Top 5: Worst Of E3 2014

E3, one of gaming’s most anticipated events every year, unfortunately it’s also been the site of some of the most annoying, anti-consumer and corporate horse the video game industry.

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-Foxtrot1580d ago

The Last of Us remastered isn't really for people who have already played's for people who have moved onto the PS4 from another console and didn't get to play it on the PS3

As for the The Order 1886 Collectors Edition

"A practice I don’t even approve of for games I actually enjoyed."

Well some people like those don't have to buy it.

itBourne1580d ago

A lot of people switched from 360 to PS4. I will be buying the game again = P lol. I dont mind one bit supporting something so fantastic. Plus I am hoping it reinvigorates the MP, cuz the MP is a lot of fun, and wont have a split community since everyone will have all the dlc.

Bennibop1580d ago

I bought day one on ps3 and I will be buying day one on ps4, this game is masterpiece and I can't wait to see it with better graphics, resolution and framerate!

itBourne1580d ago

I dont think the graphics will be that much of a difference. I will probably notice frame rate most. 60 fps in the mp is going to be awesome!

PeaSFor1580d ago

have it since day one on ps3, also have the Left Behind story dlc, guess what, im gonna ouble dip and get it again on ps4.

ZodTheRipper1580d ago

I got it Day1 on PS3 and I have the PS4 version preordered already... if there is one game I'd get for a "slight graphical bump" like he calls it it's TLOU. I want the best version of this masterpiece in my collection and I'm really looking forward to enjoying this in 1080p/60fps again with all the DLC (that I've missed on PS3).

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Thefreeman0121580d ago

I will have to say my biggest disappointments would be
1) fifa 15 small changes
2) no half life or left 4 dead
3) no mass effect gameplay
4) no discless Xbox models
5) no crash bandicoot or old ps franchises

incendy351580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Congratulations on having horrible taste in games :D

Inside and Ori are two of my favorite things about E3

coolbeans1580d ago

Same here. Those look like such promising games.

DigitalRaptor1580d ago

This is literally the worse article I've ever read.

It saddens me that I know that he's not the only one that shares these cruddy opinions.

Omran1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

If you haven’t though, I hope you enjoyed some casual spoilers in that trailer.

*face palm !!

In the first place the trailer show that it contains
some spoilers so why did you watched it !

The order 1886

If you don't like it don't buy it then -_-
you said that

I already disliked, is getting a $150 collector’s edition. A practice I don’t even approve of for games I actually enjoyed. Clearly…

so you dislike the game but complain about collector edition ! and what is the point to mention the frame rate
of the game ! you said that you don't like the cost of
the collector edition why mention the frame rate !!

pointless article in my opinion !

TheLumilounge1580d ago

I appreciate your views, but the majority of them seem pretty tunnel-visioned mate!

I can see where your dislike for TLOU Remastered comes from, but claiming 'artsy' games have no story? Games like Journey and Limbo had some of the most heartfelt emotional narratives out there, they may not be right and centre, but it's the subtleties that make it powerful!

And regarding The Order; if you want to achieve a visceral cinetmatic film, then you have to go with 30fps. Thats why The Hobbit in 48fps looked like toss, its just a difference that has huge impacts and I respect RAD for sticking to 30fps.

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