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Josh of RGN writes, "When it comes to karts there is so much to choose from for racing with 14 different karts, 9 bikes, 3 ATV’s, 18 sets of tires, and 17 gliders the customization is just through the roof allowing the user to really get the most out of their racing experience and they all affect how they will race with each of these parts affecting the performance of their vehicle. The driving is real smooth it does take a bit of getting used to all the drifting in the game but once the user gets a hold of the handling of their character and the kart they can start dominating. The controls for the game are really basic for the Wii U Gamepad there’s two options where the user can either use the sticks to steer or switch the options and turn the Gamepad like a wheel to turn. The Gamepad seems like an after thought when it comes to the game its a giant horn what a waste of a screen really the developer would of been better off using this as a rear view mirror or something along that aspect."

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RAFFwaff1632d ago

Lovin this game at moment. Though Battle Mode is broken and i'm hoping they fix it with retro arena battles for dlc. 9/10.

BattleN1632d ago

Really fun game, I laugh even when the bs moment's occurs!

RAFFwaff1632d ago

My wife's threatening divorce because of the amount of time im on it and my potty mouth when hit with a blue shell near the finish line, lol.