How Achievement snapping can save Gamerscore on Xbox One

Neil writes "The latest Xbox One update gives gamers the chance to snap in Achievements. Can it save the Gamerscore decline?"

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TheRedButterfly1581d ago

Gamerscore doesn't need "saving"... Stallion has over 1,000,000, and i'm pushing 100k. It's the people who started late in the 360's life (or are just starting now with the One) that don't care about it. People who have been here from the beginning still care.

A lot.

Like, a lot a lot.

GarrusVakarian1581d ago

As soon as i hit 100k, i stopped caring. Not sure why....

I always used to enjoy going back through a game for the achievements. But now, i just play the game and leave it at that, apart from some rare instances.

ThatOneRiggaNob1581d ago

I stopped caring about 80k but now I'm tryna get the most out of my games again so I started back up for most games.

JoGam1581d ago

At some point people will stop caring but there's always a chance they'll go back. I did the same thing.

Septic1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I dont care about gamerscores. It was exciting at the start but now..I just see it as one massive number. Trophies are where its at. They feel WAY more relevant and the whole platinum/gold/bronze setup plus rarity of each trophy is a great touch.

MS need to follow suit. Somehow make the gamerscore relevant again or distinguish Xbox One trophies from the 360. Give players ranks based on the games they play and the difficulty of unlocking those achievements.

BillytheBarbarian1581d ago

I stopped caring when some became impossible because multi player servers were shutdown.

Sitdown1581d ago

Gamerscore = points from Whose Line Is It Anyway. I've been here since the beginning and never cared...... Let me exchange my score for dlc, then maybe I might begin to care

OpieWinston1581d ago

I prefer Gamerscore...Gives me an incentive to do achievements. When I play on my PS3/PS4 I only go for Platinum if I enjoy the game a lot...Prefer not being forced to master a game because every game has that one RNG achievement that blows to get.

Just gave up my past account to my bro when Halo 4 came out so I lost a lot of my progress but now at 26k and got plenty of awesome X1 games coming up.

Just was going through the Batman Arkham City Riddler trophies, it felt so good to see that "40G Genius" when I took him down...again.

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urwifeminder1581d ago

Just about to hit 120k stopped caring for a while and it seemed a chore to check what ones you need to get , this may help get me hunting again.

oKidUKo1581d ago

I love achievements but as they are it does feel a hassle to find what you have and to see what's just been unlocked.

I do like that some currently give info into how close you are to obtaining a cheevo. Looking forward to this update though.

n4rc1581d ago

I didn't care about gs at first.. People will inevitably get burnt out after hitting milestones, but only for while..

Gamerscore and achievements are a part of why I prefer Xbox..

LAWSON721581d ago

As am owner of both 360 and PS3 last gen I much prefer the trophy system over the GS system

mokkeyrg21581d ago

geting the update in a few days cant wait to try this out...

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