'Why I Hated The Destiny Alpha'

IM PLAYIN discusses why one of the writers hated to love the Destiny Alpha.

"Bungie are reasonably well known now for their reputation at making great games, and thus, here comes Destiny. A game that has a backlog of hype, a universe that has been started from a fresh by a fantastic and skilled studio. And to top it all, they plan on it being a 10 year franchise that has a $500 million dollar budget backing it. So it’s not something you could call ordinary, in any shape or form. I have had an eye on Destiny pretty much from the start of it’s announcement for next gen, but I was never too sure of it. It was around the time that I was still a hardcore (still am really) Halo fan. However, as we got closer to E3, the hype train was going full steam ahead, where I think I had no choice but to jump aboard and ride it. And when the Alpha was released, ride it I did."

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Arkardo1577d ago

Nice misleading title because actually writer loved so much the game that hates the fact he have to wait so much to get his hands on Destiny.

What can I say, I was equally pleased with the alpha since the first hours of play, so, for so many people ending in the same kind of hype and good taste that the alpha left on them, I must say this is going to be an amazing game nonetheless.

No other alpha beta or whatever left people with the feeling that they missed something so great.

So, I also HATE Bungie for letting me play this amazing game and take it away.

805Junior8051577d ago

I loved this game. I feel the same, I wanted to keep playing. Something new to the FPS genre, something this burned out genre needed. This game didn't feel like an alpha, felt way better than BF: Hardline. Felt like the game was complete, I completely forgot it was an alpha until i hit the 8 lvl cap. I'm waiting on a collectors edition to order this game.

Kailios1577d ago

I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I had picked up the Hardline Beta, played it a couple of days, but once the Destiny Alpha had come out, hardline was a thing of the past.
I have had my finger over the pre order button based on the alpha alone. But I'd like to see what a collectors edition would bring to the table.

Eddie201011577d ago

Destiny! Destiny! Destiny!

HaveAsandwich1577d ago

I thought i wasn't going to enjoy it as much as i did, and went in very skeptical. I can't wait for September.

nerdman671577d ago

My friend told me it plays a lot like borderlands, which makes me not super excited since I wasn't a huge borderlands fan

gamer78041577d ago

yah a lot of people like borderlands, i bought it because of all the praise, just couldn't get into it. If you don't mind that its not very story driven. I had the same feeling with destiny alpha, it just doesn't drive me like a solid coop campaign story type game, but i'm sure there are a lot that will enjoy destiny. Time will tell if the 500M budget will pay off.

LordMaim1577d ago

10 years of time, because the 500M was for more than one game. Also, since they didn't show you any story in the Alpha, you can't really judge it yet. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but now I'm totally sold on the concept and am very excited for september.

Yo Mama1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Let me tell you. I wasn't a fan of Borderlands either. But, Destiny is awesome! Pre-order it so you can try out the beta in July. If you still don't like it, cancel it. No skin off your back.

nerdman671577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I pre ordered for the alpha code and they didn't give me one, I don't expect to get a beta code. ._.

Arkardo1577d ago

I hated Borderlands, couldn't play more than 20 minutes but I loved Destiny, so, I don't know what it has that Borderlands don't, you have to try it for yourself.

Yo Mama1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

@ Nerdman67

Pre-ordering did not get anyone an Alpha code. You had to go request a code directly through Bungies website to play in the Alpha. Pre-ordering only gets you a Beta code come July.

ginsunuva1577d ago

Structured like borderlands.
Looks like Mass Effect.
Controls like Halo.

Has nothing new or original whatsoever somehow. Even the most derivative of games have their own feel or elements. This has none of that.

Shadonic1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

In terms of like Borderlands all that applies to is the open world and loot aspect and thats about it.

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Holeran1577d ago

The Alpha was outstanding to me and hope the whole game is as good and polished as the Alpha was.

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