Excellent: PS3 faceplate: removable and should be customizable

Somebody at NeoGAF posted these images. The faceplate of the PS3 is removable, semitransparent or semisheer, like sexy black stockings, except there's no lace and it doesn't tear as easily...

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ElementX4445d ago

Copied from 360! Way to be innovative, Sony!

JIN KAZAMA4445d ago

STFU. Arent you supposed tro be playing GOW. Dont you know, whenever you 360 A$$holes post on ps3 news, it jsut prives that your 360 sucks. Or else you would have been playing it!!

ElementX4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

I don't have to play my 360 24/7 to enjoy it. Read my other posts, I'll get a PS3 in due time. You should crawl out of your cave and see what the 360 has to offer. Take those Sony goggles off.

power of Green 4445d ago

I'm tierd of you Monkeys telling people what they should be doing. How old are you?, a 9 year old can come with a smarter Spite response. Grow up kid.

The Snake4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

If you're going to copy something from a competitor, don't let it be something lame like removable faceplates.

Also @ Jin. Does that mean the people who have PS3s and still come here are proof that the PS3 sucks, because if not your comment is most definitely false. Either that or you hold a double standard. Knowing fanboys, it's probably the double standard.

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The_Firestarter4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

...what's the point of having a faceplate on the PS3? If it'll be anything like the 360 then it will look fugly! I'll enjoy DMC4 when it comes out, but I wouldn't want Nero and Dante on the front of my PS3, it'll just look very unattractive!

power of Green 4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

personally I hate most of the stuff that people do to their console's and i leave it the way that looks clean and natural but im an adult so i have different taste, it's a good thing for other folks like teens and Geeks. Im just waiting for MS to come with other color consoles(each Tv room has it's own color, Black, Tan and White, Blue and Grey). My female harped on me for getting a white 360 and hooking it up in the room with the biggest TV set(Black room).

The_Firestarter4445d ago

My point is that they should just leave it alone. The PS3 and Xbox360 look pretty damn good without any faceplates, but if that floats your boat fine by me.

marionz4445d ago

the ultimate GRILL PLATE! YAY

Arkham4444d ago

I'd love to have some sausages with my fried eggs. 360 is cheaper than the counter-top grill I was considering. ;)

specialguest4445d ago

the George Foreman grill joke is kinda played out by now, but it would be funny if someone took it to the next level. if someone would actually customize their PS3 to look like a George Foreman grill, starting with the faceplate.

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The story is too old to be commented.