Far Cry 4: 10 Things We Want To See

WC writes: "With a long legacy of excellent Far Cry games in the past, Far Cry 4 cannot afford to disappoint at such a critical time in Ubisofts future. With that in mind let’s take a swift glance through the top ten essentials we would like to see in Far Cry 4."

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Jaqen_Hghar1582d ago

excellent points and a man definitely agrees that while he loved Vaas, this villain MUST be a bit different so we don't get boring retreads of his speeches or make him feel like a cheap knock off (because let's be honest gamers would say he didn't live up to Vaas even if he did). Make him a bit more determined towards a particular goal other than killing or even just smarter without the "I knew you were going to do that!" cop out Vaas always used to seem genius.