collection of fairly old games that can be found for very cheap if you're buying them used. Buying them new and unopened would probably cost a lot because of their semi-vintage status but if you're just looking to play them on the PS2, it shouldn't have cost anywhere near $40.

It's the same with Halo MCC, you can buy all of those games for very cheap, even Halo 4 goes for $10 at most places. You should be able to get them all for atleast $20, though I'd argue that the collection has a ton of added value since you can play Halo 2 online with all of the maps in each of the games.

mkis0072594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Which is what most will be playing; halo 2.

That seems to be the general consensus. It is getting the most treatment.

zeuanimals2594d ago

Edit: TLOU can be found for $20 at most places, but that's still $40 for all of the content, just $10 less than the remaster's price.

ifistbrowni2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

As I posted above... TLOU no longer has a Season Pass. All the DLC that game with the season pass now costs $95 when purchased individually.

So, $50 with all DLC is a hell of a deal. Granted, about 25% of the DLC is cosmetic stuff.

LAWSON722594d ago

"Halo 2 online with all of the maps in each of the games."

If by this you mean, all 100 maps are playable in Halo 2, you are wrong.

The MP playlists are made up of all four games with every single map ever released for each one. People get to vote on map and game. For example say I was playing Big Team Battle I could go from Blood Gulch in Halo 2 to Sandtrap in Halo 3.

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FlameHawk2594d ago

It's because of the Halo Master Chief Edition. Compared to it, The Last of Us seems like a rip off. 4 games vs 1 game. Pretty obvious.

2594d ago Replies(6)

You cannot speak common sense on this site, especially when it is not in favor of Sony.

ZodTheRipper2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Common sense or not, some might even argue that TLOU is simply the better game ;)
I don't think that this price drop came because of the Halo collection which is releasing a couple months later... 50$ is just a better price point from a business perspective. That my friend, is common sense.

CYCLEGAMER2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Oh the denial....some of you will damage control anything for the love of Sony. So the game is set at one price.....E3 happens and MS announces they are giving you 4 remastered games for the price of one. A week later Sony lowers its price on its 1 single remastered game....That's one heck of a coincidence.

I guess MS unbundled the Kinect simply because it puts the xbox at a better price point, and the ps4's price and value had nothing to do with it, same with the apps being behind the paywall. Nope just a coincidence.

WHAT?? FlameHawk and my comment had nothing to do with one being better than the other why do you guys keep insisting that, that is what we are talking about? If you have a remastered game $60 and your biggest competitor is offering 4 remastered games for the same price wouldn't it not be a smart/decent move to sweetin the pot a little?? Come on guys you cannot be this naive...smh

mkis0072594d ago

I would rather play The last of us then any halo game. I find no value in halo, no matter how many of them you give me.

Someone else might say the reverse.

Doesn't have anything to do with common sense, just genre/game preference.

If I offered to give you a 6 months supply of a food that you hate, would you take that over a 1 months supply of your favorite food?

Eejanaika2594d ago

yea i just joined this site and even im not sure about all the negativity on here.

mkis0072594d ago

"If you have a remastered game $60 and your biggest competitor is offering 4 remastered games for the same price wouldn't it not be a smart/decent move to sweetin the pot a little??"

The games releases are separated by 3 months, there is not a single competitor for that time, and even when they are out at the same time, they appeal to different parts of the console base.

Flamehawk directly contradicts you though? He says 4 vs1 :quantity over anything else. How about preference? "Compared to it, The Last of Us seems like a rip off." - not to someone who doesn't like halo!!!

I find the value in everything that is included in the price: the 1080p/60fps lighting, shadows, draw distance, AA, all DLC, and having one of the best experiences in gaming on my ps4.

people like me see a lot of value in the last of us, comparing it to the halo collection, doesn't make me feel like it is a rip off:

To someone like me, the MC collection at $60 is a rip off, I'll buy it if I see it for $10...for library purposes. (I collect games; already have the full halo franchise except for halo 4, Its a filthy hobby/habit and I do not recommend it).

SoulWarrior2594d ago

Give me The Last of Us over a bunch of generic FPS games any day of the week

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HaveAsandwich2594d ago

many will buy, no one will play. i'll bet anything.

Silly gameAr2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I would take TLOU over 4 Halo games easily. Not knocking Halo, but there's a reason I don't visit Halo news. No interest.

Didn't think I would be commenting on Halo on an article that has nothing to do with Halo, but this is N4G.

KinjoTakemura2594d ago

Halo, Cod, BF4, Titanfall, they are all multiplayer shooters that have different maps that probably add to the experience. As for me, after Black Ops 2, I lost interest in FPS multiplayer. It's the same stuff over and over again. The Last Of Us on the other hand, is a game that defines what a great game should be. The multiplayer is ok, but it's the main story that's the draw. Along with the ultra-violent gameplay, it's a recipe for success.

r2oB2594d ago

@ flamehawk

Actually it's not as obvious as 4 games to 1. Especially considering the 4 games can be purchased for less than $20 collectively, and the 1 game can be purchased for around the same price (vgpc has it a little over $20). And that's not taking into account the season pass or the left behind DLC that will be included. Being a rip off is a matter of perspective, some people may feel that paying $60 for under $20 worth of games is more of a rip off than paying $50 for a $20 game. Personally I think both are a good value and I will most likely purchase both.

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GamerzElite2594d ago

Almost every PS3 owner have this game. So Sony need to sell this game again to PS4 owners (who already played on PS3)

Qrphe2594d ago

Surely, TLoU didnt sell 80+ millions units

jjonez182594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

TLOU has sold just south of 6million copies. The ps3's install base is over 80million. Crunching the numbers tells us that over 90% of ps3 owners have not played this game.

Sony have also came out and said that a third of ps4 owners did not own a ps3. This, plus the early adopters who did not experience TLOU on ps3 should equal millions of potential buyers of TLOUR.

IMHO from a purely business standpoint 49.99$ is a sweet spot for a year old GOTY, that is remastered(1080/60), and packaged with all the dlc.

mkis0072594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

and the dlc isn't even that old.

to poster: Even a single halo game doesn't sell THAT many. halo 3 sold about 12 million(*estimate-vg charts-blech), and that was when it was an established franchise and that was the highest selling game in the series.

Halo 1 sold about 6 million LTD(over 5 million as of 2008) and that was when the franchise was a new ip.

The Last of us is doing about as good as that did with over **6 million sold on ps3 as of March...within a year of its launch.


*The only concrete numbers I have for halo 3 confirmed by MS are 8.1 million as of 2008, but judging by that, 12 million seems quite possible.

**On vg charts they had sales of The Last of Us at 4.5 million...with the nice little date stamp of June 7th least 1.5 million behind the confirmed sales as of march.
---Why I hate having to use VG charts for anything.

KinjoTakemura2594d ago

You can pretty much double that 6 million sold number because of trades and PS3 owners buying used copied of TLOU. Even with 12 million playing the game, that still leaves 60+ million ps3 owners who have not played this game. You can pretty much assume that at least 3 to 4 million PS4 owners have never played TLOU, so the sales potential is definitely there.

SSJBen2594d ago

You sir, truly fail at maths.

2594d ago