Sonic Boom Excludes Microtransactions

"Sega has confirmed that microtransactions won’t appear in the Sonic Boom duo, Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal. In a recent interview, the publisher confirmed it has yet to announce DLC plans for the forthcoming action-adventure titles. The Sonic Boom games are set to launch in November, exclusively for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS."

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randomass1711578d ago

That's one plus, I guess.

Metallox1578d ago

Sega has to get pluses under the rocks at this point, like this. I mean, come on, microtransactions in a platformer game? People just reacted really bad to this game.

randomass1711578d ago

Yeah I see what you mean. I'll reserve judgement until I play it. I refuse to believe it's worse than sonic 06.