EA Sports UFC Review - Beautiful, Rough, Shallow [Pixel Gate]

Sean Halliday writes:

''EA’s UFC has been one of the company’s most hyped titles, mainly due to its visuals. After months of press releases, trailers and screenshots, does the game deliver the realistic experience promised? In short, no. Not entirely, at least.''

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Trunkz Jr2597d ago

Didn't need a review to know how say PG or IGN felt. When I first saw their gameplay video, I saw them kicking a punching a guy so hard that any UFC fighter would be dazed, slightly dazed, or completely knocked out, only to see them continue as if nothing happened.

For once, I actually agreed with IGN without even having to play the game, I saw this problem even before it came to be, and I'm sure many did as well. It works in WWE games where IRL its acting, not UFC tho.

GamerEuphoria2597d ago

To be fair the reactions to most of the strikes are quite realistic and they nail the animation for the stand up. It's just...well....everything else is lacking.

Ground game is awful, clinch is just okay and transitions are awkward. The lack of modes and content is really a big issue too.

It's a shame because they clearly put work into nailing the stand up animations, i've been doing MMA for a year and half now and the majority of strikes in the gamer mirror real life pretty closely.

Trunkz Jr2597d ago

Well yeah, they nailed so many things right with the game, but the biggest thing is that people want to play as Anderson Silva and knock people out with knees, etc. If your kneeing someone constantly to the head and they seem like their okay after it, you got yourself a problem that any UFC fan as see.

DEEBO2597d ago

Lol practice makes perfect.o can stand,ground game tight and i will kner your brains in.

Just do the challenges it will show you the ropes there id some cheese with people doing all body blows but you just have to adjust but this is a deep fighter and does the sport some justice.

The strikes are good and will show the fighter head snap back or leg damage

The game is like the sport,you look at and think i might can do that but these guys put years in to be in the ufc gamers have to put hours in to but good at this game

GamerEuphoria2597d ago

The ground game isn't good's not a question of learning. Thq's line did it much better

osprey192597d ago

For me i enjoy it, on the issue of the strikes not taking much affect, in career mode, at the beginning the strikes are weak and take alot to knock a guy out, but when u get to the upper echelons of the rankings, it doesn't take alot of solid hits to do some real damage. Everything else is just a large learning curve, the controls are alot different from previous titles.