5 Most Disappointing Games Of 2014 So Far

Several great games made their debut this year, some of which took everyone by surprise. The flip side was that there were a lot of games that looked fantastic but fell short of expectations. Here are some of the biggest disappointments so far in 2014.

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desertpunk861631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

watch dogs is my fist disappointment this year i wish i could get my money back.

Lwhit61631d ago

Just playing the game was boring enough, but trying to get the near-impossible platinum? It almost made me start to hate Ubisoft.

DeadMansHand1631d ago

I slogged through that turd because in all actuality,the trophies didn't seem that hard at all. Then, I got to the drinking games. Holy crap what a flipping chore. Lame ass side mission that was near impossible. So, I just traded it in for Mario Kart 8 and I am one trophy shy of the platinum. Really chaps my hide.

guitarded771631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I passed on Watch Dogs and got Mario Kart 8 instead because it came with a free game, and I'm on a budget as of late. Still plan on getting it on the cheap for Black Friday.

I've heard some good things about it, but it seems pretty unanimous that the game is far from perfect. Still, I have to try for myself no matter what the masses say.

bouzebbal1631d ago

looks like a good list of boring games cause none of these interest me at anytime!

ShinMaster1631d ago

So much hate. So far I'm having fun with Watch Dogs.

And if you have a couple of friends, jump into Online Decryption. It's a blast.

NewMonday1631d ago

Called it!

Ubisoft's Idea of game design are focus tested check-lists not creative vision.

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Playstationologist1631d ago

SO glad they delayed it and I didn't buy

had some good ideas and open world was fun but characters and story were uninspired at best.

rdgneoz31631d ago

You're happy your console is getting delays on multiplats (not just Watch Dogs, Rayman Legend's ring a bell?), not getting multiplats at all, or having games held back till the system gets better sales (see below)? Most people would be happy with more games, more options to choose from.

redwin1631d ago

I hope the Division doesn't suffer the same fate because I want to get that game really bad. I don't want to get disappointed .

SkippyPaccino1631d ago

Bought it day one... Played it almost every night for a week and haven't touched it since. I don't regret purchasing it but I wish it would've grabbed me more... The storyline just didn't grab me (even if I have 2 daughters and a little boy on the way) I just didn't feel the need to keep going...

I wish I had more reasons to turn on my ps4,because I play on my ps3 a lot more than I thought I would when I got my ps4 day one (I looked at my ps3 and said "sorry buddy, there's a new cooler friend in town...) and now I'm buying any decent PS4 game just so I have a reason to turn it on (besides downloading my free ps plus games)
I might be saying this now but by Christmas 2015 I'll rarely even look at my ps3

MEGANE1631d ago

I feel your pain brother!

whybag1631d ago

What's worse is you can tell they tried to make it emotionally impactful, but failed. Like, fell flat on its damn face. The Defalt section, Clara, "tension" while getting T-Bone, it was just so uninspired.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1631d ago

Wow. I share your same sentiments. Didn't think I would share the same company with others when it came to Watch Dogs.

I've just honestly felt like the storyline wasn't all that attention grabbing once I got significantly into it. I felt like the hacking into ctOS story missions were more like chores rather than being fun.

I've tried to convince myself to go back to it and finish the story(most of my friends have) but I've just been 'meh' about it so far. not motivated to do so.

But if you think about it, it probably isn't a good sign when you try to convince yourself to play a game by force rather than through self-will.

avidgamer11631d ago

I made the mistake of trading in my ps3 for a ps4. I made a 2nd mistake of thinking buying watch dogs would give me a reason to turn on my ps4.

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Magicite1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

WD was my most overhyped game in years which in the end turned into another regular GTA-clone. All in all game is not bad, but it did never reach my expectations.

Elder Scrolls Online was expected to be a garbage MMO, so no surprises there.

I expected Lightning Returns to be on par with FF 13-2, but it turned out to be best from FF13 trilogy, not saying the game is a marvel, but definitely great.

GamingTruth1631d ago

13 the first was the best to me

DevilOgreFish1631d ago

@ desertpunk86

I blame the consoles for it, not really ubi, the content in is good, the consoles held it back that's all.

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M1ST4K31630d ago

Devil, the problem is in the dull main character, cliche story and the worst part, IMO is the broken online play... People keep spamming the "focus" skill to know when someone is invading and as soon as they see you're in they grab the first bike they see and start driving non-stop until the 5 mins are gone, or just go to the middle of nowhere, where there is NO npc to mix with, or even walls to hide and wait for you with a god damn sniper ;)

Excellent game design /s

Frodosmugins1631d ago

Cos your all suckaz that bealive the hype every time!!
Watch dogs was never on my buy list, you can see through these "AAA" like glass!!

r1sh121631d ago

I found watchdogs to be very repetitive, every mission is the same.
I had it on PC (Unfortunately) and it was unplayable even with the mod and a decent graphics card.
(Asus GTX 760 x2 ROG), it took ubisoft too long to patch it so I called steam and got my money back.

Not sure if anyone remembers a watchdogs dev said they could run ultra with the gtx 680, which makes me wonder what sort of PCs the actually did quality assurance and testing on?
Those PCs must have been even more powerful than what most enthusiastic gamers have.
There was too much hype for this game.

MuhammadJA1631d ago

All the overhyping led to disappointments. When will people learn? Nothing good ever comes from overhyping.

CerebralAssassin1631d ago

As I said to people over and over, it got overhyped and we would set the bar too high. The game wasnt bad. Just not as good as we wanted it to be. All the pushed backed dated screwed this game over.

saber000051631d ago

Don't know why, but I really enjoyed watchdogs. I got it for PS4 though, and not PC (which I was close to getting instead). That being said, I really enjoy the online multiplayer function of being able to disrupt other player gameplay and hack into their game. I find it fun hacking and invading.

hiredhelp1631d ago

WOW lets slate watchdogs...
The game despite few issues is Awsome

Retroman1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

imo , all open world fps been disappointing since 2007 the problem was gaming community over saturated with them . seem like every fking game had to be mmo or fps and that to me made it disappointing edlder scroll,infamous second son,watch dog, battlefield name a few.

hardly play games anymore as i used to, same format of clone COD no matter what the title called end up being clone of COD .

frostypants1630d ago

I so called Elder Scrolls Online.

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Xbot12141631d ago

watch dogs was garbage I'm forcing myself to finish it

Fluke_Skywalker1631d ago

I'm not even going to bother, played about 3 hours and I can't even force myself to go on!
Game is a massive disappointment.

Who1631d ago

I can't even force myself to finish it. I wonder how much I can get if I trade it in now.

DeadMansHand1631d ago

40 bucks at Gamestop. Deal ends June 30th.

M1ST4K31630d ago

@DeadMansHand, thanks dude! Didn't know that, bubble for you, for saving me 40 bucks :D

Grave1631d ago

I'm in the same boat. I've made it to the last mission of ACT II and I am struggling to go forward, but I will try to finish it. It has started to feel very repetitive.

VealParmHero1631d ago

Really? I guess when you look back at the original pitch, then yes it didn't really deliver. But I personally enjoyed the game for what it was. Repetitive yes, but not lacking fun. Idk, I guess I can see why people say this, but I at least look on the bright side. It had some cool concepts and some of the missions were cool. Also, I have to admit that the world was pretty detailed.

Scatpants1631d ago

I'm playing through it right now and I say it is mildly amusing. The story and characters are bland and boring, but it will do until something else comes along. I've gotta say though if they try to make a sequel they are going to have a hard time getting me on board. GTA5 is 1000% better than this.

incredibleMULK1631d ago

is it better or worse than infamous 2 or second son?

mafia 2?

mydyingparadiselost1631d ago

I can't wait until it comes out on Wii U, sells like garbage and UbiSoft blame Nintendo for it.

WPX1631d ago

not only that, missing DLC(if any is in the market by that time), no multiplayer and a $60 price tag.
Late-port curse strikes again.

(Even if I am hoping for these to NOT to happen)

frezhblunts1631d ago

lol atleast ppl who have the wii u will save money, I got this for ps4 for multiplayer and don't use it

ThatOneGuyThere1630d ago

definitely shouldnt have got it for multiplayer. honestly, the best thing about watch dogs is attacking the gang bases. once you run out of those, you're fcked.

Imalwaysright1631d ago

I rushed through the campaign and didn't touched it again. After playing it, I played Persona 3 for the first time and yes, I know that both are completely different games but in comparison I would have to say that WD really is garbage.

ABeastNamedTariq1631d ago

I personally loved it after I got used to the terrible driving. Lol but that's just me

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sungin1631d ago ShowReplies(1)
Bennibop1631d ago

Watchdogs is the first game in 25 years of playing I have actually fallen asleep during, my man was just running in circles on the screen.

Dirtnapstor1631d ago

Funny! I've done that with COD too! I'm actually enjoying WD. Taking my time and not rushing through the campaign.
That's where I think a lot of players fall short sighted. They're looking for that instant gratification while playing a game (any game for that matter) that's not supposed to be finished in 4 hours. Enjoy it, it took the developers long enough to create, yes?

Bennibop1631d ago

I am not much of a COD player am more into FF, GTA and Infamous etc and will put in the hours. Have never fallen asleep before, Watchdogs is just not that much fun.

bigtrucknd1631d ago

The only other time this happened to me was mining the planets in Mass Effect 2. The music and boring grind knocked me out every time.

Der_Kommandant1631d ago

LOL i also fell asleep!, i sold that piece of garbage.

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