Analyst: Sony to win big in long run

Microsoft's head start will give them the market share lead through 2007, but Sony will win in the long run with almost 60 percent of the market by 2012. That's the determination of research firm Strategy Analytics, whose Connected Home Devices service predicts Sony's 121.8 million PS3s will dwarf Microsoft's 59.7 million Xbox 360s in this console generation. The company sees the Nintendo Wii as almost a non-factor with only 23.3 million units sold through 2012.

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Boink4448d ago

this guy is intelligent if he thinks we won't be at another console round by that point.

Capt CHAOS4447d ago

Perhaps he's talking about Ps1+ps2+ps3 sales figures.. Not sure why they still keep going on about ps1+ps2.

perhaps they should just talk games sales revenue..

TMoney4448d ago

...and laugh when Sony continues it's struggle for second place with Nintendo in 2012.

JIN KAZAMA4448d ago

Thanks for cleaning the Playstions Throne. Now be gone good peasant.

gnothe14448d ago

that sony takes the lead by 2012, that would make the x360 about 7 years old an probably 1 year old for the next box!!

marionz4448d ago

its all about support baby, and what support has sony got to keep it going for the future? oh yeah tekken YIPPIE FRICKIN SKIPPIE!

my prediction, in a a year or two from now most sony fanboys will have gone and gotten a xbox 360 as they finally admit that their console has no decent games due to lack of exclusives and 3rd party support, and the good games they have suffer from glitches and shocking frame rate issues, sorry sony but you wont keep the throne this time! keep dreaming!

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The story is too old to be commented.