The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Leaked Design Documents Reveal Interesting Numbers and “Boob Physics”

Today a large batch of design documents for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been leaked, apparently taken from the Google Drive account of a developer at CD Projekt RED.

The documents included all sorts of different (spoiler free) numbers to give an idea of the scope of the game.

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Muzikguy2595d ago

This gen is awesome! We got fish AI, pooping horses, and boob physics all in 18 months time! The future is looking interesting O_o

MasterCornholio2595d ago

Don't forget electronic cigars with holographic smoke.

DFogz2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

oh! And horses that poop in realtime! Imagine what that means for FarCry4 and its elephants

There's gonna be so much next-gen poop coming next year

AgentSmithPS42595d ago


It's not next-gen until we can drink water from the elephant dung like Bear Grylls.

The_Hero2592d ago

Motion Sensors on the PS4. Like in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 n the PS3. Sounds a lot like thye could do it.

Muzikguy2595d ago

Yes, the poop is so real you can smell it! I wonder what's next?! Pregnant women? Tobacco chewing hillbillies?! Hump day action?! The possibilities!!!

M1ST4K32595d ago

Witcher 1 had boob physics :)

CDPR are always one step ahead!

ShinMaster2595d ago

There have been several games with boob physics before Witcher 1.

TrollingKoala2595d ago

Boob physics?, 11/10 game of the year.

Conzul2594d ago

Never change, internet.

DxTrixterz2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Oh Triss I hope we get to see you fully this time and not in some heavily censored bath scene.

AgentSmithPS42595d ago

There's already so much wonderful violence in vidja games so it's too bad that there's not more of the mature devs like these to bring us much needed nudity, female physics, and uncensored dialog.

I hope someone posts a list of the best countries to buy W3 from, I don't want a sissified version of the game. In the US in one Witcher they actually removed some lines like "Your mother su*ks dwarf c**k." It's more realistic if people say crazy things, if you don't like it don't play it.

M1ST4K32595d ago

I always laugh hearing that "Your mother sucks dwarf c*ck!". I enjoyed it more than the actual (crappy) fistfighting :P

aliengmr2595d ago

Ummm? Which version of Witcher 2 did you play? I played the Steam US version and it wasn't censored at all, that I could tell. (Unless it went full on porn in other versions.)

AgentSmithPS42595d ago

It's strange that there's murder, torture, gore, etc in games but even seeing basic sex with consenting NPCs "isn't allowed." Some people are butthurt by nudity/sex/etc in games but it could be entertaining in the game world for multiple reasons and obviously just because a few don't like it doesn't mean we want their views forced on us. What is the good of having a virtual sword if it never gets wet?

The world needs more heroes, some to bring 'perfect' NEW adult verification systems to games so adult only and children's versions of the same game can be released, and others to fight against the ignorant censors.

MasterCornholio2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Next gen Boob physics FTW!!!

tkato2595d ago

I'm feeling bad for the developers, they've been working so hard and yet some douche went along and ruined it all. not even going to visit that link.

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