The Last of Us: Remastered PS4 bundle listed on Amazon France

Amazon France is listing a PlayStation 4 bundle featuring The Last of Us: Remastered.

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KinjoTakemura1581d ago

To the person who repeatedly said to me that The Last Of Us would never be in a bundle with the PS4 shortly before E3 because it would not help sell systems...

The Last Of Us is still a system seller, 1 year after it's release on a last generation console nonetheless. Like I said shortly before E3, if Sony agreed with you The Last Of Us Remastered would still be an idea sitting on someone's desk.

johndoe112111581d ago

I think this is gonna sell a lot of systems. It may not be a huge boost but it's gonna sell a good bit. This was a brilliant idea by sony. So many people who did not have a ps3 last gen and decided to pick one up now are gonna rush this game. it would probably also entice a lot of people who are also on the fence.

Ihatetrolls761581d ago

Yeah it's a great deal makes me want to go out and buy a ps4 to play this games that's if sony offers the same bundle in the states and I get the bundle for 400

Army_of_Darkness1581d ago

Guess I'll wait for this bundle then :-)

djplonker1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

The amount of 360 to ps4 converters I know that didn't have a ps3 but would love to play this game would agree!

It's a great game but its probably a system seller the same way titanfall was for the xbone but it should hit 1 million sales no problem.

LOGICWINS1581d ago

"The Last of Us is still a system seller"

TLOU was never a system seller, at least not on the level of an MGS4 or Gran Turismo.

Just because Sonys releasing a bundle for it doesn't make it a system seller. It only means that Sony BELIEVES it will be a system seller.

I personally don't see the Destiny bundle doing that well.....and even that will outsell this bundle in the States easily.

Paytaa1581d ago

...I bought my PS3 because of TLOU....

jmac531581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I almost bought a PS3 because of TLOU. Glad I held out for the PS4 version. So I would say that makes it system seller status.

HeWhoWalks1581d ago

It didn't have to sell systems like MGS (one of the most known franchises in history), or GT (see before) to be a system seller. Remembering the spike the PS3 had that week, it, indeed, pushed units.

As for the Destiny Bundle, I also completely disagree. It will sell plenty.

Bill_Willson_CIA1581d ago

The same people who says this game is not a system seller for PS4 are the same people who said this game would be a PS3 niche game.It wouldn't sell that well,etc...

But the fact is,this new IP sold more than 6 millions only on PS3 in less than an year.Plus,Sony confirmed that 1/3 of the PS4 gamers were Wii/360 only last gen.Which means that this people didn't play TLOU on PS3.Plus the double dipers and the PS3 gamers who jumped on PS4 without buying TLOU.

This game can sell easily 1~2 millions on PS4 and move some hardware.

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Blackleg-sanji1581d ago

If it was the white one id get it no problem but waiting for that destiny bundle

Audiggity1581d ago

I'm an Xbox One owner. I will buy this day 1 if it is sold in the US.

0P-Tigrex1581d ago

This further solidifies Sony's lead in Europe. This is the perfect game to bundle with a PS4 along with the Destiny White Ps4 bundle. Things are about to get interesting.

Nine_Thousaaandd1581d ago

That is a sweet looking box! I think next month will be big for Sony as well.

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