These Are 11 Most Anticipated Games Post E3 2014

This year's E3 was one of the best as most of the press conference portion was dedicated only for "games, games and games". Microsoft came out with a clear message that they left behind the controversial E3 2013 and now the only focus is to bring back the lost faith of gamers to Xbox One, whereas Sony concentration was to take the terrific start of Playstation 4 to next level. Apart from this, there were some amazing third party game announcement as well. Now that crazy of E3 2014 has settled down, let take a look at most of the most anticipated games post E3 2014.

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DougLord2594d ago

If this list doesn't make you want BOTH a PS4 and XBone.... If this list makes you want to troll... then you are not a gamer. You are a soulless POS that would rather scream insults at people over the Internet then play good games. All of these look freaking great, and I could probably add several more titles for each console.

weekev152594d ago

What about a WiiU? The new Zelda looks awesome. I may be an all 3 man this gen having never owned anything from ms before except my pc. Lets see how they use the Rare IPs. Sunset Overdrive has piqued my interest, a new Conker or Banjo would push me past tipping point.

Reeze2594d ago

This list does not make me want a PS4 or Xbox One, because the games presented aren't in my taste... How does that make me any less of a gamer or a "POS?"

medman2594d ago

The games listed are quite diverse in what they offer....I'm curious as you say "the games presented aren't in my taste"....what exactly IS in your taste? Because I look at that list and wonder if you're looking at the same list my eyes are seeing.

Reeze2594d ago

No Man's Sky, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Sunset, Crackdown... None of those really appeal to me in particular. Halo looks nice, but I don't want to buy a new console just for that (I made that mistake with the 360). Abzu looks interesting but not worthy of a console purchase either, in my opinion.

Eventually, I'll probably get another current-gen console, but none of the games really stand out to me at the moment. I'm a fan of Nintendo for the most part, but I also enjoy exploration/open-world games like Skyrim, so I may end up getting Uncharted at some point. I don't exactly have very much money, so I'll have to have very good reasons to make a 400 dollar purchase.

3-4-52594d ago

I have a Wii U and want both a PS4 & XB1......

JBSleek2594d ago

My most anticipated games of 2015 are Uncharted 4, Quantum Break, and The Division. 2015 is going to be great.

LAWSON722594d ago

For me
1. Halo MCC
2. Witcher 3
3. Destiny
4. Evolve
5. Sunset Overdrive
6. Halo 5 (Arbiter and the going back to roots MP got me excited despite no gameplay yet)
7. Zelda (looks so ambitious)
8. No Mans Sky
9. Pokemon Omega Ruby/Sapphire (might be due to me finally playing Y this week)
10. SSBU

I wont lie indies do not get me excited I just take notice when they are about to launch and then I just google some details about them, so none are not on this list except No Mans Sky.

Sorry Uncharted you just fed the stupid graphic hype train and The Order looks bland IMO. Bloodborne got me intrigued, but I dont think it is the RPG I want so I have to see and hear more to be excited. Phantom Dust I know nothing about, QB is still a damn mystery to me, Crackdown is not fancy, and that Platinum game got me a tad excited because I love Platinum but still pretty much a mystery. I look forward to these getting me excited before they arrive though but for now I am ignoring their existence.

deafdani2594d ago

My most anticipated game for next year is Xenoblade Chronicles X, by a wide margin. Yes, even more than Zelda U and Uncharted 4. In my opinion, its absence from that list is criminal. :P