E3 2014: Hyrule Warriors Takes The Legend Of Zelda Into Uncharted Territory | Hardcore Gamer

Out of all the partnerships Nintendo could have made, one with the developers of the Dynasty Warriors franchise seemed unlikely. After all, none of Nintendos IPs ever seemed like they could fit with Dynasty Warriors’s style of gameplay. Yet that's exactly what Nintendo did. The publisher has teamed up with Tecmo Koei to create Hyrule Warriors, a combination of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. Surprisingly, it’s actually fun.

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ValKilmer1580d ago

I'd rather him go into "Uncharted" territory than friggin' "Dynasty Warriors" territory.

randomass1711580d ago

I dunno, I thought it was a good fit. Uncharted is more realistic than Zelda or Dynasty Warriors.

itBourne1580d ago

I found that funny lmao, and as soon as I seen Uncharted, I realized that word can no longer be used in normal sentences.

LightDiego1580d ago

Lol, i laughed too. :3
Kudos for ValKilmer.

Donnywho1580d ago

This looks like a cool idea and makes me wonder when the next real Zelda game is coming out. This is the real next Zelda? Alright, but when is the next real Zelda game coming out?

Gezmoyassine1580d ago

This game will tide us over until The legend of Zelda comes out for the Wii U.Fall of 2015 is a long way.