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HG: Nintendo is a frustrating company. They watched the rise of PSN and Xbox Live during the seventh generation of consoles. They watched as multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, and Uncharted began dominating the landscape. For six years they were able to watch and learn the successes and mistakes of their competitors. Then they launched the Wii U, and Nintendo proved they hadn’t learned anything over the past six years. To this day, their biggest franchises have yet to incorporate multiplayer, and Third-Party developers are dropping support fast. At E3 2014, Nintendo announced Splatoon, a third-person multiplayer shooter for the Wii U. I got to go hands-on with the titles to see if Nintendo has finally learned.

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ValKilmer2589d ago

Oh yeah, because all the eighth grader boys out there are just clamoring for a squirt gun shooter.

guitarded772589d ago

I think it's more Plant's Vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Looks like good fun. This is Nintendo's way of getting into the competitive shooter market since they don't want to go into more violent shoot 'em ups. I think the game looks cool, just hope they price it well. I would pass at full retail.

Neonridr2589d ago

at least this game looks somewhat original..

randomass1712589d ago

It's a new IP and a pretty new take on FPS games at that!

Metallox2589d ago

I demand white paint right now.

Hope you find the disgusting part of that sentence ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman2589d ago

You are a horrible little man.
Funny, but horrible.XD

ValKilmer2589d ago

I'm just saying this seems like the type of game that parents buy their kids because they don't want violence in the house. It'll be like Bart and Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

StealthPandemic2589d ago

But that's the damn point. Stupidity at its finest.

wonderfulmonkeyman2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Oh for Christ's sake!
Does a shooter HAVE to be a body-mutilating blood bath just to be A WELL BUILT AND ENTERTAINING SHOOTER?
You haven't even given a few rounds a TRY yet and you're ALREADY dismissing it as kiddy shit for reasons as shallow as its graphical style and its lack of blood and bullets!

The quality of the game isn't measured by the letter that the ESRB has stamped on the damned box!

It's people like you, who dismiss it for its looks nearly immediately, that cause Nintendo to keep going back to freaking MARIO for their games of choice!
Why make something new and interesting when people like you won't even TRY it before shooting it down?!

Just go back to playing CoD if this doesn't appeal to you.

Metallox2589d ago

By the way, I have this for those eighth grader boys...

2588d ago
3-4-52588d ago

PS4 & XB1 don't have anything to compete with this game or it's WIDE MARKET either, so keep that in mind.

This game is NOT competing against BF & COD, it is it's own thing, that appeals to fans of FPS & COD but also to those who don't normally like FPS or COD/BF.

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Gazondaily2589d ago

I think Splatoon is amazing. With all these devs going for things like Levolution and lazer weapons etc etc, Splatoon focuses squarely on one thing; fun.

It seems a darn site more innovative than BF and COD and it doesn't seem to try hard either. The objective is so simply; you and your team have to paint as much of the map in your colour as possible and then you can traverse the map in squid form on the bits you've painted.

I vote for Splatoon, the underdog that bring fun and creativity back into the game. At the very least, it'll make a welcome break from coming across another xXXN0Sc0p3zL33tH4Xxx

randomass1712589d ago

Nintendo has made comments about it potentially having more modes too, so I think it will be a very robust experience compared to the simplicity of its reveal. I'm sold if there's a single player story mode.

wonderfulmonkeyman2589d ago

I dunno about story, but they've confirmed there will be single-player in the game, and the reveal trailer showed off multiple weapons to use that the demo didn't give us access to.

maniacmayhem2589d ago


I feel exactly the same way. When this game was shown I felt like it put every other FPS/Shooter game to shame. Splatoon actually looked fun and fun to play. While the others just looked tedious.

This is the exact direction Nintendo needs to go to make the WiiU more appealing to gamers.

DialgaMarine2589d ago

You've got to be shitting me with this article... What looks be a simplified Nintendo E-Shop indie title is going to take on well established multi-hundred million dollar franchises. I can see all the CoD and BF fans standing outside their local gamestops by the thousands already...

Neonridr2589d ago

what you mean all those sheep?

.... BAA!

voodoochild3462589d ago

There's not enough aim assist, overpriced dlc, and broken gameplay for either of those fanbases to be interested...

uth112589d ago

This ridiculous, you can't compare Splatoon to CoD and Battlefield

Splatoon actually looks fun :P

MultiConsoleGamer2589d ago

Splatoon is closer to an arena based shooter than it is to CoD.

It's also really, really fun.

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