Metal Gear Online to be region locked

English Web translation:

"The server connected MGO notice"
The game itself is a server in Japan. Whether in English or Japanese.

However, the purchase of the licensed importer of the same players, the Japanese version of the English players and players can not Versus.

If you need to play games with your friends, you must purchase the same language version.

Not a licensed importer of commodities, have the opportunity to be well connected.

Moreover, we will not provide any assurance and have the opportunity unable to provide any services.

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Euphrate5477d ago

btw, this is already known.

skillednutter5477d ago

.. Seen this one coming really and pre-ordered a native copy.

Shadow Flare5477d ago

Sega Saturn has wrote MGS4 spoilers

Report him and ignore him

sonarus5477d ago

sega saturn pm'd me with spoilers. Luckily, i was quick enough to see it coming after reading two words...liquid ocelot:D. Gonna have to try harder to spoil the game you hoe

Tomdc5477d ago

hang on, is it seperated by language or continent? i dont wanna be playin against french, germans or spanish... but then again some people might because they have foreign friends, this is ok for americans but not europeans...

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kwicksandz5477d ago

Previous mgs games have been locked, as well as the mgo beta. So if your looking to pick up import a different countrys special edition you may wanna re consider because you will be stuck playing with strangers =/

Xakep5477d ago

But a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet, or possibly someone who wants to kill you, it's 50/50.

Gun_Senshi5477d ago

All past Metal Gear Online and BETA was Region locked. This is not surprising.

I am glad they region locked due to all people that imported from e-bay to have it before release date.

omni_atlas5477d ago

The problem is MGO is going to be sold as a separate product. Will gamers welcome a multiplayer lock? It def. makes it harder to find players in the middle of the morning when you have a gaming urge.

My COD4 multiplaying gaming sucks though because I'm red bar most of the time (I'm in asia) -- so this might be a good thing.

jtucker785477d ago

Same language version?

So does that mean (being an Englishman) that I'll still be able to play my US mates?
I have an Aussie mate too. Will I be able to play him?

And what about my friend in Germany? He's in a German language speaking country (obviously) but he is an English speaker?

Agriel5477d ago

MGS4 and MGO are only in English and Japanese as far as I know, so this is just langauge locked more then region lock. If you own the japanese version you can play on english language servers. If all the servers are in Japan any way there is no point in lock EU and NA to different servers

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