Japanese Retailer: “Xbox One Day One Edition Sold Out in No Time;” Major Retailers Offer Discounts

The situations of pre-orders of the Xbox One in Japan is getting interesting. The manager of the popular independent retailer Games Ma-Ya, who is well known for giving information on her business via her blog, mentioned that the Day One edition sold out quickly. On the other hand, all the biggest retailers are offering discounts on console, games and accessories to keep up momentum.

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lifeisgamesok2599d ago

Japanese gamers are smart Xbox One is awesome and has the best current gen games so far

bouzebbal2599d ago

i remember the xbox one sold out everywhere globally november 22nd and it turned out that each of the retailers got like 3 xbox ones.

sounds like xbox one is gonna sell millions in japan... -_-'

Eonjay2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )


Absolutely. Also remember that the Japanese have unique taste in the games that are the most popular. The games that we make think are the best may not attract the same levels of excitement. And thats okay. So the most popular Xbox One games in Japan may never see the light of day in the West.

LOL_WUT2599d ago

"On the other hand, all the biggest retailers are offering discounts on console, games and accessories to keep up momentum."

They got to offer discounts to make it look more appealing reminds me of a similar situation with the Titanfall bundle. I wonder if this will be just another short lived offering until something better comes up. ;)

user14394142599d ago

The PS4 sold out MUCH quicker. XoXoXo

Charybdis2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

"and to counter the negative effect of the increase of the consumption tax, which has brought a depression in video game sales."

Wonder if the consumption tax really has brought a depression in video game sales. Doesn't really matter if these discounts help sell consoles sony might also use discounts in japan if they aren't already doing that.

FITgamer2599d ago

50K first week. Calling it now.

Redgehammer2599d ago

Most Everything typed on this website is either opinion, conviction, or rhetoric; therefore it's silly to point out the obvious. However, I happen to agree with his opinion, IMO, of course.

mikeslemonade2599d ago

It's a drop in the bucket. It won't matter.

gaffyh2599d ago

Launches are always good, but I do wonder what the shipped amount is.

Gazondaily2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Launch consoles selling out isn't that big of a deal (although this still kind of surprises me) but the true test is whether or not the X1 has any sales momentum past launch (which I am very skeptical about).

I suspect that this is the biggest spike in sales you will see in the X1's lifeline because its launching now. If a few month's down the line it exceeds this demand, I will happily dance to Backstreet Boys for you (pls gimme a reason!).

ramiuk12598d ago

i have a ps4 and love it,but MS kick quickly giving fans what they want in updates imo.
yet sony has released a video editor for ps4.

although both companies are still holding back with MKV support,dlna

UltraNova2598d ago

Its a new system launch and its the only one this period what did you guys expect? We dont and never will know how many units each retailer got in order to have a real grasp on how fast/well the One sold in Japan.

Japanese never were and I doubt they will ever be into the Xbox brand..

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Arkardo2599d ago

You should be smarter than them and keep very quiet until "Real" sales figures comes up, because everyone will be making (more) fun of you if you keep that agenda so relentlessly.

LeCreuset2599d ago

I don't know why so many of them are prone to doing touchdown dances on the one yard line in a game they're losing by blowout.

Expect "Japanese gamers are smart" to be thrown back in his face, repeatedly, should PS4 outsell the Xbox in Japan.

fr0sty2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

The headline quotes one store saying they sold out quickly and several more saying they're cutting prices (an indication of slow sales). So, in essence, getting tackled at the 1 yard line on 4th down and doing the touchdown dance anyway.

Redgehammer2599d ago

It's not even 5 minutes into the first period of this generation, and all I've seen is Goal!TD celebrations from many in the Sony camp. Let the game unfold, before a winner is declared.

LeCreuset2599d ago


I believe what you're referring to are actual significant scores (to keep our metaphor going) by the competition. Price, before the price drop, was an undeniable victory for PS4. Hardware is an undeniable victory for PS4. Forcing the competition to abandon its long term game plan and ditch support for a vital component of its system while outselling it almost 2-1 just "5 minutes into the first period" is a clear victory for the PS4. That's not the same as pounding your chest about how you're going to hook all of the casuals with Kinect, how the expiration of an NDA is going to allow MS to reveal a second, hidden gpu that makes the XB1 more powerful than PS4, how the cloud is going to make XB1 on par or better (3x as powerful XB1) than the PS4, how DX12 is going to be a game changer, how Titanfall is going to put XB1 sales ahead, etc.

Sorry to dispel your false equivalency, but like I said, people should spike the football when they're actually in the end zone, not the one yard line, especially in a game where they're already down by so many points.

Redgehammer2599d ago

If the PS4 dominates the NPD for 32 months in a row (like the 360), then you guys can truly go Booyaa and celebrate with an end zone dance, but 5 months might warrant no more than a high five. I stand by my position that the game has just started, kudos for the PS4's early success, but relax and enjoy the game, it's not even close to over.

Sheikh Yerbouti2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )


Sony had worse going for it with the PS3 than MS with XBOne. Look how well that still turned out for Sony. Now let's see how the XBOne does after trailing like the PS3. I don't think Sony is going to run away with it, but XBOne will very likely end up a clear number 2 instead of being in a dead heat with Sony up to the finish globally and dominating the English speaking world. All's good, games still play.

Funny mentioning NPD on a Japanese release thread. heh...

LeCreuset2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )


So basically, you decided to respond with some fanboy nonsense that didn't have anything to do with the argument?

If you want to go there with the goalpost moving though, it amazes me how some of you get so caught up in your bubble that you pretend that PS3 didn't beat 360 worldwide (which is greater than NPD). Even more galling is how you pretend MS' first system was the 360. How many months did the original Xbox lose to the PS2? Though it may be tempting to bring up 360 in response to losing an argument, you may want to remember, as you go back in time, that MS has yet to beat Sony any gen. Just a little food for thought before we go celebrating one retailer in a country Xbox consoles have historically performed abysmally in saying XB1 sold quickly without even offering any sales data.

SilentNegotiator2598d ago

"If the PS4 dominates the NPD for 32 months in a row (like the 360), then you guys can truly go Booyaa and celebrate with an end zone dance"

But the 360 was the worst selling console of the 7th gen...what does its accomplishments matter in measuring sales success?

Sevir2598d ago

@Shillhammer... So 32 months of 360 beating PS3 in North America = The entire world? How is that even relavant to the article!

Fact the XB360 while VERY successful is the worst selling 7th generation console world wide... The PS3 sells better world wide, and currently sits as the 2nd best 7th generation console after the Wii. But that's irrelevant, what's important is what's being discussed and preorders for XBO is having great pre sales in Japan. But history has always shown that console launches typically are successful in every region, the momentum has to stay and continue before you celebrate.

Considering everything MS has to keep it going world wide. Sony has sold 8m+ PS4s worldwide in 7 months

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pyramidshead2599d ago ShowReplies(4)
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aragon2599d ago

While I'm all for people having their opinion it sucks when people have a name on this website like when people know u r a troll or when an ms fans goes on ps articles and downplays, some ppl on here like to troll and it isn't funny, but this is an xbox article why can't ppl let ms fans or trolls if u call them comment on the article in peace as long as they don't bring up ps4? Or how about xbox fans not go in ps4 articles and downplay? Or how about not bringing up ps4 in this article? Why label certain people as ms trolls and say all they do is downplay ps when there's ppl on here that are ps trolls that do the same thing? How about for one day in ps news xbox trolls stay out and for xbox news ps trolls stay out . Is that possible on here? That being said good luck to xbone in japan.

Redgehammer2599d ago

I've been her for 7 years, and it has not changed..

SilentNegotiator2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Why should people let a massive troll pushing his agenda go clean when they say something positive that fits in with that agenda?

Ultimately, he's still just trolling.

emad-E-three2599d ago

I personally think it will manage to sell between 150k - 200k in the first month but after that it will start dropping till 5k - 10k a week! At least that's what the Japanese console sales tell us, Handheld tops the sales.

stripe8142599d ago

so your saying every single person who dont agree with you and bought a ps4 or wiiU is dumb? wow i remember they said that old day one was sold out and after 2 weeks MS stores are still selling "day one edition"..

MultiConsoleGamer2599d ago

I agree. They had the best games at E3 two years running.

Spotie2599d ago

I disagree. Nothing they've shown has been worth my cash, especially in lieu of all the dumb stuff they've done over the past few years.

Which games were the best? The downgraded Forza? The linear bore-fest known as Ryse? COD with mechs? Zombies in 15fps? CGI trailer of the same old space marine?

What games did Microsoft show that warrants their current/future lineup being called the best?

MultiConsoleGamer2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Go away stalker. This is getting really old Hicken.

You don't even own the Xbox One so why would you care? Oh that's right, you're trolling.

Dead Rising 3 is the best game in the series. Forza is buttery smooth. Titanfall rocks. And Killer Instinct is tons of fun. They also had great multiplats that can be played with the best controller on the market. Oh what's that? Resolutions? Well that didn't bother fanboys when they played inferior versions on other consoles.

You're just looking for yet another excuse to troll, hate and stalk users on N4G. You said yourself that you wanted to quit this site when you closed your old account. Truthfully you were just trying to get around the bubble system. If you can't keep yourself from posting here even though you want to leave then obviously you have psychological problems.

TBONEJF2598d ago

You're a one SAD lil pathetic fan boy.

MultiConsoleGamer2598d ago

If you're talking about Spotie you're absolutely right.

kenshiro1002598d ago

Funny how XBox fans complain about Sony fans in an atuicle and YET they say nothing when the same thing is done in a Sony article.

TheSaint2598d ago

Desperate fanboys are desperate, just buy both consoles and play all the games.

ITPython2598d ago

Wonder how many MS shipped over there. My guess is only a few thousand, that way MS could claim they "sold out" to give the illusion that the XB1 is selling well in Japan.

jahcure2598d ago

maybe they need to move here. Day ones are still available in the USA many months after launch.

I guess japan is a powerhouse for gaming system purchases again.

Export2598d ago

Xbox one got the best line up for 2014 . I really hope sony will show off there in 2015 i guess...

2v12598d ago

maybe they have 5 xbones

jacksons982598d ago

I don't think Xbox One games are better and on the other hand every single game on both systems is better on PS4

RosweeSon2598d ago

That or after the fact Microsoft couldn't really sell out the day one editions anywhere and if you shop around, or look on eBay ;( haha I'm sure there's still a few floating about... Something tells me they may have actually learned and just done a fair fewer amounts of the day one system, besides I can't see Microsoft readying 1-2 million consoles for the Japanese launch when they famously don't buy xbox prob haven't bought 1-2 million xbox 360's in it's lifetime, either way it's easy to sell out when you only have 10k or maybe 100k ready for launch day, sure more will float in but they've blatantly just reduced the numbers this time so they can PR Spin it and go Wahey we sold out in japan (no numbers mentioned or specifics) but we sold out so we must be amazing now... Keep telling yourselves that.

LordMaim2598d ago

How does that biased opinion merit a "well said" bubble?

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nicksetzer12599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

That is extremely surprising and good to see. That said, the real test is if momentum stays, ps4 sold EXTREMELY well also in japan before and just after launch.

bleedsoe9mm2599d ago

get the right exclusive games that strike the right chord with the audience and both consoles can sell well .

KonsoruMasuta2599d ago

Don't know why you got disagrees. You are right, the real test is if momentum stays.

I remember when PS4 fans were whooping and hollering about PS4 pre-orders and how the PS4 was going to be #1 in Japan for months straight. It had a nice debut but it dropped quickly.

The same can happen to the XboxOne.

nicksetzer12599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I really would like to see xbox do well, and realistically with all the eastern directed content they just announced, they have a great chance. Like I said though PS4 did very well early on as well, and is just coasting by now. Time will tell.

@konsoru Mainly because there are a select few PS fanboys (actual not too few unfortunately) who disagree with EVERY comment I write, even if it matches their opinion. They literally bubble down every comment I post.

Mr-Dude2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Agreed... PS4 sold well, but now... not so. That's a fact. That's Sony own fault for not having some HUGE JRPG ready for launch there...

That said..

It's also a fact that the X1 one will have the same treatment, maybe even worse. Looking at the history of the MS brand there... The X1 will sell good at launch there, but then the sales will decline. You don't have to timetravel to know this. Consoles are not that big there anymore. It's mostly handheld and PC now... Also I am extremely curious for the TGS there. Sony and MS have to bring some big guns there

thehobbyist2599d ago

If I remember correctly even the Wii U sold out day one. All consoles sell fast their first day. Anyone who thinks day one is an indicator of the future are kidding themselves.

0P-Tigrex2599d ago

Not extremely. It was a decent launch. Nothing to brag about.

0P-Tigrex2599d ago

"Extremely" well would've been 1mil initial, ten 10-15k/week thereafter. Be real.

pandaboy2599d ago

That's great, they sold out all of the 2 consoles they were getting in. Well done to them.

nope1112599d ago

Dammit! you beat me to it.... I was going to say 5 though lol.

GamersHeaven2599d ago

Lol pretty much small launch not surprising after launch sales lets see how well it continues we all know that will be a different story.

98xpresent2599d ago

I see a lot of downplaying

SG1_dapunisherX2599d ago

xbox one+anime tv + anime games= success