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Avoiderdragon: The era of World War II shooters that went along the same time as the era of relatively obscure Vietnam War shooters and preceded the era of modern warfare shooters saw the recyclings and reinterpretations of the same theme in games, much like what we experience today. It was never a new phenomenon, and it wasn’t that bad either since there are always fans of a certain theme who would want more of the same. It’s been quite a while since there had been a straight-up WW2 shooter (Sniper Elite V2 doesn’t count because it’s neither first-person nor a straight-up shooter), but this isn’t exactly one either.

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GamerzElite2599d ago

I loved the game with WW2 style weapons, 1 disappointment The Ending is very bad.

Aon2598d ago

I loved WWII shooter games too so Enemy Front is game which I must have on my collection. For me the biggest disadvantage is AI but rest game is good. I think Enemy Front is good game.

riverside6662597d ago

Yes, the AI ​​in this game is pretty lazy;) The game has also some disadvantages, but summing up falls well. For me. The big advantage is the story, to the missions are not boring, a lot of cool places, the whole French campaign is sensational! falls on 7/10 may 8/10 in my opinion.

Aon2596d ago

Yes I agree with you. Storyline and music is very nice in this game. Location and weapon look very good and I think 7/10 is good rating.