Final Fantasy 15: Yebis 2 “Only” Used in E3 Trailer, Further Usage Uncertain

A while ago, we covered how Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 would be using Silicon Studio’s Yebis 2 engine. This was based off a listing that appeared on the middleware developer’s site which listed FF15 and having been used for the E3 2013 trailer. According to Silicon Studio on the page, “Beautiful natural light is represented as real-time computer generated effects by utilizing the optical effects of Yebis 2.”

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Godmars2901578d ago

So basically, despite the two in-house graphic engines Square has made from scratch, they used yet another one from a 3rd party to make the latest demo, with all the involved work so much trashed and thrown away? Discarded at cost?

This is why Square is screwed. This is the first version of FF14 all over again.

DragonKnight1578d ago

Which begs the question of if they're just using middleware anyway, then the excuse of them using their new engine to redo Versus XIII into FFXV becomes highly suspect no?

Criti-Choco1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

the middleware is not the engine, people need to understand this. It is post processing effects added on top. if you checked their promo video you would understand it better perhaps. The agnis prophecy demo which was shown a while back was also using this middle ware, but it is infact running on the proprietary engine that square developped and is using for FFXV (and a modified version for XIV)


"This is why Square is screwed. This is the first version of FF14 all over again."

Not even close, Square enix was using the Crystal engine (FFXIII and XIV1.0) prior to the luminous engine (XV). Both are in house, and the crystal engine had problems of not conforming to memory constraints outputting large sized textures on the unoptimized engine that didnt work well with the hardware at the time.

A post processing effect engine has nothing to do with the issues the crystal engine had.

DragonKnight1578d ago

I never said it was the engine. I'm pointing out that Square-Enix didn't even use their own engine, something they've bragged about and used as a reason for why FFXV exists, for the games own trailer. What else are they not telling us? Why couldn't they use their own engine if it's supposed to be so epic for lighting?

Criti-Choco1578d ago

its not uncommon for game developers to use other engines to enhance visuals. Look at physx in some games for example its the same idea.

Is this something that needs to be told? it is middle ware that is embedded into their luminous engine, theres no downside to it. Their engine is still incredible tech capable of large scale rendering unlike anything we have currently.

Godmars2901578d ago

Any technical aspects aside, we're still talking about something which was promised long ago with any ability to deliver it brought into high question.

Some people might and likely will be satisfied that it has the FF name slapped on it and looks nice, but others are past sick and tired or seeing story and character development being sacrificed.

Criti-Choco1578d ago


wait, what? What does anything in this discussion have to do with sacrificing character development. Final Fantasy games will do what they have done for years. They will look nice, tell a nice story and be fun for most.

This is their biggest single player endeavor to date you cant just assume they are sacrificing anything.

Godmars2901578d ago

If Square were still capable of telling an interest, competent story with a semblance of decent gameplay, do you think "discussions" such as this would even exist? FF13 wouldn't be as divisive, FF12 dismissed, or FF10-2 as the eff all it was.

Part of that reason is that they began focusing more on presentation, on graphics, another being lost up their own @$$, the reputation established and now exploited from when they were Squaresoft, and yet one more from an inability to wrap their head around the 7th console gen. Find a balance for managing resources.

Its not really about sacrifice at this point, because that ship sailed long ago.

I mean you might be one of the few to have considered FF13 to have defined and expressed character growth, but then you likely also count 13-2 and 13-3 as legitimate examples which wholly misses the point.

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Inception1578d ago

Agreed with Godmars

The reason why SE so f*ked up this past years is because they spend too much time to created engine from the scratch, use it only for a couple of games, and never sell the license to other company.

I mean, they created Crystal Tools only to used it for FF 13 trilogy, FF 14, Dragon Quest X, and Versus (got scrapped) than they just...dumped the engine on the trash cans. They not even let Cavia / Access Games to borrow it for Nier or Drakengard 3!

They also show the new Luminous engine from that cool Agni's Philoshopy tech demo and said FF XV will use the engine instead of Crystal Tools. But now we got this news and a couple of rumour said SE will use UE 4 too.

No wonder FF XV on limbo for this pas eight years, because they spend too much time on changing the engines.

TheOtherVitaOwner1578d ago

Pretty sure Eidoes used that engine for quite a few of their games last gen, so it got a fair bit of use.

Inception1578d ago

No that's Crystal Engine, not Crystal Tools. It's different.

sonypsnow1577d ago

Yebis 2 is a "lighting engine" very similar to Illuminate Labs' "Lighting engine" "Beast" which was use alongside Unreal Engine 3 "game engine".

Square is screwed? For Nearly 4 years you have tried to bury Square, with no success. Probably, as long as Godmars290 keeps insulting Square they'll stay alive making more games. XD

Godmars2901577d ago

Games not worth playing but defending apparently.

sonypsnow1577d ago

keep 'em comin, probably next Square would announce Final Fantasy XV would use DirectX 12, Tiled Resources, ESRAM, and would be released on Playstation Now earlier than the PS4 version. XD

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MrSwankSinatra1578d ago

so let me get this straight basically this is implying that everything shown of FFXV isn't even set in stone? Square what in the hell are you doing????

Adrian_v011578d ago

"This is a work in progress.
The final product may be subject to change."

The trailer starts with this. Why so surprised?

Godmars2901578d ago

If you look at the two different "leaked" trailers you can clearly see differences in gameplay.

When you can identify gameplay that is.

Originally, over eight years ago, the game was "PS3-only". Anything which happens to release will only be an upgrade from that.

Wont have been worth the wait, the all too many "Please be Excited", but at the very least it will look better than originally promised.

mydyingparadiselost1578d ago

I don't trust trailers anymore, not footage of games years off, or pretty much anything that isn't gameplay running on the console. This industry is lying itself to mediocrity and I'm not falling for it anymore. Actual gameplay or STFU.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1578d ago

What does this mean? educate me. Tell me FFXV is next year

NovusTerminus1578d ago

YEBIS 2 is a post processing engine. Meaning it only helped with cinematic effects and some post processing AA. Likely because the Luminous was not 100% done.

It is still possible to have the game out next year. If that was ever the plan.

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