Kids react to Luigi Death Stare

Here is a video with the reaction of kids to Luigi death stare.

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randomass1711579d ago

Haha, love these videos. Something very adorable about seeing kids react to stuff. To anyone unfamiliar with these videos, I'd suggest also seeing the Teens React to Slender and Adults React to Hatsune Miku. Great stuff. :P

Eonjay1578d ago

LOL @ the girl:

"One day Luigi will be stopped"


Mr Pumblechook1579d ago

These Kids React kids are all actors in training and so over react to everything because they are working the camera. What chance have they got with parents pimping them out for the cameras. They have to be careful or they will end up with the emotional stability of Jaden Smith.

Septic1579d ago

Yo Sasuke. Were you in this video?

Lol the kids reactions are brilliant. They aren't staged are they?

randomass1711578d ago

Nope. Those kids are all seeing it for the first time and we're getting their honest reactions.

Reeze1579d ago

The ending is the best XD

Nine_Thousaaandd1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Lol...that pic of Luigi, awesome!

Great video, nice to see kids reacting and having some laughs at Luigi's death stare.

veegeeeffex1579d ago

Make lazy [insert generic thing here] reacts to [popular thing here] = AD BUX

thehobbyist1578d ago

Dogs react to Adventure Time. BOOM, profit.

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