Yebis 2 Uses Xbox One eSRAM For Buffer, PS4 Unified Architecture Irrelevant Since Yebis Is GPU-Based

"For those who are unaware, Yebis 2 is a post processing effects middleware developed by Japan based Silicon Studios. The technology has been used in several games like MotoGP 14, Fighter Withing and many more."

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XiSasukeUchiha1632d ago

Cool facts, and interest how Yebis 2 is most irrelevant on PS4 because it's heavily based on the GPU then unified architecture.

GribbleGrunger1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

That's what I don't quite understand about this article. If it's based on the GPU then the PS4 clearly has a big advantage because it has a better GPU.

@vishmarx: Why should we do that? It makes no sense to suggest something GPU based will run better on a console with a weaker GPU.

darthv721632d ago

Yeah, that does seem like an odd assessment on their part. Especially considering both are using GPU's from the same family.

pedrof931632d ago

The article was made in a way to create controversy. The Gamingbolt journalists don't even know what this is about.

vishmarx1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

oh for gods, once sake lets just all say "xbox is better" together,
so we get over with this bs.
we have 1 new article suggesting future xbox superiority ,every single day

sinspirit1632d ago


"we have 1 new article suggesting future xbox superiority ,every single day".

That is because it is factually not as powerful of a system and is selling less than the competition. Making articles like this makes the mass majority of people that went with PS4 want to take a look at it because it is flame bait that downplays the PS4, as well as caters to the minority that tries to find any excuse to try and say the system is better than the PS4. The system is good in its own way. If people like it then that is it. They don't have to try and come up with false information to say it is more powerful or something. PS2 was better than XBox for the mass majority but it wasn't as powerful as the first XBox. That doesn't mean the first XBox is a bad system. Both can be good. Stop trying to ignore facts and just live with it and enjoy it.

BG115791632d ago

@vishmarx And all of them are being treated like they diverse as false advertising...

Eonjay1631d ago


The company's quote is taken completely out of context. PS4 has nothing to do with their quote. Basically, because the process uses the GPU, it can rely on ESram alone and circumvent DDR3 ram because it doesn't need the CPU. Remember the Xbox One CPU doesn't have access to the ESRam directly. If you don't need the CPU, you don't need to worry about UMA on the Xbox One because all you need is ESRam. The title is taken out of context because the UMA on the Xbox One isn't needed. For the PS4, you would need it because it is all that is there. It doesn't mean that the Xbox One has an advantage either, it means that ESRam is the most productive way to do it on that system.

GribbleGrunger1631d ago

@Eonjay: Fair enough. That headline is very misleading though.

ABizzel11631d ago


There was no point in even mentioning the memory, because the PS4 already support Yebis 2 as well.

My guess is that since the eSRAM on the XBO is on the die, they simply used that for the buffer, whereas, on the PS4 there's no real RAM there so they just used the pure processing power of the PS4 to run it leaving them with full access to the memory still for other things like better Anti Aliasing.

Read the devs. comment on its own.

"The unified memory architecture is less of need for us since everything happens in the GPU.”

There's nothing wicked about that, it doesn't become an issue until you read the headline of the article which makes it seem like he's saying the RAM is irrelevant, when he never really said that. He simply said everything is done with the GPU, the XBO has eSRAM on die with it's GPU, the PS4's RAM isn't so there's no need for them to use it.

XBOTTOX1631d ago Show
fr0sty1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Um... they did nothing but state the obvious. Any post processing on the image is going to be done to the frame buffer, which is going to be stored in the highest bandwidth area of RAM the system has (if it has split RAM), because frame buffers need that bandwidth. PS4's unified architecture (having CPU and GPU share the same pool of RAM) isn't going to yield improvements if the software runs only on the GPU (there's no need for the CPU and GPU to share data, the CPU isn't being used), but in no way does it imply that there will be any advantage to not having a unified architecture. It simply only uses half of the system.

However, it would have the advantage of more RAM to work with, since this middleware is working on post processing effects it is going to need a lot of bandwidth. Having the GPU in PS4 able to access as much of the system's available RAM as the developer chooses, because every bit of it is high bandwidth RAM, means that the system will run better in many cases on PS4. ESRAM is only 32mb, and that space is being shared with other processes. Simple math will tell you that 32mb of high bandwidth RAM vs. several GB's of it will come out in favor of the latter, except for the rare instance where that extra 20-30gb of bandwidth that ESRAM *can potentially* have over PS4's RAM is needed, and that particular process does not need any more than what happens to be left at the time of the 32mb of ESRAM (don't forget, it's a shared pool, other processes take their chunk)... which isn't going to be as often as some here would like to think.

@Xbottox, you don't know what the hell you are talking about, quit pretending to. PS4 has 176gbps access to all 8gbs of its RAM, even the 5 that are reserved for games. The other 3gb's are set aside for system functions which rarely access RAM at the same time games are, and when they do they have a minimal impact on overall bandwidth consumption.

Quit making yourself look stupid.

tokugawa1631d ago

typical gamingbolt sh*t

XBOTTOX1631d ago Show
OpenGL1631d ago


Because that's not how bandwidth utilization works. You can fill 8GB of RAM while only using a small amount of bandwidth if your program isn't using tons of large reads and writes. CPUs usually don't need that sort of memory bandwidth, and I seriously doubt the PS4 or Xbox One OS uses more than 30% of the system memory bandwidth despite using something like 30% of the total memory.

GameNameFame1631d ago


Ms themselved said that xbox one typically sits at 130 gb/s.

Ps4 ddr5 has no problem maintaining full 180 gb/s since it is unified archetecture.

Nice desperate try though.

its_JEFF1631d ago

Why are you guys discussing bandwidth again?!?!? This issue wa worked out months ago. You don't add bandwidth numbers, that was marketing spin. If you're adding them together then you don't know what you're taking about or haven't read up on it enough. Come guys, use the resources available to you... get educated. You guys are arguing something that doesn't need to be argued.

windblowsagain1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Yeah seems abit odd.


They are not from the same family.

Reading it again, he is basically saying the only way to get decent speed out of it is esram. Does not need to mess about on PS4.

fr0sty1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Even though it's already been said, I'll repeat it.

Bandwidth does not work that way. You don't evenly divide the amount of gbps among each gb of RAM. Every byte of that RAM can be accessed at the rate of 176gbps. That means that even if there is only 2GB of available RAM, you can still access that 2GB at 176gbps, provided that there isn't anything else accessing their RAM at the same time. Then that speed gets divided among the number of tasks using the bandwidth at the same time.

Think of it this way... you have an 8 gallon jug. A pipe going into the jug can move a half a gallon per second. It doesn't matter if you only have 4 gallons of water in the jug, you're still going to get that water out at a rate of a half a gallon per second.

Now lets imagine within that large pipe, there are a bunch of smaller straws. Each of those straws is a process that is utilizing RAM. Each will be restricted by the size of the main pipe and how many other straws happen to be sharing space with it inside of the pipe.

Even though PS4 reserves 3gb for OS usage, much like Xbox One, that doesn't mean that those 3gb's are accessing that data frequently. There are many times when the data isn't being used. Even when it is being used, it only uses the bandwidth it needs (which isn't much for system tasks) and the rest of that 176gbps is available to the rest of the system's processes, like gaming.

Xbox One, on the other hand, has one 8 gallon bag, with a tiny drinking straw attached, and another bag that can only hold one cup of water but has a similar sized input/output pipe to PS4's. While that one cup of water and its large pipe may be able to accommodate all the little straws from the individual processes, there is only one cup of water of total storage. You can't store much in there, and if you have more than that cup, you must store the rest of it in the main 8 gallon bag and wait for the water to be able to transfer through that drinking straw.

So, to summarize, available bandwidth is not dictated by how many gb's or mb's of RAM there is. It is dictated by how many processes are accessing that RAM at once and how much of the overall bandwidth available each process is consuming.

Got it?

vishmarx1631d ago

yo airheads,
i never said xbox is superior .
i said theres a daily article suggesting this bs so lets just get it over with and shout it out once so we can send these guys packing

awi59511631d ago

Yes it does post processing uses alot of gpu power the xbox esram is taking some of the load off.

Prime1571631d ago

@tokugawa, "typical gamingbolt sh*t"

I concur, not only do the ads keep the site from working on my Samsung galaxy s4 many times, but this particular article had 3 "close-able" pop-ups. Religious money ploy with misleading, flame-bait titles.

The more I see gaming bolt, the more I down vote.

juggulator1631d ago

All this is saying is that Yebis will run the same on PS4 and Xbox One and it won't take advantage of PS4 unified GDDR ram since it's GPU based. Post processing is usually memory bound so it seems like an unconventional approach.

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XtraTrstrL1632d ago ShowReplies(2)
DoubleM701631d ago

If I'm not mistaken the ESRAM in the box does the rendering. Where as the unifed Arch in the PS4 has to do it. In other words the ESRAM does all the work. The CPU and GPU don't have to worry about it on the box.

King_of_Nothing1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@XiSasukeUchiha- thanks for restating the articles title and posting it as a comment. Youve helped me, and likely everyone who comes to this thread, much needed aditional insight.

1631d ago
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Bigpappy1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Not a swipe against PS4.just saying there is not much need for their middle ware on PS4. Title is once again misleading

Volkama1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It is not a swipe at the ps4, but he also isn't saying the middleware isn't useful for the ps4.

He was asked directly by gaming bolt about the ESRAM and the amazing 8gb of GDDR RAM on the PS4, because gamingbolt have no clue what they are talking about and just believe these questions will generate click-bait quotes.

In this case the guy was asked directly about the advantage if unified memory, but it makes no difference to hi so he explained that. He isn't saying it is a disadvantage though.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next question was "what resolution and frame rate does yebis run at on the PS4?". Because gamingbolt.

itisallaboutps1632d ago

Okay fine ex box is better with some super magical dream software that boost it's power. There now stop it with these articles seriously

Xavy1632d ago ShowReplies(2)
joeorc1632d ago


"oh for gods, once sake lets just all say "xbox is better" together,
so we get over with this bs.
we have 1 new article suggesting future xbox superiority ,every single day"

The Astroturfing for Microsoft by Media Means is well known and documented by Using the Media to steer people's perception of a Opponents product and to Bolster one of the Products they make.


hell even by Microsoft's own Internal Memo's

This is pretty clear why they do it, but the fact that people just say Oh' Well on any of the companies doing such is the reason why no one is really up in arms about it, sony and Nintendo and Google they all employ it, Microsoft just so happens to be very good at it.

Volkama1631d ago

That is not what we're looking at here. This article is not talking up the xbox, and it is not talking down the ps4. Really don't see where people are getting that impression from.

They were asked if unified memory is useful, they answered that is wasn't really applicable to their middleware as it runs on the gpu only. Not applicable is not the same as bad.

Besides which, this article is from gaming bolt. To say MS are influencing them is quite frankly funny. Every "we love the amazing gddr5 memory in the ps4!" indie interview you have read came from gamingbolt's special brand of leading questions.